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Welcome to my corner of ePhotozine.

I love all aspects of photography. But my true passion is Black & White the tones, textures is what holds my attention. Of late my work is moving more into the surreal creative genre, but I still love the early morning sunrise, there's something magical about the dawn of a day.
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  • The Milky Way as seen from Menorca

    OK this is not going to set the world alight, and hubble has nothing to worry about. But this is my first go at astrophotography. It wasn't the best set up, My little Fuji, kit lens, perched on a plastic table on the balcony, using an ashtray for S...


    8 Aug 2016 12:22PM | Read


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  • Still life project - WW2 Bomber Command

    Recently my photography has taken a bit of a back seat. Partly I've lost a bit of interest, partly work has taken over and partly I've started to take more interest again in my other hobby of family history,due to interest from my daughter. Whats...


    7 Sep 2014 12:22PM | Read


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  • Printing Problems ...aaah

    Well I thought I'd write a quick blog post, as I've not written one in a while. Its a bit of a moan really, when I moved to a macbook as a replacement for my windows laptop I thought it would be as intuitive as Windows, how wrong can you be.. T...

    23 Aug 2014 10:04PM | Read


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  • Long overdue web update

    Its been a long time in the making. I started this over Christmas, but stalled early new year when work took over. It was a big learning curve after the move from Photium, and in fairness there are things I'm still not 100% happy with, but my ski...


    26 May 2014 10:38PM | Read


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  • Latest project..

    If anyone had said when I restarted in this great hobby 8 years ago, that I would be creating still life's - and enjoying it, I would have thought they were having a moment of insanity. However in that time, a lot has changed, not least in my care...

    8 May 2014 9:47PM | Read


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  • New Years Resolutions..

    Well it's been a while since I did a blog post. So I start it with details of my resolution for the New Year. No not that long overdue diet, nor giving up booze for January - ok them too. But the main resolution is to update the website. I'm asha...


    5 Jan 2014 10:30PM | Read


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  • Welsh International Salon

    I' ve just started to dip my toe in the water of some of the Salons. A bit last minute to see if my works good enough. The Welsh Salon been the most recent, I'm fairly encouraged with the results. England Thank you for entering the Welsh Internat...

    5 Aug 2013 9:55PM | Read


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  • World War 1

    OK, not photography related, but in a recent forum post I mentioned I would include a small amount of my research into WW1 - I will get back to a photography related theme soon - promise... Harold Swallow (19th January 1899 - 19th February 1971)...

    17 Jun 2013 5:42PM | Read


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  • Combining hobbies - History and Photography

    Strange, the only time I think of writing a blog post is when I'm either lacking inspiration or I'm stuck. I have one project which hopefully will be coming to fruition soon. It will be a composite based one, and I know after I will be drained. So...


    2 Jun 2013 11:05PM | Read


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  • Light Painting .. continued

    I'm still playing with the light painting, I think it has a bit of milage, but I've a looooooooong way to go until I get the standard I'm after. I thought I'd design a new avatar, tho I'm not sure if this is the one, but I may give it a go (did, a...


    18 Jan 2013 11:02PM | Read


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  • A New Project (Light Painting)

    With the inclemant weather of late, I've been tring my hand at one or two new avenues. Some have already born fruit. I have always admired still lifes, the forgotten genre in photography, there have been a few that have flown the flag on here (...


    16 Jan 2013 10:56PM | Read


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  • At a crossroads, do I turn left or right?

    An ambiguous title, but for a reason I would be interested to know how others go about their work. Do you plan in detail (as I tend to do) or do you just let the creative juices flow. I tend to sketch ideas out - for my composite work, often s...

    13 Dec 2012 9:40PM | Read


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  • Photographers Block ..or lack of inspiration

    For my first blog post in some time I return to an old subject, that of inspiration, or more accurately lack of. I should add, of late I've found it hard to conjure up new ideas, as some may have noticed, my portfolio has moved from predominately...

    2 Dec 2012 6:06PM | Read


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  • LEE v HiTech Big Stopper

    Some time ago I did a brief tutorial on the HiTech big stopper (note this is their New version that isn't subject to IR contamination). As I mentioned I only bought the HiTech as the LEE had such a long lead time, however I kept my order on with t...


    7 Jan 2012 7:27PM | Read


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  • Getting your camera converted to Infrared

    Well Pete ages ago suggested I write an IR tutorial. I had the following prepared, but wasn't happy with the images I was getting to put my name to it. Thanks to Nik Silver EFEX Pro, I now have a few images I quite like so thought I would put this ...


    31 Dec 2011 1:31PM | Read


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