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I wanted to be a photographer when I was 15, but my mother said I could always take it up later as a hobby – so that was that for 30 years!

I have a passion for wildlife, and I want to celebrate all its facets in my photography, including power, beauty, cuteness and humour. These are the qualities I want to share with people. I’m not a conservationist, so I don’t take pictures of endangered animals to put on a poster for Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth - I take them because I love my close encounters with the natural world, and I want to share the excitement and joy of being there. I obviously recognise the threat to certain species posed by poachers and diminishing habitats, and I hope that my images will give people more of an appreciation for wildlife, but what they choose to do with that is up to them.

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I read English at Oxford before beginning a career as a strategy consultant in London. After a spell as Project Manager, I left to set up various businesses, including raising $5m in funding as Development Director for [link removed by ePz] in San Francisco, building a £1m property portfolio in Notting Hill and the Alps and financing the first two albums by Eden James, an Australian singer-songwriter who has now won record deals with Sony and EMI and reached number one in Greece with his first single Cherub Feathers. In 1998, I had lunch with a friend of mine who had an apartment in the Alps and ended up renting the place for the whole season. That was probably the only real decision I’ve ever made in my life! After ‘retiring’ at the age of 29, I spent seven years skiing or playing golf in France, Belgium, America and Australia before returning to London to settle down and start a family. That hasn’t happened yet, but I’ve now decided to focus on ‘quality of life’. That means I try to maximise my enjoyment rather than my salary. As I love teaching, I spend a few hours a week as a private tutor in south-west London. In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis, writing, acting, photography, dancing, skiing and coaching golf. I still have all the same problems as everyone else, but at least I never get up in the morning wishing I didn’t have to go to work!


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