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I hope that you get as much enjoyment from my pictures as I do.
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A quick view of NickLucas's recent activity.

  • It's Just The Sun Rising by NickLucas

    The location is Knowlton henge and earthworks near to the village of Horton in Dorset. It is looked after by English Heritage so donít worry about its future, Iím sure it will remain as it currently appears for a long time to come. Itís a popular spot for photographers and I probably visit a few times each year. I was filmed here by the local regional BBC evening news programme some years ago.
    • 15 Apr 2021 1:23PM
  • Red Sky Pier by NickLucas

    This is Boscombe Pier. There are two piers along the coast here, about two miles apart. Bournemouth pier is further to the west.
    • 8 Oct 2019 1:17PM
  • Spoon Fed by NickLucas

    The only light source is from my iMac screen. It was displaying a blank A4 sheet of paper in full screen mode with the brightness turned up by two. This is a great source of polarised light.
    • 31 Dec 2018 6:09AM
  • Blooming by Joline

    Well done, mine all died in the heatwave !
    • 15 Aug 2018 3:52PM
  • Swanage old Pier by NickLucas

    Thank you for the very kind comments. Iím very pleased with the photograph and pleased to have avoided the ďusualĒ angle for this subject.
    • 4 Nov 2017 6:22PM
  • Warm Front From The South by NickLucas

    Thank you all for the comments. It was a great start to the day.
    • 12 Oct 2017 7:48PM
  • Hints Of Autumn by NickLucas

    Yes, this appeared in "The Times" national newspaper today (August 28th). The cutting is on Flickr,
    • 28 Aug 2017 10:21PM
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