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man at work

man at work by youmightlikethis

This is a great study of concentration. You can just about make out what he is working on but that's not really the point. He's obviously at a critical point of the process. The close attention to the chisel, and the curve round through eyes, neck muscle, shoulder, arm, elbow tucked in to increase control, hand and chisel is well portrayed. It makes you feel the controlled power he's using. It doesn't work in colour so well because we get distracted by his thinning hair and other information that's not essential to the story of concentration. A nice complex image to make you think!
I keep wondering whether you've left his hand ever so slightly too light?

Summer Bench

Summer Bench by willabob

Nice shapes on the bench, caught the warmth well. I think you might get some mileage from borrowing the lens hood as well(!) or shield the lens with your hand a bit. You could also think about getting in closer with that big lens for the detail on the end of the bench and letting the background blur a bit? Er, some garden!!

Lancashire Mill

Lancashire Mill by Oy_bumbler

Hmm, cotton mill as aristo's palace! Great stuff!


Runner by Nikita87

Good story in the picture - where's he running to? has he just been let out to play? why the shadows of the bars? Lke it lots

Saltburn lift & pier at night

Saltburn lift & pier at night by BrianSS

Brian - I guessed that might be the case. Its still a fine shot though!

fair snape fell

fair snape fell by garyg

I like the way you've caught the glint of light on the edge of the rocks


sevilla by Sus

I've come back to this a few times because you're trying to do stuff I would like to do too!

I think the crane is a bit of a red herring. The problem for me is the lack of detail in the cobbles in the foreground coupled with the heavy duty structures under the quay opposite. I found it quite disconcerting to start with. The interest is all in the mid ground with both foreground and background suffering as a result.

Trouble is, if you reduce the light level the foreground is going to disappear into a black hole with no detail.

What to do: Dodge the foreground sculpture a bit? Looks like there might be enough detail to play with. Then reduce the contrast in the background, maybe. Perhaps just blur the background?

I think to make the most of the shot you need to decide what is the subject.

Sorry if this feels a bit negative. I think you have captured some great components and just need to help us adjust our focus as we look at the shot.

different Lowry Bridge

different Lowry Bridge by barry john

A good take on the usual shot taken lying down on the bridge! Had to look twice to see wht you'd done. I think the point about this IS the symmetry - without it, it wouldn't be half as fun.

You might want to think about getting all the curb in the picture, centre bottom? My eye followed the fencing all the way down - that would really emphasise the mirror effect. Nice one all the same.


Speakers by Teessider

Good changes! Instead of desaturating, you might want to experiment with the white balance setting on your 350d - looks like you might have it set to daylight or auto, and you may be shooting with the aid of a normal lightbulb.

Do you use a tripod, or some other support? See how sharp you can make it.


Spiti by Dead_habits

Wild place! It'd be hard enough taking pictures without thinking about exposure and filters and things.... This shot looks quite difficult: loads of bright background and a very dark foreground.

The classic way of dealing with this is to use a graduated filter to darken the sky somewhat and fool the meter into brightening the foreground.

You don't say what camera you're using so this advice may not be practical. The other answer would then be to take the shot witht he sun a bit lower in the sky so there's less contrast over all.

But you've captured the cold bleak high altitude valley very well!

Umayyad Mosque Minaret

Umayyad Mosque Minaret by triton11

Loads of interesting detail in this picture - bet it looks stunning projected.

Compositionally I'd be tempted to put the minaret further left in the frame rather than in the middle (it just feels better that way!). I've also started experimenting with tilting the camera so towers like this fit in diagonally but you may not like that.

Bright sun in the middle of the day always produces big shadows, bright masonary and washed out skies. Do your shots earlier in the day - dawn's good if painful, or find some way of fitting a polarising filter.

best of luck!

sky line paris

sky line paris by alexstevens

So it is - a Lowry perhaps? Might eb worth rotating it square? (I hate it when people tell ME that!!)


Speakers by Teessider

Nice repeat patterns and nice use of focus fading away to nothing.

Not so sure about the bright stripe on the left - does it add much to the shot? Might be worth playing with the colour balance a bit as well; the pink cast looks a bit strange.

whitby abbey

whitby abbey by greensurfingbear

What I like about this shot is the way the eye is drawn along the brighter water to the abbey, and the detail in the cloud bottom left.

I'm not so keen on the very bright cloud centre left which pulls the eye away from the abbey.

I don't mind the positioning of the abbey as such but you might want to think about giving us a bit more water to lead the eye. So moving the viewpoint down and right might make the image a stronger composition (and what do you know, the abbey ends up slap bang on a thirds intersection....but that's just coincidence!)

Those moody shots into bright light are really tricky!

River as mirror

River as mirror by maya

It's a nice idea and reflections are always a good bet for some thing interesting. I do like the symmetrical arrangement of land and mirror image, and I like the way you've caught the faint ripple in the water so the edge of the reflections is broken up a bit.

I'm not so keen on the big splodge of bright sunlight top left and I think that's caused one or two other problems. The sun even though it's behind a cloud has fooled the meter into thinking there's loads of light so it's left your main subject a bit gloomy (it probably was as well that day!) So what could you try? One thing might be to take the same shot a bit earlier in the day with the sun a bit lower. The light usually make things more interesting then. With this image, you could play with the contrast and saturation controls in whatever software you use - I find I have to boost the contrast in the shadows on nearly every digital picture I take.

Hope this helps a bit - best of luck!

The Roofs of Alesund

The Roofs of Alesund by Malyshev

Lovely panoramic shot. I like the colours and the reflections.

I'm not so taken by the brighter area top left which I find distracting me away from the real action on the quay.

Rather than recommend a particular crop, I'd suggest playing with the crop tool and trimming the image down to focus on what you think is most important, and leaving out the less important parts. In the absence of sunshine, I'd be tempted to give it a touch more saturation, but of course your mileage may vary.

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