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I live in Wales, UK

"Photographers deal in things that are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again" - Henri Cartier Bresson
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A quick view of NickParry's recent activity.

  • Muses

    Thanks Steve Smile
    • 5 Jan 2012 4:04PM
  • Anysha

    Thank you for the comments Smile
    • 5 Jan 2012 1:41AM
  • The Reader

    Agree about the sharpness, and have suggested a crop and added sharpness to the modification. Nick
    • 12 Dec 2011 8:01PM
  • Sew Sew

    Thank you for the comments Smile
    • 8 Sep 2011 7:33PM
  • Sew What?

    Thank you for the comments Smile
    • 6 Sep 2011 2:37PM
  • Desperados

    Hi, Many thanks for the comments and awards.

    2 lights used, one very low powered to add a little fill (directly at her at distance) , and another placed at 45 degrees and very high aimed at her back. Smile
    • 28 Mar 2011 12:14PM
  • Off the Wall

    Many thanks for the comments and the user award Smile Smile
    • 4 Mar 2011 6:53PM
  • What an excellent, varied and creative portfolio.

    Nick Smile
  • Some stunning shots in your portfolio. I have tried landscape photography but can't get close to your standard. I will stick to portraiture and figure.

    • Posted on LesF's profile
    • 15 May 2008 8:02PM
  • A great portfolio of images. Great moods and atmospheres captured.

  • A great portfolio of images. Some rather prudish comments made by others though on one image. Keep up the good work. Nick
  • Such interesting, wonderful and weird work. Nick
    • Posted on Eviscera's profile
    • 13 Sep 2007 12:54AM
  • Deserves a few EC etc here methinks! Smile Nick
  • An excellent portfolio. Great tones, sensitivity and themes. Nick
    • Posted on bluecow's profile
    • 13 Aug 2007 2:12AM
  • Excellent portfolio of images. Keep them coming. Nick
  • Excellent portfolio of images. Great website too. Nick
    • Posted on LesF's profile
    • 28 Jul 2007 3:31PM
  • A great portfolio from a fellow Pembrokeshire citizen !