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A quick view of nickthompson's recent activity.

  • Blyth Battery weekend 2016

    Good shot, I like the conversion. The detail in the sky makes it look like it was taken with B&W film using a yellow filter, just ruined by the lady in the tracksuit! Perhaps you should have waited for her to pass.
    • 24 May 2016 3:26PM
  • Warwick Ave Station

    Thanks Andy,
    I'm shooting a lot more film this past year or so. So much so the battery ran completely flat in my d300 and wouldn't re-charge!
    Had to buy a new one.

    • 4 Nov 2014 4:17PM
  • Sloe years

    Perhaps using a big softbox to light the bottles would help. Expose for the background and adjust the lighting to suit.

    • 3 Nov 2013 11:39AM
  • Jackpot

    I should have added that the film is Tmax 3200.
    • 30 Mar 2013 10:16PM
  • Marble Arch Man

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, I scanned the print and then used Levels to increase the contrast and then sharpened it. I've done a B&W version. I'll upload that one aswell.
    Thanks again.
    • 29 Mar 2013 10:07AM
  • Oxford St. Redhead

    This is the first time I've used Superia 1600. I find it can be a bit noisy later in the day. I'll give it another go and see how I get on. I might need to open the aperture a bit more.
    Thanks for your comments.
    • 20 Mar 2013 11:11PM
  • Cat

    The lighting is bang on.
    • 11 Nov 2012 1:40AM

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