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Thanks for taking a moment to look at my pictures - hope you like them, and please comment! I am always looking for tips and critiques!!

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  • Project 52: Week 3 'Reflections and Week 4 'Flower

    Morning all, I have decided to upload my project images every four weeks, rather than every week. So rather than 1 post a week per pic, it will be once per month, with four images on. That way I'm not spamming the Blogs! So, here we go. Week 3 was ...0


    1 Feb 2021 10:23AM  |  Read


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  • Project 52: Week 2. "Still Life"

    Week two of my project 52, and its Still Life this week. Its actually been a busy week just gone. Although I'm furloughed, I seem to be even more busy at home, home schooling the youngest, doing the shopping and house work etc!! I didn't actually g...0


    18 Jan 2021 11:46AM  |  Read


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  • Project 52: Week 1. "Reading"

    Hi all So, first week of my Project 52 completed, with the topic 'Reading' Used my favourite photo book (Ansel Adams - In the National Parks), with a pair of my late mums reading glasses. Initially I wanted to crack out the Speedlights and us...0


    10 Jan 2021 3:39PM  |  Read


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  • Project 52 - Take 2 . . . .

    Hi all, I have neglected my photography over the past few years, which is crazy really as it's something I really love doing. Work hasn't helped - I work for Greene King Pub Co. as a Regional IT Manager. I'm field based and am usually in the car som...0


    4 Jan 2021 1:54PM  |  Read


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  • My Journey To Recovery - Day . . . . . opps!!!

    Well, that didn't go according to plan did it!!!!! I started the 365 project with the best intentions, and clearly it wasn't to be. Just before Christmas my job at work was put 'at risk'. I had a pretty good idea that I would be one of the 12 out ...0

    26 Jan 2014 2:09PM  |  Read


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  • My Journey To Recovery - Day 18

    Evening all, Hope you are all well, and well prepared for Christmas!! Uber quick one for this evening! I'm sure you are all as busy as we are at the moment!! This is a shot from yesterday (Sunday). Its a carry on from Day 17, the Carafe. I l...0


    23 Dec 2013 6:33PM  |  Read


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  • My Journey To Recovery - Day 17

    Evening all, Been a funny day today. Started out ok, but this afternoon after I got back from swimming with Joe, I felt suddenly very upset. Been in a pretty foul mood since then to be honest and I can feel myself bottling things up - which is not...0


    21 Dec 2013 8:47PM  |  Read


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  • My Journey To Recovery - Day 15 and 16

    Evening all!! Double bubble tonight!! Yesterdays and todays pics! I want to try and keep on top of the project, and not let it get away from me! So today was another busy one. I broke up from work yesterday, so Charlie and I went into Derby to...0


    20 Dec 2013 11:03PM  |  Read


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  • My Journey to Recovery - Day 14

    Two weeks!!!! Am very pleased with myself if I'm honest. I knew taking on a 365 project would be tough. Along with quitting smoking last week (been smoke free for 7 days!), and the run up to Christmas I have been feeling quite apprehensive. It wil...0


    19 Dec 2013 12:53PM  |  Read


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  • My Journey to Recovery - Day 13

    Morning all, Still a day behind! This is yesterdays image. Thinking about it, it seems sensible to be be a day behind - that way I'm not panicking about trying to upload and write the entry at 11.30pm at night!! This is a photo of the main Roll...0


    18 Dec 2013 9:51AM  |  Read


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  • My Journey to Recovery - Day 12

    Morning all, Bit out of sync at the moment. Our little trip to Norfolk, and mums house over the weekend has left me feeling a bit low. Lots of memories, especially when we looked through the photo albums. Anyway - this is yesterdays image. Took...0


    17 Dec 2013 9:53AM  |  Read


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  • My Journey To Recovery - Days 9, 10 and 11

    Bumper Update!!!!!! Hi all. As I mentioned on day 8, the family and I traveled to Norfolk this weekend to see by big brother and have Christmas with him, as he cant make it to us this year due to work!! Drove down Friday afternoon, and got back...0


    15 Dec 2013 8:18PM  |  Read


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  • My Journey To Recovery - Day 8

    Morning!! Bit late, but this is yesterdays photo, posted today! Went to see our Daughter in the school production of Grease last night, and didn't get home till gone 10pm! Had taken this photo earlier in the day, but didn't get time to post it las...0


    13 Dec 2013 11:48AM  |  Read


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  • My Journey To Recovery - Day 6

    Evening all. Slightly more organised today!! Up on time, and out to see our youngest singing in the School play! Then off to work for another fun packed day in HP Networks. After work I went into Derby. I had an appointment with a 'Smoking Cess...0


    10 Dec 2013 8:51PM  |  Read


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  • My Journey To Recovery - Day 5

    Where are the days going?!?! I know they say when you get older and have kids, someone presses the fast forward button, but this is ridiculous!! Another day closer to the New Year though, and 2013 can't end soon enough for me!! Another packed day....0


    9 Dec 2013 10:16PM  |  Read


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