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  • Scottish Highlands.

    Quote:...very nice view - exactly where is this place in Scotland please?

    Hi winstoncat1.

    It`s at a place called Ardarroch.

    • 12 Sep 2015 12:49AM
  • House on the Loch.

    I`ve added the original in the mods, plus 2 others. Smile
    • 11 Sep 2015 10:45PM
  • Eilean Donan Castle. Scotland.

    Thanks Estonian. Smile

    It is Dudler. Messes it up a bit I think..
    • 8 Sep 2015 7:13PM
  • The O2 Arena. London.

    No Tripod used.

    A lens with Stabilisation.

    No swinging cable car.

    Sigma 18-250mm DC OS HSM macro used.
    • 9 Nov 2014 1:28PM
  • Portland Bill Lighthouse. Portland, Dorset.

    Looks spooky.. lol
    • 5 Nov 2014 7:12PM
  • Lizzy - Studio 301

    Very nice photo.

    Works very well with the dual tone background.

    I think if the border wasn`t there it would look quite basic but with the horizon between the tones it add`s action to it.

    I don't think you could do anything to improve it, it`s an excellent shot.

    • 3 Nov 2014 9:09PM
  • Map Reader.

    Hi Willie.

    I do see what you mean about the rotation, it does improve it slightly.


    • 2 Nov 2014 4:08PM
  • Portland Bill Dorset.

    Hi Dingus
    The red light is from a side window in the lighthouse.
    I think it`s there as not to give a wrong deception of distance.
    More a Danger sign to ships and not show a white light from under the main light.
    Hope that makes sense.

    • 2 Nov 2014 12:21PM
  • River Findhorn

    Thanks Geoff and Peekay2001.

    I think the level is a odd one in the photo, it`s a bit deceiving due to the shore line, even getting it straight the level looks uneven.

    I can see the difference that the top crop does with the corners but I think the bottom crop could stay as it was..

    Still looks good though, the colours were not far from what the camera gave, just used a vivid option on the Canon 700D.

    It was quite a warm day, about 12c at sea level and probably about 0c on the mountain tops.

    I`m still trying to work out the layers in Photoshop never mind the tools that Lightroom and Photoshop offers.. I`m sure I`ll get to working it all out soon..


    • 31 May 2014 11:42AM
  • Another Scottish Loch

    Hi, All 3 are good. Certainly looks better without the sheep I think!!

    The more I look at it the more I think the bench works in the shot..

    There seems to be quite a bit of empty ground from the right of the bench to the middle trees, maybe too much empty space..

    Thanks for the mods..

    I rarely think about cropping but I think it can add quite a lot to a photo if done correctly!!



    • 31 May 2014 12:05AM
  • Scottish Loch

    I'm going to give raw a try.

    Seems there's so much more available to to with a raw photo.

    Thank for your advice Willie and Keith. Weathers not to clever here.

    Nige. Smile
    • 28 May 2014 10:51AM
  • Clock Tower.

    Thanks Stub197, Willie and Dudler.

    I`d boosted the blue (it`s more a grey and white usually) because of the sky being as blue as it was on the day and it boosted the gold. I think with it being grey it changes slightly during the day with the sun directions and the shadows it gives!!

    Most people take a shot like this from a distance so they get the top in but I think the face is the most important part of the tower externally.

    I`m just getting the swing of PS and LR so the colours might be a bit OTT at times but quite bland at times.

    • 24 May 2014 3:11PM
  • Angel of the North.

    Hi Willie,

    Thanks. Smile

    I`ll let the wife know you called her a Lady!! lol.. She`ll be over the moon..

    As for the photo, I wasn't sure how far to go with boosting the colours, I`m just going by other photographers and how far they saturate theirs, that's how I got it as it is.

    I`m just getting used to LR and PS, but need to upgrade my 7 year old monitor to HD quality for getting a good colour fix on photos.

    I like your mod with the couple removed, very clever too. It looks good. This monitor doesn't show any difference between the two mods with the warmth or tone, plus my eyes aren't as good as they used to be.

    Thanks for critique, it`s much appreciated.


    • 22 May 2014 11:31PM
  • Whitby Marina.

    Hi Paul.
    Thanks for your advice.
    I`ll keep the sharpening help for future editing, all the little advice like that helps.
    I`ve been trying to follow on YouTube and tutorials with the layering but I think the layout on past PS versions have been different to the CC version.
    I`d picked the two photos in LR to edit in layers in PS but just couldn't work out how I could get the sky on one to the other until I used circled an area and used the cut option to show the layer behind.. If that makes sense.
    I`m sure I`ll learn more the more I mess with LR and PS.
    It`s kind of addictive once you get the swing of photo looking better than the originals.

    • 11 May 2014 10:15PM
  • Scotland

    Quote:Hi Nigel

    I agree this is a very pleasing composition and an attractive scene. The lines of the water edge curving and taking you into the frame. The morning sun lighting up the moorland and accentuating the colours of the brown grasses.

    I also agree that it looks like it is over sharpened. Quite gritty in appearance and even with a moderate zoom into the image it pixelates very quickly. Try pulling it back in editing. If you want to up the contrast use a levels layer or brightness/contrast should the original be a little flat.

    Lots of tone and texture in this too so it may work well in mono - I'll try a mod to satisfy my own curiosity and be interested in what you think.

    Overall the original scene and visualisation is very good. A little more (or perhaps less) work in processing should improve it.


    It looks good, more sharper than in colour. I`ll have a mess with LR and PS to see what I can so again.

    • 5 May 2014 10:44PM
  • London Clock Tower

    Hi Moira.
    That's my fault. I`d saved it with Photoshop and it saved in a PSD file of over 99,000 kb, so I re-saved it as a jpeg.
    I`m only allowed to upload 1 a day which doesn't help!!!
    Hope below helps.
    I`m new to this too.. lol


    Filename - LondonTripApril14 092.jpg
    Make - Canon
    Model - Canon EOS 700D
    Orientation - Top left
    XResolution - 72
    YResolution - 72
    ResolutionUnit - Inch
    Software - Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer 6.1.7600.16385
    DateTime - 2014:04:29 15:31:37
    Artist - NIGEL RITCHIE
    YCbCrPositioning - Co-Sited
    Copyright - NIGWELS PHOTO
    ExifOffset - 2386
    XPKeywords - LondonTripApril14
    ExposureTime - 1/25 seconds
    FNumber - 5.60
    ExposureProgram - Not defined
    ISOSpeedRatings - 4000
    ExifVersion - 0230
    DateTimeOriginal - 2014:04:26 20:46:54
    DateTimeDigitized - 2014:04:26 20:46:54
    ComponentsConfiguration - YCbCr
    ShutterSpeedValue - 1/25 seconds
    ApertureValue - F 5.66
    ExposureBiasValue - 0
    MeteringMode - Multi-segment
    Flash - Flash not fired, compulsory flash mode
    FocalLength - 73 mm
    UserComment -
    SubsecTime - 00
    SubsecTimeOriginal - 00
    SubsecTimeDigitized - 00
    FlashPixVersion - 0100
    ColorSpace - sRGB
    ExifImageWidth - 3456
    ExifImageHeight - 5184
    InteroperabilityOffset - 13140
    FocalPlaneXResolution - 5798.66
    FocalPlaneYResolution - 5788.94
    FocalPlaneResolutionUnit - Inch
    CustomRendered - Normal process
    ExposureMode - Auto
    White Balance - Auto
    SceneCaptureType - Standard
    Owner Name -
    Serial Number - 033031000775

    GPS information: -
    GPSVersionID -

    Maker Note (Vendor): -

    Thumbnail: -
    Compression - 6 (JPG)
    XResolution - 72
    YResolution - 72
    ResolutionUnit - Inch
    JpegIFOffset - 13396
    JpegIFByteCount - 4951
    • 30 Apr 2014 5:01PM
  • Millenium Bridge.

    Thanks Dudler.

    I had 3 options in the black and white and the original in the colour but the black and white came out as the best.. I can see the difference with your mod and it helps too.

    I`m playing with Lightroom and Photoshop to see what I can do with what I`ve got in the way of old pictures but there`s so much in Photoshop to take in, so another thanks for your help on the uprights in the buildings help.

    I`m off back down to the smoke at the end of this month for 4 days so I`ll be taking in more of the photography and play more with the camera settings on the 700D.

    I`ll also have a mess with the PS with the converging verticals in the photos I have. I`ll stick some on here. A few weeks time maybe..

    Shame I can only upload one photo a day on here.

    Thanks again

    • 13 Apr 2014 10:19PM
  • Glencoe Pass

    Quote:Really atmospheric, with just enough mistiness in the background to give a sense of distance, without loking like flare.

    The obvious thing would have been to use a less telephoto setting, and include all of the bend on the right: I think that this arrangement actually works rather well, with a sense of soemthing hidden and unknown, but continuity between the road in the foreground and the stretch further away...

    So this is a bit of a different take on a classic sort of a composition, and very well executed. You've made good use of the thirds, some complicated and interlocking S-curves, and aerial perspective: that mistiness in the further planes.

    I can see the possibility of a slightly more letterbox crop, but what you have is excellent, and my mod will be different rather than better.

    Thanks Dudler.

    I actually like your mod more with the crop.

    • 1 Apr 2014 10:34PM
  • Glencoe. Scotland.

    Quote:This one is a lot better than the previous. You mentioned in the other that there might be a million things that could be done with it, but this is what really can be done with it, - use the wide end of the lens.

    The exif needs some clarification, as the MODE is shown as Landscape; I think the mode is Auto, and the picture style is Landscape from what I see in Photoshop.
    That style increases saturation, and enhances landscape colours.

    The image will please many with its rich colours. The sky is a little overexposed, and the land a little under, - that typical for a shot thats averaged as this is.

    With that imbalance tweaked, it can look a little better, especially that sky.

    The general level of detail seems low, - perhaps you just didnt sharpen it after you re sized it for uploading, - not sure, but it can do with being a little sharper.

    Nice overall. Mod uploaded with the exposure adjustments and sharpening. View large.

    I uploaded mod2 which is rotated a little, - not certain if that river needed to be more level that it is.



    Hi Willie.

    Thanks for mods. I prefer the level as it was, the river was flowing left to right so seeing the flow on the photo gives it a lob sided effect. The road on either side gives it a downward flow too.

    I don't have Photoshop or anything that allows me do alter certain parts. like the sky, or to change the tone. I`m just learning with a an entry level camera so it`s all a learning curve for me.

    The sky looks a lot better in your mod.

    I think the "Landscape" mode in the exif comes from the position on the mode dial, as in macro, portrait, action and landscape. (see below)



    Filename - uploaded.jpg
    Make - Canon
    Model - Canon EOS 700D
    Orientation - Top left
    XResolution - 72
    YResolution - 72
    ResolutionUnit - Inch
    DateTime - 2014:02:27 16:06:06
    Artist - NIGEL RITCHIE
    YCbCrPositioning - Co-Sited
    Copyright - NIGWELS PHOTO
    ExifOffset - 360
    ExposureTime - 1/60 seconds
    FNumber - 8
    ExposureProgram - Landscape mode
    ISOSpeedRatings - 100
    ExifVersion - 0230
    DateTimeOriginal - 2014:02:27 16:06:06
    DateTimeDigitized - 2014:02:27 16:06:06
    ComponentsConfiguration - YCbCr
    ShutterSpeedValue - 1/64 seconds
    ApertureValue - F 8.00
    ExposureBiasValue - 0
    MeteringMode - Multi-segment
    Flash - Flash not fired, compulsory flash mode
    FocalLength - 18 mm
    UserComment -
    SubsecTime - 00
    SubsecTimeOriginal - 00
    SubsecTimeDigitized - 00
    FlashPixVersion - 0100
    ColorSpace - sRGB
    ExifImageWidth - 5184
    ExifImageHeight - 3456
    InteroperabilityOffset - 9030
    FocalPlaneXResolution - 5798.66
    FocalPlaneYResolution - 5788.94
    FocalPlaneResolutionUnit - Inch
    CustomRendered - Normal process
    ExposureMode - Auto
    White Balance - Manual
    SceneCaptureType - Standard

    GPS information: -
    GPSVersionID -

    Maker Note (Vendor): -
    Macro mode - Normal
    Self timer - Off
    Quality - Fine
    Flash mode - Not fired
    Sequence mode - Single or Timer
    Focus mode - One-Shot
    Image size - Large
    Easy shooting mode - Landscape
    Digital zoom - None
    Contrast - High , +2
    Saturation - High , +3
    Sharpness - Low , -32769
    ISO Value - Auto
    Metering mode - Evaluative
    Focus type - Auto
    AF point selected -
    Exposure mode - Easy shooting
    Focal length - 18 - 250 mm (1 mm)
    Flash activity - Not fired
    Flash details -
    Focus mode 2 - 65535
    Auto ISO - 100
    Base ISO - 100
    White Balance - Cloudy
    Sequence number - 0
    Flash bias - 0 EV
    Subject Distance - 0.00
    Image Type - Canon EOS 700D
    Firmware Version - Firmware Version 1.1.1
    Owner Name -
    Sharpness (EOS 1D) - 0
    Directory index (EOS 450D) - 0
    File index (EOS 450D) - 2424833
    File number - 000 - 0000
    Sharpness (A0) - 4

    Thumbnail: -
    Compression - 6 (JPG)
    XResolution - 72
    YResolution - 72
    ResolutionUnit - Inch
    JpegIFOffset - 11148
    JpegIFByteCount - 14883
    • 29 Mar 2014 9:47AM
  • New York Empire State Building.

    Quote:Modification Uploaded, for your consideration. I do agree with Paul here - don't be harsh on your work, rather try to find potential in it and see what you can do to bring out something better out of shots that you at first deem not good enough. You can be surprised at times! Wink

    I feel this can work in black/white too, becoming more about the shapes and contrasts. I possibly overdid the burning/dodging here but it helps to create even more contrast in the final result. I've also adjusted the tilt and cropped off a bit to position the left-most building in such a way to have its outer edge fall exactly on the first vertical in the rule of thirds. The white space on the right then falls on the second vertical, almost equally splitting the image in three different segments, with each segment having elements of interest in it. Hope you like!


    Thanks Alistair.
    Would it be possible to keep the original colours for the Empire State Building and have the black and white effect in a modification that you could upload for me?
    I do like the black and white version.

    • 29 Mar 2014 12:24AM
  • Scottish Loch.

    Sorry of no exif details. Thoughts and critique welcome.

    • 25 Mar 2014 7:38PM
  • Forth Road Bridge

    The only thing I feel is missing is the moon, a huge moon.. Smile

    Feel free to edit!!!
    • 22 Mar 2014 12:04AM
  • Camden Market

    Quote:This is an effective treatment that looks ok here.
    An effect that I guess you don't have much control over in camera, so if you get a liking for this consider software options for finer control over amount of blur and plane of focus. Perfect Photo Suite 8 is an alternative to Photoshop.

    My only concern is that had you waited a couple of moments the guy at the front in the white t-shirt would have gone out of frame and you'd not have him as a distraction.
    I like the guy in the centre looking back at you which involves the viewer much more than if he was just part of the crowd. Mind you if you'd waited, he may have turned away and you'd have lost that contact. on the other hand, you do have the girl in the green on the farleft in reasonably sharp detail and i think she would have still been ther a momant later so you'd still have had that nice focal point.

    Not easy to look after all elements in such a dynamic environment as a market.


    You can do both with the camera options, vertical and horizontal also more or less blur.
    It was a point and shoot opportunity, so any thoughts of picking out any person in the picture wasn't there to start with.
    I`m not into the Photoshop playing with photos.
    • 21 Mar 2014 11:49PM
  • The Wreck!!

    Can someone please explain why voting is disabled?

    • 20 Mar 2014 5:56PM
  • Taken on a whim

    Exit data would not allow any equipment handling. If I was to adjust the photos colours in any way the exif data goes out the window.
    To me the exif would only give an idea of settings. It was just a photo I took without the idea of placing on here, but decided to get an idea of how well it looked in other peoples eyes.
    • 19 Mar 2014 10:27PM
  • The Bay Hotel. Robin Hood`s Bay. North Yorkshire.

    I was going for a look that I liked.
    We all have different eyes to see how good a photo is.
    The effect is how I wanted it.
    • 17 Mar 2014 2:33PM
  • Eilean Donan Castle.

    How do I get this to allow voting?
    • 9 Mar 2014 12:09AM
  • Sunken boat on Loch Ness. Scotland

    Cropped all round.
    Not a lover of fake photos with messing with Photoshopping photos.
    The point of the photo is how it blends in with time with the background of the hillside.
    The tree to the lest add to the view so it`s not just a sunken boat!!.
    I like it, that's what counts and appreciate the critique.
    What`s your thoughts now?
    Nigwel. Smile
    • 8 Mar 2014 4:06AM