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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Port Isaac passageway

    Cheers all....
    • 20 Jul 2012 9:12AM
  • Mussel beach

    • 18 Jul 2012 11:54AM
  • Edan looking up

    Cheers guys. She always looks like that, as if she's a bit peed off and/or confused Smile
    Very hard to take a picture of though, being so dark, small and flitty. Most of the ones
    I take are of her asleep......
    • 8 Nov 2011 9:23AM

    ..me too..
    • 18 Jan 2010 9:01PM

    "Whatever you do, don't upset the pizza delivery man......"
    • 1 May 2009 1:37PM
  • Flying Mallards

    You should get that printed onto canvas or an acrylic sandwich and put it on your wall., as a post-modern china flying ducks tribute...

    Nice photo.

    • 14 Apr 2009 11:17PM
  • union jack

    I used to have a union jack side panel on my Vespa...
    • 13 Apr 2009 10:42AM
  • Production S1 Honda

    Excellent. Nice and sharp with nice DoF. Wish I could get some like that...nice pne.
    • 11 Nov 2008 7:53PM
  • breaking the rules.

    I think it's great. I like the repeated motif of small numbers of things ( the 3 bits of wood, the 4 stones etc. ). I can see it on sale in IKEA or somewhere like that....Smile
    • 3 Nov 2008 1:53PM

    They look pretty good to me. Don't know what you're worried about Smile

    • 12 Oct 2008 1:36PM
  • Panorama Dolomiti

    That's great.
    Big version is a must....
    • 26 Sep 2008 5:35PM
  • Good Looking At

    Great shot. Amazingly sharp, nice bit of DoF and good colours too.
    • 17 Sep 2008 1:40PM
  • angel -b-girl 2

    Another good capture.
    Shame she has her eyes closed...must be concentrating !

    Where was the event ?

    • 2 Aug 2006 11:32PM
  • angel b-girl

    Cool picture. I know how difficult breakers are to track and get in focus, so well done. Especially with low stage lighting.

    I never manage to get a b-persons face when they are spinning. My timing must be awful.. ( usually stick to getting a freeze..).

    • 2 Aug 2006 11:17AM
  • Church

    Nice angle and nice BnW conversion.

    • 1 Aug 2006 4:10PM
  • Chimmneys and tunnels

    Looks like Hebden Bridge...could be wrong though..

    • 20 Jul 2006 10:21AM
  • Inquisitive Drone Fly

    Thats great.
    What do you mean by 'stacked from 3 shots' ?

    • 2 Oct 2007 10:26AM
  • Renault World Series, Donington

    The fencing was bit annoying. I managed to find a hole for this shot, just big enough to put my lens through...

    • 10 Sep 2007 5:21PM
  • summers here 7 Skate ramp

    Great picture, as always.
    Wish I got down this year...went down a few years back as a friend of mine was running the Miss Reef 'bikini' competition...

    Be good to get down next year and meet up with a few people, if I am not in Oz..

    • 21 Aug 2007 9:32AM
  • Leon Haslam

    Great Shot. Focus is perfect and the DoF is very nice.

    • 6 Jul 2007 9:34AM
  • Orange action

    Good sequence, but I am don't agree with the background comments. I think it'd work a lot better without it...too distracting...
    • 25 Jun 2007 9:53AM
  • Ferrari Reflections

    Nice shot. Good alternative take on the usual sports car theme.

    • 20 Jun 2007 10:16AM
  • McLaren...

    Very nice. Great detail.

    • 20 Jun 2007 9:47AM
  • Sliders

    Nice shot.
    Good focusing on the outfit and faces.

    • 20 Jun 2007 9:43AM
  • A Blend of Time

    Nice idea, well executed..

    ..but shouldn't it be 'spring, summer, fall, winter' ? Or has global warming REALLY mixed up the seasons ?

    • 1 May 2007 5:17PM
  • Row of Six

    Very nice. I am a big fan of weathered paintwork and such.
    Looks better big.

    • 15 Mar 2006 3:46AM
  • Penguin

    That's cool. Nice lot of detail too.
    Well done.

    • 15 Mar 2006 3:48AM
  • Motocross at Manmoel

    Cheers everyone. I was quite pleased with the shots I got too....

    As for the dust haze, there was a lot of it. My D200 was filthy..but seemed to survive OK. Thank god for the seals...I was even more filthy though afterwards..

    I'll stick another up tomorrow...

    • 10 Apr 2007 3:26PM
  • Australian Grand Prix 2007

    I'll stick another one up tomorrow.
    Were you going to go ?

    • 26 Mar 2007 5:02PM
  • Winter storms in

    I have just uploaded a mod.
    Heres what I did..
    Added a layer and filled it with mid-grey.
    Put a render/difference clouds filter on it.
    Used perspective and distort on the layer to put it in the right place and make it receed.
    Added a layer mask to mask off foreground areas so the 'fog' appears to be coming from the door and around the feet.
    Set the layer to screen @ 75%
    Duplicated the layer and nudged it up a bit to add a bit of depth to the fog. Tweaked the mask on the duplicate layer to get rid of any hard edges.
    Tweaked the levels on the original fog layer to 'deepen' it.

    Hope you like it..

    • 22 Dec 2006 11:13AM