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Hi you lovely lot !....thanks for looking at my PF, hope you find something of interest.......
Photography is my passion (+ my wife !), & I revel in studying all your pictures,
both for pleasure & inspiration........cheers all, Keith.......
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Alfie_P 15 927 2 United Kingdom
24 Jun 2020 4:33PM
Outstanding images and PF
11 Nov 2019 5:10PM
Stunning & inspirational images Keith a fabulous portfolio thank you for sharing it with us.
24 Oct 2019 9:44PM
I have never seen such a fabulous lot of landscapes in one portfolio. Lighting, composition, location...Absolutely fantastic work. Perfection.
Canonshots 12 206 13 United Kingdom
14 Jul 2019 6:58PM
Love your Lake District landscapes. Way back in the 1960s when I was a cyclist the Lake District was my favourite touring area, always with my Olympus Pen D in one of the side pockets of my saddlebag. Thanks for the memory. I must find some of my old half-frame slides fom that period and see if I can digitise them.
cymru2019 4 17 7 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2019 6:06PM
I cannot improve on what others have said. Brilliant portfolio! David
cymru2019 4 17 7 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2019 6:05PM
I cannot improve on what others have said. Superb portfolio. David
gill_f 19 122 England
29 Jan 2019 8:31PM
Just looked at your portfolio. I love your portrayal of the Lake District. Barry and I have spent a few holidays, based in Thornthwaite. Your pictures make me want to go back again.
targetman 14 2 United Kingdom
6 Jan 2019 7:11PM
Stunning work Keith congrats on a wonderful portfolio.
11 Dec 2018 10:17PM
Some superb landscapes in your portfolio Smile
though you've confused me ( easily done ) ... you're niknut ... I expected to see you used a Nikon lol but nope :o
Anyway - well worth a follow for those gorgeous landscapes Smile

Fred263 11 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2018 7:50PM
Stunning & inspirational images in your portfolio, Keith.
Great photography.
gill_f 19 122 England
3 Sep 2018 6:48PM
Beautiful portfolio.
25 Aug 2018 5:54PM
amazing portfolio
Great portfolio Keith, whatever you are doing you are doing well, keep it up!
AngieJS 5 4
1 Aug 2017 6:12PM
Stumbled across your photographic magic after leaving a comment somewhere. Just an amazing portfolio of work. I hope to be as good one day! 👍🏼😀👍🏼
jb_127 16 3 United Kingdom
28 May 2017 8:26PM
Fantastic portfolio !!
vandalp 15
18 Nov 2016 7:03PM
Hi Keith, you have a stunning portfolio. I'm not that good on Landscape photography although I do take some photo's, you have a good eye for comp.
Thank you for giving me a user award on my Cheetah cub, I really do appreciate it.
ananny 12 England
7 Oct 2016 5:30PM
You have some wonderful pictures. Wish I could do the night shots like you.
peterkin 19 687 England
26 Jul 2016 8:58PM
Terrific portfolio, Keith. You have an eye for, and a way of capturing the light - and your enthusiasm and skill are reflected in your photographs. Love Canalside Afterglow. Best wishes.

18 Jul 2016 8:39PM
Hello Smile Thanks for stopping by and voting and giving an award for my photo "Pavots" Smile You have a super portfolio and I've sent the llink to my brother who studied in the lakes to become a teacher. My sister spends 99 percent of her time there as well. Great photos Smile
All the best,
RonnieAG Plus
13 154 119 Scotland
1 Jul 2016 5:35PM
Your portfolio has so many fine Lakeland scenes, all captured in fine composition and under such different light situations.
I am sure the local tourist board would love so many of your shots........they are certainly a delight to view and learn from.
10 Jun 2016 5:48PM
Great Portfolio Nik, I really like the Header photo as well Grin Matthew
11 Apr 2016 9:02PM
Nice portfolio, no doubt about it. Some great landscape images.
Just to remind us of the beauties of our Mother Earth.
25 Jul 2015 8:39PM
Kieth,I am more of a wildlife man,I've enjoyed Looking thro' your portfolio and I must admit to being very impressed!

I Could not take a scenic picture to save my life,but you have more than mastered the art, your collection is wonderful.

Kind Regards Robin.
Bantu 9 7 1 India
22 Jun 2015 3:21AM
Superb portfolio,Keith i love it.

30 Apr 2015 11:21PM
I`m a fan Nikput, your portfolio is truly full of beautiful shot`s. The kind of pieces I aspire to. We have some english visitor`s coming here to see us in Canada in 3 weeks, Can`t wait to turn them on to your work and find out some info on your shoot locations.
cheers Walt
howbeg 10 2
29 Dec 2014 4:57PM
Hi I am slowly savouring your stunning images. My goodness you have some excellent photos here
SPA 8 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2014 7:03PM
Great inspirational portfolio.
IshanPathak 9 202 12 India
20 May 2014 3:56AM
Top class portfolio! simply amazing..!

25 Apr 2014 8:16PM
A truly amazing portfolio! Awesome work!

akhtarkhan 20 4 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2014 6:30PM
Thank you very much Nikput for your nice comment on my Red Tulip, appreciated. AkhtarWink
20 Mar 2014 8:45PM
Wonderful portfolio full of superb images, enjoyed perusing your work.


Diggeo 10 13 Greece
17 Mar 2014 4:16PM
This is an amazing portfolio! My compliments!!
12 Mar 2014 11:58AM
Stunning portfolio, some amazing captures and wonderful images. Well done!!!!!! Grin

titchpics 11 7 England
28 Feb 2014 3:21PM
An amazingly insperational and diverse portfolio, my hats of to your seeing eye and processing techniques.

Keep snapping

Mozzytheboy 12 710 4 United Kingdom
3 Nov 2013 9:23PM
Keith ... you have some truly inspirational images in your pf. Just one thing if I may? Please continue uploading! Smile

cmg2000 10 295 Ireland
27 Oct 2013 6:39PM
Very nice collection.
31 Aug 2013 3:11PM
I think your portfolio is amazing! It has given me something to aim and aspire to! Your landscapes are just stunning!
11 Aug 2013 11:51AM
A series of outstanding shots. I struggle with landscape so shall be studying these to try to learn something. Very inspiring.
waineswitch 15 88 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2013 7:38PM
Stunning portfolio...much to be learned in trying some of it out, and the landscapes are gorgeous. Bookmarked. Smile
kathrynlouise 11 423 1 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2013 2:02PM
What a stunning portfolio you have Keith. Youe scenic images are just awesome GrinGrin

biglog 10 42 2 United Kingdom
29 May 2013 9:04PM
Amazing pictures,so sharp and clear with perfect lighting and presentation. i particularly like the black and white pictures.
murray30 10 2
12 May 2013 12:29PM
A Fantastic Portfolio Keith,With Excellent variety too,Exemplary work indeed.
txxr 10 England
22 Apr 2013 3:39PM
great photos Kieth I found something of interest in all of them
kenfoulds 10 24 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2013 12:50PM
Fantastic variety in your portfolio Keith and more than enough evidence to show that you're a master of technique. Lovely shot " a little bit of....." which sums up one of my favourite places. Keep up the good work

Catfish2 12 41 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2013 8:21PM
Hi there Kieth, thanks for your vote, nice to pick out the smaller things in life sometimes eh!

Enjoyed your PF, you pick out the fact that we live in a beautiful would very well, much appreciated!

Ted447 Plus
10 216 1 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2013 9:40AM
Great portfolio you have a very varied selection. TedGrinGrin
timtoyou 11 22 England
25 Feb 2013 8:03PM
Thanks for the comments pretty new to digital myself and still trying to find my style
Your portfolio looks stunning and praise I except with joy
Thanks again

Herrero 10 24 Germany
30 Jan 2013 9:51PM
fantastic pictures! honoured by your vote!
avacreates 11 448 1 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2013 11:54AM
Fantastic PF
12 Jan 2013 10:45AM
g8 pf nice shots...
Meheecho 10 275 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2013 4:07PM
Just viewed your PF. A superb and varied collection of images
Elfix6 15 1 Australia
4 Jan 2013 10:29PM
Hi Keith,
Thanks for your comments on my photo. I always check out the portfolio of anyone who comments or votes for me and you have some wonderful shots yourself. I'll definitely be dropping by again!
Shaz (Elfix6)
kazza12 10 2 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2012 5:50PM
love your pf you have great shots SmileSmileSmile
sidnox 11 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 9:21PM
Than you Niknut-Sid.
avacreates 11 448 1 United Kingdom
30 Sep 2012 11:30PM
Keith thank you so much for your wonderful comment and vote - appreciated.
I love your PF, magic, and inspirational - congratulations on all the well deserved awards
johnwnjr 20 13 United Kingdom
18 Sep 2012 6:39AM
What a lovely portfolio of photography that I admire. John
AndreaJ 10 24 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2012 7:07PM
what beautiful flower photos you take...stunning!!
Jat_Riski 14 89 United Kingdom
23 Aug 2012 4:49PM
Stunning of, Keith.
hai sir thanku for your coment and inspiring words. i loved your portfolio verity of contents and perfection
shanelaze 11 8 1 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2012 2:41PM
Keith, what a stunning PF. Your talent is aspirational. If only I was half as good as you I’d be extremely content. SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

13 May 2012 1:43AM
fantastic all your work
Paul_cats 17 61 22 Scotland
10 May 2012 2:46PM
A very impressive portfolio with a wide variety of subjects.
Hoverflylover 11 65 1 England
9 May 2012 5:57PM
Really diverse pf here Keith. Such lovely images a real pleasure to view.
jdinne 20 16 England
4 May 2012 10:03PM
Stunning portfolio.


29 Apr 2012 9:58PM
Your photos are great Grin
I love the detail & colours.
stretch123 14 1 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2012 4:55PM
a really good pf congratulations , and a thank you for your vote on my pic

RoyChilds 15 117 England
2 Apr 2012 7:13PM
Some stunning work on your pf Keith

mashwood10 11 6 United Kingdom
1 Apr 2012 5:06PM
Your PF is absolutely fabulous. So varied. A joy to look through Keith GrinGrinGrin

20 Mar 2012 9:05PM
Have just come across your pf.
Some wonderful images and very inspiring!
i glad you like my tree photo like your p/f thanks for your comment re gards christine Grin Grin
9 Mar 2012 6:15PM
thank you for the nice comments recently on my wildlife images. you have a great portfolio!
waineswitch 15 88 United Kingdom
5 Feb 2012 4:50PM
This is a beautiful portfolio, really enjoyed it. Inspiring ....
reaper4252 11 2 9 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2012 7:14PM
Excellent portfolio Keith, very inspiring
Personal favourites are from the Lakes
But as a whole it is superb
Well done and keep 'em coming
I'll be backWink
28 Jan 2012 7:14PM
love your images
philgood 11 7 United Kingdom
22 Jan 2012 10:23PM
Great PF some awesome shots Keith, really enjoyed looking. Phil.
Philip_H 11 1.5k United Kingdom
21 Jan 2012 6:04PM
Stunning portfolio, Keith. An inspiration and a real pleasure to browse through. Thank you for sharing them.

strokebloke 14 493 17 England
6 Jan 2012 10:08PM
When I have some free time, I'm going to come back here (soon) and browse.
So much to learn from these fantastic shots
5 Dec 2011 7:20PM
Thank you for your comment,much appreciated.What a super portfolio you have.Great colour and feeling to all the work.Thank you for sharing.
lynks 15 England
3 Dec 2011 7:00PM
Great portfolio the lakes are fantastic Wink
reaper4252 11 2 9 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2011 8:12PM
Don't know why it's taken me so long to check your portfolio out
Should have been there before.....some crackers in there
The pics of the Lakes just make me want to pack up and go there for good.....
22 Nov 2011 5:29PM
Thank you for you vote, when I came and looked at your portfolio I appreciated it even more.Every shot you take is stunning whatever the subject.
Meland4 11 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2011 7:27AM
I've just enjoyed my first coffee of the morning looking through your Portfolio. Totally inspiring collection of pictures, so many stunning images in different styles. Something to aspire to Smile Thankyou Mel
14 Nov 2011 8:01PM
Thank you for kind comment on my photo and i am glad i came to look at your portfolio, Really great work Smile carried on looking at your work it's awesome added to my favourites Smile
DM1 14 7 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2011 5:43PM
Lovely images Keith, the Cumbrian photos makes me quite homesick.

11 Nov 2011 11:52AM
you have some totally amazing shots here ( the majority)Grin. very inspiring, the colors are awesome cheers john
10 Nov 2011 2:32PM
Truly amazing pictures. Absolute pleasure to look at them.
4 Nov 2011 3:06PM

Think iv told you this before but hey ho! Spectacular Portfolio and just popped over to thank you for the lovely comment on my recent image.. Very motivational coming from someone with your skill Smile Kind Regards from Sharon
RLF Plus
13 18 4 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2011 11:31PM
Almost everything in this portfolio should be on display at the Tate...Really!
Superb photography & treatment throughout.
You are an inspirationGrin
bagman 12 65 United States
22 Oct 2011 7:08PM
I admire the remarkable endeavor to produce such exceptional charming photos.
I hope to see more of your work. Beautiful portfolio.
22 Oct 2011 9:57AM
Hi ! Niknut , I ‘m deeply impressed by your great portfolio which is quite unique in many aspect. To me, yours are all master pieces.
User_Removed 14 1 8 United Kingdom
21 Oct 2011 4:49PM
Remarkably skilled and an outstanding p/f.

ambercat 12 5 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2011 9:21AM
your pictures are so great so I really appreciate that you have voted on one or two of mine. How do you get your colours so beautifully vibrant? Cheers Sue
avacreates 11 448 1 United Kingdom
12 Oct 2011 12:14AM
Hello Keith, I am so appreciative of your votes and comments because your work is magnificent therefore thoughts mean alot to me, thank You
11 Oct 2011 5:22PM
Hi your photo's are great,and thanks for your lovely comments on mine...
avacreates 11 448 1 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2011 11:34PM
Hi Niknut, Your portfolio is MAGIC, you've given me heaps to think about - thanks (oh and thanks heaps for the vote and comment)
sakisuki 16 248 United Kingdom
22 Sep 2011 5:13PM
Thankyou for your lovely comments on my black and white photo of ... yes ... it is a toadstool! Shame i was too late for the challenge but hey there's always next week Smile By the way ... love your photos in you portfolio, Sue.
EMJAYCEE 14 10 10 England
29 Aug 2011 11:29PM
Just been looking at your varied selection of lovely images - great work, keep them coming.
29 Aug 2011 12:29AM
Hi Keith, Thank you for voting on my photo "Black-eyed Susan". I greatly appreciate any comments and suggestions. It was such a real pleasure to look through your PF ! Your pictures are truly inspirational! It is very plain to see your passion in everyone of your pictures. I will be sure to visit to enjoy more of your photographs. Brenda
timjnngs 15 3 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2011 5:24PM
Super portfolio you have here.
schumi 12 England
23 Aug 2011 7:19PM
Hi Keith, your portfolio is a cracker and like Mike's comment above it does make us value your comments and observations.
Lusitano 13 1 Wales
19 Aug 2011 11:59AM
Hi Keith, many thanks for taking the time to comment on my images. Looking through you PF is a joy.
Great landscapes but i like your Still Lifes in particular. Besides the technical excellence what i admire the most is the though process and the work to produce this.
An inspiration.
Jasper87 Plus
13 3.3k 165 England
15 Aug 2011 5:03PM
Incredible collection of images, technically excellent over such a wide range of subjects. A standard to aspire to.

Growmore 14 4 3 England
8 Aug 2011 6:04PM
Looked through your portfolio Kieth, must say you have a fantastic collection of very beautiful pictures. Gary
31 Jul 2011 11:11AM
Wonderful portfolio Niknut........thanks for your kind words.......Looking at your work makes me value your comments....thanks.....Mike
JenBen 15 United Kingdom
30 Jul 2011 8:14PM
Have enjoyed viewing your pf Keith, some amazing and imaginative images.
rambler Plus
14 1.1k 17 England
30 Jul 2011 7:30PM
Hi Keith
You made a favourable comment on one of my pictures, having looked at your portfolio how do I comment on yours?

Exquisite landscapes, truly wonderful still life images and not least all of it is such an inspiration.

Thank you so much for sharing it with us all,

Gypsyman 12 690 England
11 Jul 2011 5:02PM
Keith, Very Nice Pf, with great colours and subjects. Eric.
Jocelia 11 2 1 Australia
23 Jun 2011 1:18AM
What a lovely portfolio Kieth, your shots certainly gives one inspiration. I hope to be visiting the U.K. soon, my list is long for what I hope to be able to take.
19 Jun 2011 12:37AM
What an amazing portfolio!! I love your pictures especially Decay-dence and Time to Pause. Inspirational work. Janet Smile
18 Jun 2011 3:54PM
You have an amazing pf,I will be looking out for your pictures.
kenwil 11 4.9k United Kingdom
13 Jun 2011 6:46PM
hi congratulations on a well thought out portfolio. thanks for your valid comment - will give it a try. all the best kenwil.
Catfish2 12 41 United Kingdom
29 May 2011 4:23PM
You have compiled a crackin portfolio Kieth, like the Cave shot has a particular atmosphere, they're all realy good though Wink

Anyhow! Now you're aware my Flowerpot man was to have been a project, l suppose l'd better have a go! but i'm definitely gonna wait till my patience level is on the high side eh! and if it's worth looking at, well you'll see no doubt Wink Grin

Catfish2 12 41 United Kingdom
27 May 2011 4:30PM
Yeah! I can wonder around your compilation of shots no problem, seems we have similar interests certainly humour.
The planes obviously Flight Simulator but the fun i've had with that, trying to catch and photograph the two together takes hours sometimes, the concentration level is fearsome, many late nights cos once you get going, oh dear. Good job i'm single and have a few 'boys toys', mind you i know which i'd sooner be getting higher with, at least l can switch this off when l too tired Wink Grin Grin Grin Grin

Take care, Bruce
JohnM6 16 5 1 England
22 May 2011 8:41PM
Wonderful portfolio, your images are an inspiration to me. Keep them coming along with the aftershot manipulation hints and tips, it really helps novices like myself.
13 May 2011 5:10AM
Wow, I love your portfolio, its very beautiful in a unique way.

Catfish2 12 41 United Kingdom
10 May 2011 3:46PM
Thought i'd have a poke about in your neck of the woods and sense we have a similar eye for various elements. Glad you enjoyed the Long Mynd Sunset 'twas a heck of a night up there, managed to capture some really dramatic scenes so a few more to view soon Thanks
21 Apr 2011 10:05PM
Thank you for your kind comments. I am not long a member of this site and I do find it most helpful in my picture taking when I see other members folios like yours, which knock spots off my poor efforts.

LizMutimer 13 1 United Kingdom
15 Apr 2011 5:06PM
Thanks for your comments. Looking at your portfolio I obviously still have a lot to learn! I love your work. But am picking up little tips every day.
dentex 12 Slovenia
14 Apr 2011 8:32PM
Beautiful landscapes, love it ...
5 Apr 2011 8:08PM

Just wanted to pop in and thank you for the kind comments on my Frozen wasteland picture. Much appreciated, particularly from someone who produces such beautiful landscapes. Incidently the effect I used was a mild amount of the Photoshop plastic wrap filter.

4 Apr 2011 6:34PM
Thankyou for voting on one of my photos & now after looking at your portfolio i find it highly flattering as your PF is amazing
all the best
MartPics 17 7 United Kingdom
13 Mar 2011 9:53PM
Love your work.
JohnM6 16 5 1 England
3 Mar 2011 7:19PM
Wow... beautiful images, inspirational and consistent. It really brings home the fact that I must develop my own 'photographers eye'. Thanks for your feedback on my Alnmouth shot by the way. It certainly improved the image.
fudgy 12 48 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2011 5:37PM
your pf is truly inspiring ... gorgeous dreamy shots with so much imagination and wonderful colour.

love it
3 Feb 2011 8:44PM
A very fine collection
PattiW 17 24 2 United States
3 Feb 2011 5:00AM
Stunning PF! I couldn't get enough perusing it tonight. I have added you to my faves, God bless, Patti
jken 17 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
25 Jan 2011 4:42PM
Just discovered your PF, excellent work.

TONKSPHOTO 12 2 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2010 7:01PM
Billiant P/F Keith .... Regards ... JT
Lou_Pink 14 4 6 Northern Ireland
5 Nov 2010 12:55AM
Wow too many beautiful shots to click them all but CLICK* I aspire to be as good as you some day Grin

moiral 13 12 Scotland
10 Oct 2010 10:29PM
You have some beauties in your gallery. My favourite must be Golden Harvest. It is so beautiful. Moira
samlw68 12 United Kingdom
22 Sep 2010 5:08PM
You have some superb images in your portfolio.
alighalam 14 1 Iran, Islamic Republic Of
29 Aug 2010 8:42AM
DearKEITH,Many excellent photos are in your amazing portfolio,I have learn lot from your art of seeing.
Regards, Ali
28 Aug 2010 10:11AM
Wow - incredible gallery. And thanks for the nice comment Smile Kate
TONKSPHOTO 12 2 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2010 5:52PM
There are photographers and image makers. Glad to say yuor both not just an image maker .JT
Ananda 14 India
5 Aug 2010 7:39AM
Great portfolio.
swagpics 12 3 United States
23 Jul 2010 5:56PM
Keith, thank you so much for your kind words on my picture, Aspens. Taking a moment to comment, is much appreciated. Your gallery has incredible photos. I especially enjoy Ulswater Blues and Rattle Gill. Keep fighting the good fight, Robert

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