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23/05/2015 - 7:37 PM


DuskBeautiful shot !!!.....nice simple composition, with a glorious sky !!!!!.Smile

As the sky is the main subject, I'd be inclined to crop the bottom to just below the horizon.....to emphasise the sky even more, & reduce the
black f/g which isn't contributing too much....yet retain that nice horizon & trees......for a stronger & more dramatic composition ??.Smile
13/05/2015 - 5:01 PM

Tulips in Purple

Tulips in PurpleBeautiful shots !!......V4 for me.....I love the dreamy quality in this corker !!!.Smile

Not a criticism, but try another shot from a lower viewpoint, so that you're on the same level as
the vase, rather than looking down on it.........it's a bit like taking a portrait, by being on the same
eye-level as the subject ???........just a thought ?.WinkSmile

Why do you lady photographers always seem to have an artistic touch when it comes to floral subjects ?????.Grin
05/11/2014 - 6:18 PM

Logs & Leaves

Logs & LeavesBeautiful !!!!.....lovely piece of work !!.....would good on any wall !!

I might be inclined to warm it up a smidgen by overlaying an 81A filter, the ends of the logs
are a touch pale maybe ??.....still a corker though !!.Smile
12/09/2014 - 4:37 PM

An Evening Sky

An Evening SkyBeautiful !!....nice silhouettes with a great sky !!

A 15% crop off the bottom may create a slightly stronger image ??
27/08/2014 - 5:00 PM

Sun Ripened Hay Bails

Sun Ripened Hay BailsBeautiful shot !!.....lovely light & warm colours !!

Just a thought....crop the top down to just below the cloud layer, to a letter-box format, for a stronger image, maybe ??????

Scroll the image up (on screen) to see the effect !.Smile
15/08/2014 - 5:09 PM

Waiting for the Tide

Waiting for the TideCracking shot !!.....love the angle of tilt in the old hulk, with nice textures !!

The bright houses on the LH side draw the eye a bit.....so I've added a mod......cropped a bit, sepia toned it
& adjusted the 'levels' to add contrast & darker mood......not a criticism, just my thoughts on your lovely
shot......would look good hanging on a wall !!Smile
18/01/2014 - 5:20 PM

"Micro Moon" 2

"Micro Moon" 2A couple of suggestions that come to mind......

a) f32 aperture can cause serious 'defraction'...a breakup of the image......use f8 or f11 !

b) Focus manually & set the distance to 'Infinity'......the camera might struggle to lock on to a low-light, shimmering image !

c) You may not be able to get a dead sharp image, as you're shooting through heat-haze/atmosphere ??...the outline of the
moon is distinctly distorted !

d) Take plenty of shots, at various settings, & pick the best one & ditch any less than perfect !!....it costs nothing to shoot
say 30 shots rather than just 3 ??

e) keep at it !!......it's an interesting project !!Smile
18/01/2014 - 4:35 PM

Boats on rocks

Boats on rocksFine shot !!.....love the blue toning !!

I see an alternative version, with 10% off the LH side, & 25% off the RH side, for a possibly stronger upright format ??....just a thought ??.Smile
12/11/2013 - 4:27 PM

Black Rock Cottage

Black Rock CottageLovely shot !!.....great dramatic sky !!

I'm assuming you resharpen the image, after reducing it for the EPZ gallery ???......I usually create a copy layer, set the blend mode
to 'Luminosity', then set the sharpening to 0.3 pixels @ 30% maximum !!........much more will create halo's !!!!!!!

Hope that helps ??.Smile
03/11/2013 - 4:39 PM

Sloe years

Sloe yearsIf you want to eliminate the reflections completely, then sit the jars on a matt-black base.....& add a couple of black cards, such
as Daler mount-board in front of the jars (black side facing the subject) & shoot through the gap between them.....or use one
large card with a hole in it for the lens to poke through........

Highlights are generally reflections of bright objects, so you need to eliminate such bright spots as much as possible......

Food for thought perhaps ??.......hope that helps.....
09/10/2013 - 5:20 PM

Under the Toadstool

Under the ToadstoolCracking shot !!....great idea, & beautifully created !!!

The only very tiny difference is the girl is biting sharp, but the fungus is a wee bit softer ??.....you could try sharpening the
background image to match the girl.......or apply a little bit of Gaussian-blur to the girl to match the fungus....then blend
the two images together ??...........It's only very minor, but something to consider next time !!.Smile

Still a damn good image though !!!!!
02/10/2013 - 5:27 PM

Scabious Trio

Scabious TrioLovely shot !!......V1 for me !!

You could try making a selection of the background, & apply some 'Gaussian-blur' to it.....which would soften
the definition, but also make it 'recede' behind the flowers a little ??........have a 'fun-fiddle' & see what you get !Smile

An alternative is to put the image up for 'mods', & see what results can be achieved ??
10/09/2013 - 5:20 PM

Montbretia in Green Bottle

Montbretia in Green BottleBeautiful shot !!.....lovely subject, & nicely arranged !

My thoughts ??......move the b/g farther back, to send it out of focus a bit, & help to reduce the shadows !
Secondly................arrange your main light above, & slightly behind the subject (almost backlighting), & position a
white card near the camera position to throw some light into the shadows.
All the shadows should now be towards the camera, with some rim-light on the flowers to lift
them from the b/g, & add a bit of 'zing' to the shot.

Not a criticism, just a few ideas for you to try out.....?.Smile
11/08/2013 - 5:35 PM

practising macro

practising macroLovely shot !!......well focused on the bee (the important bit !), with nice colours !

I see you shot at full aperture (f3.5), which gives a VERY limited depth of field.....try f8 or f11 to gain more in focus
& gain a bit of leeway.......& up the ISO to 400 or 800 to retain a reasonable shutter speed of say 1/200th...don't
worry too much about 'noise', Nikon noise control is 1st class !!!!!

Macro work isn't easy, especially hand-held.......so practice, then practice some more !!!.Smile
Centaurea montana 'Amethyst Dream'Lovely shot !!.....beautifully finished !!

If you want a 'darkening technique', create a new empty layer, fill it with black, set the blend-mode to soft-light & adjust
the opacity to suit............Overlay blend mode is similar, but much stronger !!.Smile
07/04/2013 - 5:13 PM

midnight shower

midnight showerCracking shot !!!.......great idea & beautifully created !!!!

It just looks a little 'flat'.......so I've done a simple mod. to add a bit of 'zing' to the image, by
adjusting the levels & saturation....................
12/02/2013 - 8:00 PM

Three oranges

Three orangesCracking shot Ann !!.....lovely arrangement, with a great base/background, to add a bit of 'character' !!!

The b/g looks a tiny bit 'flat' ?....so I've done a mod. to add a bit of 'depth/form' to the flaky paintwork....& also
darkened the 'base' to alter it's 'angle' to the b/g wall.....plus changed it's colour tone a bit !
I've also added a bit of gaussian blur to the back wall to make it recede a bit, try & create some 'depth of field'.......

Not 100%, but just a quick mod. to see what could be brought out of the shot !!....again not a criticism, but just me
having a quick firkle !!!!!!!.Smile
03/02/2013 - 6:03 PM

Take three oranges

Take three orangesOoooo....you temptress you !!!.Grin....you knew I can't resist a challenge with a mod !

Lovely shot, nicely set up, & well lit !!!.......my only thought is looks to be 'floating' in
mid-air ?........rather than sitting on a base ??

In my mod. I've added a sort of 'base', & emphasized the shadows & hi-lites to add some
solidity & roundness......plus a hint of vignette !!

A distorted base texture (to make it look flat) might be better though ??

A fine shot all the same !!!!!!!!!.Smile
02/01/2013 - 5:02 PM

Still life

Still lifeCracking shot !!!....great subject, with a nice arrangement, & the textures have added to the character & feel of
the whole image........lovely piece of work, with a lovely painterly quality !!!!.Smile

When you add a textured layer it sometimes 'flattens' the tones a little, depending on the blending-mode....so I've
done a mod. to bring back some of the contrast & 'roundness' to the fruit.....plus a bit more colour in the seeds, &
finished with a vignette.........not a criticism, just adding a final 'flourish' to a great shot !!

....& Happy Birthday Ann.........
22/09/2012 - 7:21 PM

Dungeness sunset

Dungeness sunsetGreat shot !!!.....good subject matter, with a nice sky.............

With that 10-22 lens you could've knelt down & filled the F/G with that old 'rail-line' & still retained all the sky drama......which would've reduced
the pebbly area between the rails & the middle-ground.....& perhaps added a bit more 'depth' & 'oomph' ???????.........just a thought ......Smile