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Hello & Welcome to my profile.
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A quick view of nineteen68's recent activity.

  • My Blood is not pure

    Thanks Paul. I appreciate it won't be everyone's taste, I just felt it the final edit needed something else. I was thinking of throwing text over it. I think i may print it off, do something physical to it and then scan it again. Thanks again
    • 24 Feb 2017 4:53PM
  • Regrets

    Thanks Paul. As for meaning, I'm not sure what was going through my head at the time, so the interpretation of the image is up to the viewer. I appreciate that is probably a cop out.
    • 28 Nov 2016 8:32PM
  • From far up I'm looking down upon myself And I wonder who it is that's lying there

    Thanks Robert. I love the mod.
    • 12 Nov 2016 8:10AM
  • Im the producer of the nightmare and the performance has just begun

    Thanks Tanya. I did think long and hard about cloning flour into the negative space but in the end I decided I liked it the way it is. Your mod is great, it gives a different view point. I also thought about taking the branches out but again I thought they added to the image.

    I also know what you mean about ideas, my brain is overflowing with ideas but I never seem to have the time to act upon them. I think over both flour shoots I have taken 300-400 shots and I will be lucky to have 30 I am happy with, if that. But thats what I enjoy, the experimenting and making mistakes.

    Thank you again for the advice.
    • 11 Apr 2016 2:37PM
  • Deconstruct

    Hi Moira & Dudler

    The mods are great, BW works well. Despite experimenting with everything else B&W is one thing I'm scare of. Pauline's work is amazing. I want to experiment with everything, flour, water, paint, perhaps even customer powder. We shot outdoors on Thursday, its a shaded area at the best of times but it was quiet overcast, so the lighting was grim. John, the model is a wrestler and is a giant so we went for something sinister and I seem to be doing a lot of square crops these days, I think I shoot everything with an eye to a CD cover.

    Im trying this again on Sunday with a different model and that was one think I picked up from the first shoot is that its going to take a lot of practice to perfect. The timing of the shot is key, the amount of flour on the pan is key, how hard/fast it's launched at the model.

    Moira I did think what if the flour does something to the camera and how I would explain it could be interesting.

    thank you both again
    • 26 Mar 2016 12:00PM
  • you who I let hypnotise the lens

    Thanks Dudler. I bought a bunch of different colours. This is one I took at the smoke was dissipating amongst the trees the dreaming Its amazing the different effects you can get depending on bow quick you are at getting the shots. Some of the colours were a bit erratic, the orange grenade in particular. The smoke goes quickly generally it stops flowing after about 90 seconds so I was more intent on getting as many images as I could in the time.
    • 23 Mar 2016 7:39PM
  • Threads

    Hi Dudler, I fully agree with the blood, Im not entirely sure why I included it so I agree it has to go. Both mods are good, Im never very confident with BW but Ive started experimenting with it. When I was shooting this yesterday i did want to include the needle in the shot but neither of us could get the needle threaded and only after the event did i figure out how I could have gotten around it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, never it gives me a chance to re-shoot it. Thanks as always for your advice.
    • 28 Feb 2016 2:39PM
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