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A quick view of nolongeramember's recent activity.

  • Gullfaks Field (Norway)

    lovely to see you uploading again can see the grey skies havnt broken your spirits... you still manage to capture those rays of sunshine.. regardless.............. !
    • 27 May 2009 3:40PM
  • Lines and Curves

    Superb !
    fabulous linear & abstract .

    Nicola x
    • 20 May 2009 2:37PM
  • Boxing Hare's

    one of the best wild life shots l,ve seen in a long time.. congrats on the one show.. with your barn owl... !!!
    • 20 Apr 2009 1:37AM
  • Dog day afternoon..........

    superb ! x

    • 5 Apr 2009 11:54PM
  • Taxi Man

    its beautiful work..!! winks !!!
    • 28 Mar 2009 8:36PM
  • A Faraway Shore....

    outstanding and beautiful

    Nikki !
    • 25 Jan 2009 8:17PM
  • Carnival time

    Stunning.. very creative and imaginative. work of art

    • 25 Jan 2009 7:22PM
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  • Thank you for the lovely comment on my portfolio.. and some very creative pieces yourself... !!! Nikki !
  • Hiya Paddy
    You have some wonderful varied work all captured so beautifully , you give your compositions a spirit and bring them to life...
    Your Black and whites are very inspiring.. will be passing by .

    Nikki !
    • Posted on Paddy's profile
    • 18 Jun 2008 3:52PM
  • You have beautiful work , all created with a passion for what you see, has alot of emotional depth and all composed empathically with the subject... you always seem to create a co existance with your compositions... and take us the observer on a Journey..!!
    Not only a photographer but artist also..

    beautiful outstanding work.. and p/f... pure art..

    Nikki !
  • Stunning pf so far.. and if the compositions on your website are anything to go by, Some breath taking comps to come..
    welcome to epz...!!!

    Nicola !
  • some very impressive wild life shots.. and beautiful portfolio

    Nikki !
  • Out standing wild life portfolio.. truly delightful viewing those King fishers.. illusive and shy..!!
    keep up the wonderful work.. a pleasure to browse through, And very inspiring..!!

    Nikki !
  • Just been looking through your gallery, its truly remarkable, can understand in the past for you exhibiting, truly stunning work, each and every one.. all have essence and a spirit/ Emotional intuitive depth.
    This is what l call Art in photography.. !

    Will look through more..!!!

    Nikki !
  • some really lovely compositions love the butterflies.. theres always such a spirit of happiness and joy in your work, And a passion for photography.. lovely pf..

    Nikki !
  • Came to your gallery tonight for inspiration and so not disappointed, sorry for the neglect of your gallery its at my own cost.. always something to inspire here connect and send the mind on a journey along with pure class in quality...

    Nikki Smile
  • Agree with Maddies statement on you portfolio .. breath taking and inspiring some outstanding wild life shots.. will be back to drool..and envy !!!