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A quick view of noseprints's recent activity.

  • Aerial Flip

    wow! love the sky in the background. great moment.
    • 22 Sep 2010 4:09AM
  • drained the pond

    thank you eric. i like what's happening to the site. so many options. but i'm a little overwhelmed now by the sheer number of photos. i was a member when it was just a small community, and you could spend hours on here just dicussing shots and socializing.

    also, i've learned that i don't produce the glossy technically perfect picture this readership adores, consistently enough, so i got a little discouraged. i'm probably a bit too competitive...

    i do like to pop in once in a while. there's some real awe-inspiring stuff here.
    • 17 Jun 2009 2:08PM
  • leaves

    thanks, everyone! not too rude? took me months to summon the courage to post it.
    • 13 Jan 2007 8:55PM
  • rusty whisk

    thanks everyone. actually it's one from the archives. and now that i think about it, i'm not even a hundred percent sure it's a lensbaby shot. might be taken with the sigma 105 which also gives a beautiful luminous and soft quality in closeups. the light was probably indandescent, that's what i was into at that time.

    thanks for visiting!
    • 12 Jan 2007 7:20PM
  • hellfire (repost)

    thanks for the comments and the metaphors. i like the mod.
    • 14 Dec 2006 7:57PM
  • p r o t e c t i o n II

    good work! i love the comp and textures and the feel of it.
    • 13 Dec 2006 6:36PM
  • mission failed...again

    it's very interesting. i love the expression. the bit of bokeh on her head makes me wish there were more of a background. i love the gritty texture!
    • 13 Dec 2006 6:36PM
  • love the banner. would really like to see that shot of you again with your long hair and in the white dress. i loved that one.
  • you're most recent image, the room, made me realize just how diverse an artist you are. so i had a retro journey starting all the way back in your portfolio. what an adventure! there's some really fantastic stuff. everyone ought to try it. is there anything you don't know how to shoot, and well? - lu
  • love your black and whites. great sense of movement. different from what we usually see in epz.

    your showcase looks lovely with them and a couple of splashes of strong colour added. now it's time to enter some "personal details" thing at a time, i guess.
  • excellent banner. very stark and artful.
  • your landscapes are PERFECT!
    • Posted on KathyW's profile
    • 4 Dec 2005 7:41AM