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Activity : Photo Comments


Welcome. This photo was taken on the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail GR70 in France. The donkey was borrowed from some other walkers for the picture which was taken on a TZ20 compact.
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  • Ducking Ducks

    It's down here somewhere.
    • 5 May 2014 10:19PM
  • First Tulip

    It's looking for a chocolate box. Smile
    • 25 Apr 2014 1:18PM
  • Sycamore

    Missed this stage of growth last year, a day makes all the difference.
    • 24 Apr 2014 4:21PM
  • AUSTRALIA 2013 #8

    I find the animal tracks interesting. Some look like bicycle tyre tracks but probably snakes pushing against the sand. We used to get a TV programme, here, called the Bush Tucker Man. He was in the Australian army and it was his job to investigate bush tucker and survival methods. He wore a felt hat with a dent low at the front rising to tall at the back like a shark fin in profile.

    You don't appear to be short of light to make your photos. Smile

    Thanks for sharing the local information.
    • 20 Apr 2014 3:16PM
  • Chrysler Building with Parachute.

    The seeds look like skyscrapers a little like the Chrysler Building with its ridged upper floors.
    • 14 Apr 2014 11:32AM
  • Spring Bee

    Good job. I use this lens too. It will take a full set of extension tubes which doubles the magnification. A problem with the extension tubes is that there is no exif information when you come to check the photos later so it is impossible to know when they were used unless there is some scale in the view. A notebook or a voice recorder might be the answer. I need to check if an initial flash will stun a insect long enough to take a second shot, bees never stay still long enough and mostly have their heads down. This is a great face to face shot. I use a flat sheet of expanded polyethylene closed cell foam A4 size fixed to the SB900 flash with a couple of elastic bands. With the flash pointing forward this slightly floppy sheet acts a canopy and deflects the flash down beyond the lens thus avoiding lens shadow on the subject. It is all very portable.
    • 13 Apr 2014 10:29PM
  • Shrove Lighthouse

    Usually think of wide angle in terms of landscape panorama in the horizontal sense but there is also a vertical sense which is great for skies with attitude and for lower picture detail such as breaking waves.
    • 13 Apr 2014 2:46PM
  • Chicken but no chips.

    Cloak and dagger.
    • 5 Apr 2014 11:30AM
  • Foyle Peace Bridge

    Try to remember to have the compact with me. On full auto so no need to think. Some clouds but the day was generally sunny and dry. Compacts can give some good close-up and macro results.

    Slight cropping and border shadow added in Photoshop.
    • 29 Mar 2014 4:45PM
  • African Sky

    • 27 Mar 2014 10:26PM
  • Kiss me quick

    Nice against the reflection of green on the water.
    • 10 Feb 2014 1:15AM
  • Tanzanian Landscape

    No telephone or electricity poles. No pylons, masts or buildings.
    • 1 Feb 2014 5:13PM
  • Manyara Baby

    I used Akvis Sketch for the basic conversion to a drawing and saved it as a jpeg. Then I opened the jpeg in Photoshop to finish the rendering with a little HDR and attention to various levels like contrast. It is not necessary to come into PS as there are many controls in AS, I was just playing to see what might happen. I have a bought version of AKVIS SKETCH but fist downloaded a trial version and liked the results. Thanks for the votes.
    • 24 Jan 2014 11:03AM
  • Winter in Wisconsin

    Some photos just make the effort of getting out there in the cold worthwhile. Dare I say, "Cool." Great colour.
    • 22 Jan 2014 1:14PM
  • Dog Walking

    Thanks. I downloaded a trial copy of Akvis Sketch a couple of years ago, liked the results and bought. Loads of variables that can be changed or adjusted, great fun Smile. Works well for buildings and structures. Results are almost instant with little or no changes to the default settings.
    • 22 Jan 2014 12:49AM
  • Digital Apple

    One of my one-a-day. Just starting with digital art, so far from perfect and lots to learn.
    • 21 Jan 2014 10:49AM
  • Bogside Night

    Nikon lens wide angle.
    • 8 Jan 2014 5:04PM
  • This Way Please

    Nikon 600mm F5.6 MF plus teleconverter or crop factor (1.5) to 900mm, some sharp shooting!
    • 4 Aug 2013 6:09PM
  • Black-faced bunting

    Hi Newdawei,

    Nice photo, I was guessing a focal length of 300mm but I notice the data shows 400mm. Does this data mean that you used a 2x teleconverter on the maximum focal length of your lens (200mm)? I don't have a teleconverter so I don't know how this shows in the data. I use the Nikon 105mm macro sometimes with and sometimes without a set of extension tubes. It is not possible to tell from the EXIF data if the extension tubes were on or off the lens when a picture was taken.


    • 4 Aug 2013 3:27PM
  • End of Spring

    I was experimenting with focus stacking in Photoshop. Always love that moment of pure magic at the end of the process when the in-focus image appears on the screen. I have only tried Photoshop but there are a number of dedicated software focus stackers that may do as good or better. The software can introduce artefacts where it is unable to resolve what is happening in the scene. This can happen on edges where one object is in front of another.
    • 11 Jun 2013 9:39AM
  • Go Forth and Scatter...but not in my garden !

    Great depth of field in the field. Grin
    • 29 May 2013 6:18PM
  • Ladybird II

    Agree about the frame. Doing City and Guilds of London photography level 1 (first year) so frame is for presentation and just to show that I know how to do it in Photoshop. He was running round the rim of an old plastic pill bottle where he lives. He was like a toy train on a track. The camera was handheld and flash was used to freeze the motion. F36 was required to get the depth of field so aperture was just about open and exposure time would have been too long. At the speed he was moving he would not have been recorded without the flash.

    I feed him on honey and water. When the sun comes out and the wind dies down I will take him to the garden where I hope to get a few shots before he flies off. The time stamp should read May not April, I had pressed the two buttons to put camera back to the default settings and must have set the wrong month.

    Have practiced focusing by eye only by focusing the camera then half pressing the shutter release to check if I got it right. In this sort of situation there isn't time to use the focus indicator and then look to take the picture. Focusing was done by moving slightly back or forward with the focus ring fixed at its best position to fill the frame.
    • 15 May 2013 10:00AM
  • Goldfinch on feeder

    Taken through kitchen window glass.
    • 12 May 2013 2:05PM
  • Ruth

    Ruth is a biblical reference. Ruth gleaning in the field of Boaz. Although this is not harvest time the story of Ruth came to mind.
    • 13 Aug 2012 8:05AM
  • circus preperations

    Don't have much against hosting the Olympics but part of the idea is that there is some betterment, social housing, training facilities etc. but here the turf will have to be lifted again, hardly a Champs-Élysées in the making. Maybe it will go to returf some Council property. Great photo, one for the history books. Assume that grass hasn't been added in Photoshop. Tongue
    • 12 Aug 2012 9:19PM
  • Foyle Footbridge

    Thanks, Nathan, Not quite the Strand Road but very close. Note the railway signal lights towards the bottom of the picture. The only line into the city runs under the bridge on this Waterside bank of the river. I believe that developers would be happy to close this section of line and take this riverside land for building.
    • 11 Aug 2012 11:47AM
  • Bee

    Thanks Nathan, Not the best close-up of a bee on a flower, more of a photo of a flower with a surprise. First time out with this camera and the 24-70 so was a little snap-happy. Still it's a close-up not a macro and the little eyes are just visible. Smile
    • 29 Jul 2012 4:15PM
  • Derry City Council Flowers.

    Many thanks for your comment. I was surprised by the result given that it was more or less a snapshot with a compact on a day out in the City.
    • 24 Jul 2012 11:24AM
  • May Day 2012...

    Beautiful image. A land of many cultures and expectations. Just the right shutter speed to detect the movement of the hand towards the brick mould. Good colour and lighting.
    • 24 Jul 2012 3:58AM
  • Shop Sign

    I am told that a pair of shoes suspended like this is a sign that there is a drug dealer operating nearby, a shop sign. Don't know if this is true.
    • 8 Apr 2012 12:41PM