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A quick view of Ochayethemoo's recent activity.

  • I'm off! by Ochayethemoo

    Thank you for the VERY informative feedback - I see I have much to learn Blush. I am new to the world of DSLR's and appreciate you both taking the time to give my shot Constructive Critique.

    This photo was taken at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire when my son was 14 month old. It was quite hard to take a photo without any other people in the shot as those who have been to Clumber know it goes crazy at the weekend. My other issue was my son If he was not falling on his backside he was eating something he shouldn't Grin.

    I did wonder why the orange bag looked different sometimes so I will be trying to learn how to assign the sRGB colour profile to all my images. I thought It was because I was using a HDMI from my MOBO (I am waiting to buy an AMD R9 290x graphics card in NOV) converted to DVI in my monitor.

    I used photoshop to convert this photo, I cut out my son and placed him on a top layer the lower layer was the converted to B+W. If there is an easier way of doing this please let me know.

    Again thank you for your comment's I have learnt a great deal today.

    • 30 Sep 2013 1:55PM
  • Mind the Monkey by lancashirepictures

    Reminds me of the Warp trails from the Enterprise TNG Smile
    • 12 Sep 2013 3:16PM
  • Daughter by Roger1

    How did you get the background so white?

    Should you get bored with your new 7D you could swap it with my old skool 550D.

    • 10 Sep 2013 7:28PM
  • Cotton (not Dot) by Ochayethemoo

    Thanks Roger1, I have not used RAW much (I know I should)Blush.

    For a newbie like myself Photomatix seems soooo less complicated than Photoshop CS6.
    • 10 Sep 2013 7:21PM
  • Any Idea by Roger1

    Its a Wasp kill it!

    The only wasp that be allowed to live is the band W.A.S.P Tongue

    • 10 Sep 2013 6:49PM
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