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I took up photography 4 years ago.With going every day to various places I take pictures that catch my eye.
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  • Englishman River by Daisymaye

    Jolly boating weather. Must arrange my boater before I board the fast ferry.
    A most terrific capture with a wonderful composition. See you on the river old Chap.
    Bosun Ed.
    • 3 Apr 2022 9:32AM
  • Fog. by Oldgeezer70

    Hello Daisymaye. Seven is my best friend and he was waiting for me to walk over. Being 13 his eyesight is not to good so has to wait for me without going to far. We are very close since Seven chose to stay with me aged just over 4 months after being beaten very close to death and much more. I really do my best to keep Seven in tip top condition and we have adventures everyday.
    Perhaps I should have explained all this in the notes.
    • 29 Mar 2022 5:03PM
  • The Driver by Alan_Baseley

    One great composition.A moment in this chaps life as an steam engine driver or maybe be a fireman. A face of many years of hard work.Thank you for sharing.
    • 17 Mar 2022 8:04PM
  • Eagle Eye of the Storm by Daisymaye

    Magnificent capture. Great contrast with a wonderful composition. Thank you for sharing.
    • 16 Mar 2022 5:57AM
  • Prayers by Daisymaye

    Magnificent mono. Great composition. Well thought out.
    • 9 Mar 2022 5:33AM
  • Windswept by jrsundown

    Magnificent capture.
    • 24 Dec 2021 3:40PM
  • Window in the Mist by PaulHolloway

    Winter magnificent.
    • 20 Dec 2021 5:59PM
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  • Posted on: December 'Winter' Competition - Win A Samsung 256GB EVO Plus MicroSDXC Memory Card!

    Winter Wonderland.
    Hello. Where I live we rarely these days have snow.So when we have snow we all get out to build a Snowman.We use a carrot for the nose,two thin slices of cucumber for the eyes.Small stones shaped like a mouth below the nose.Small very short evergreen branches for the ears.Now to enjoy making the snowman we have to build with it snowing.
    • 17 Dec 2018 5:36PM

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