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I appreciate your spending a little time here: I hope that you find some pleasure in my efforts and that if so inspired you will comment on what you see.

I really do want to know what you think or can suggest, especially constructive observations for improvement!
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  • Summer update

    Once again I am confused about the nature of my comments here. A holiday has provided some different images (and it was a great family experience). Generally I find that my efforts to comment correspond mathematically with the response I get to my ...

    4 Jul 2009 8:11PM | Read


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  • It's a long time...

    I haven't visited the blog feature for very many months. I don't really know what to use it for... why not "Twitter"? Ah well, just a couple of observations - I saw my first swallow last Sunday from the window of the building in which our church ...

    23 Apr 2009 8:52PM | Read


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  • Holiday and EPZ withdrawal symptoms

    I've been away from the site (and all computer access) for two weeks. i wondered if I would yearn to browse, click and comment. I'm quite relieved that I didn't. Although staying with relatives whose work depends on their use of the web (so access...

    26 Jul 2008 5:12PM | Read


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  • Do votes matter?

    Wow, huge decline in votes over the last few images - maybe this reflects my own view of the quality of the images... does it matter? Pride is hurt, but then as a Christian that shouldn't trouble me. Ah well, I soldier on. Do I have to click to ge...

    4 Jul 2008 7:47PM | Read


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  • Frustration increases - future opportunites beckon.

    Wow, life as self-employed and with non-work commitments (church, family, garden...) puts pressure on time, and I have had no time to spend here other than a quick upload every now and then. This is not how I want it to be! Next week things chang...

    2 Jul 2008 10:34PM | Read


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  • When time isn't available

    I've had a week when family and work things have happened and there has been no time for photography or new images here (before this evening). Do others find this to be frustrating? I do! Mike

    28 Jun 2008 10:02PM | Read


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  • Activity on EPZ

    Is it just me or is there less activity here at present? Perhaps the magnificent nearly-summer weather is tempting members away.

    21 Jun 2008 8:07PM | Read


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  • Space and paragliders

    Isn't it great to get out with the camera? At last yesterday I had the chance to go out in fine weather. Because of some comments made by a friend in the morning, I went up onto the face of the Cleveland Hills, to Carlton Bank where the paragliders...

    16 Jun 2008 11:20PM | Read


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  • First thoughts

    Ah, an opportunity to ramble, and not the first. How do we find time for this when we haven't time to click and comment? Why doesn't this have a spell check to stop those silly typos? A hectic week, and essentially non-photgraphic apart from a b...

    13 Jun 2008 8:06PM | Read


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