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Thank you for looking at my portfolio.
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  • Sopley by OliPackwood

    Thanks for the comments on my River Pic.
    The path from the road down to the sewer boom in your picture. If you get there very early and get up on the left bank about half way down you will see loads of Rabbits. Stay quiet and take it slow with the 300mm in good sunlight and you may get a decent Rabbit shot. They are a bit skittish, and a tripod or at least a monopod would make a huge difference. Give it a go.

    I have seen all the rabbits running around there a few times and was thinking of this myself! Thanks!
    • 21 Jun 2015 8:16PM
  • Blue eyes by chrisbryan

    Beautiful shot of a bird that can somewhat be overlooked. I like the crop of just the head. Nice one.

    • 21 Jun 2015 10:18AM
  • All fluffed up by Jamie_MacArthur

    Stunning shot
    • 21 Jun 2015 10:16AM
  • Lymington River by esoxlucius

    Lovely shot- drawn to it by the title. I live in Lymington! I have just uploaded a shot from Sopley along the sea wall! Great to find a local on here Smile
    • 21 Jun 2015 10:12AM
  • Crossing by olafo

    Wonderfully simple, yet incredible effective composition! Well done!
    • 9 Jun 2015 10:16AM
  • Beach Hut Porches by NevJB

    Wonderful depth. Lovely creative shot
    • 9 Jun 2015 10:13AM
  • glamour by ivhenx

    Amazing shot. The backlighting working incredibly well!
    • 9 Jun 2015 10:10AM
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  • Posted on esoxlucius's profile

    What a lovely portfolio. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for the local shots.

    • 21 Jun 2015 10:14AM
  • Posted on pluckyfilly's profile

    A lovely portfolio Ann. Thanks for all the kind comments you give me. I particularly like your flower shots, there brilliant.

    • 4 Jul 2010 11:08AM
  • Posted on MrsS's profile

    WOW Fran!

    I've just looked at your first page on your portfolio, and the amount you've progressed is stunning!! Your shots now are some of the best landscape shots I've ever seen! A real insperation!

    • 5 Jun 2010 8:53PM
  • Posted on sparrowhawk's profile

    Wonderful PF, I particularly like the macro shots that you do!

    • 25 Apr 2010 11:29AM
  • Posted on OllieBell's profile

    Great PF! Reading your bio, we sound quite similar. Tongue

    • 13 Apr 2010 7:29PM
  • Posted on phil_j's profile

    Absolutly amazing PF. Grin

    • 24 Mar 2010 9:42PM
  • Posted on LukeParkinson's profile

    Well done on your EC mate, you deserve it!!
    • 20 Mar 2010 6:00AM
  • Posted on csurry's profile

    Absolutely stunning PF!!! Grin

    • 9 Mar 2010 6:19PM
  • Posted on paulrosser's profile

    Superb PF, truly stunning!!!

    • 9 Mar 2010 6:15PM
  • Posted on clintnewsham's profile

    wonderful PF, stunning. Grin

    • 6 Mar 2010 8:22PM
  • Posted on LukeParkinson's profile

    Nice new lay-out Luke, very nice. Grin
    • 21 Feb 2010 8:51PM
  • Posted on Maiwand's profile

    Thanks for your comment! I have been into wildlife photography for about 2 years now and I was wondering how you get the brillent photos of the birds you have?
    • 9 Jan 2010 9:08PM

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