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  • Posted on flowerpower59's profile

    Lovely portfolio Fiona ,well done Wink
    • 16 Nov 2017 1:00PM
  • Posted on TonyPrower's profile

    Just a great portfolio TonyWink,superb images, and i love your magic cloth techniqueSmile .Iceland has always been on my list of locations to visit .
    • 6 Aug 2013 4:24AM
  • Posted on RonnieAG's profile

    super portfolio of flowers and landscapes ,keep up the great work Wink
    • 26 Jul 2013 5:17PM
  • Posted on AnnChown's profile

    so pleased i came across your portfolio Ann ,wonderful work Wink
    • 26 Feb 2013 6:18PM
  • Posted on RobDougall's profile

    lovely work Rob Wink
    • 25 Sep 2012 2:00AM
  • Posted on andy_AHG's profile

    Andy you know i am a fan of yours Winkand i can't remember if i have done this before but who caresSmile
    wonderful work my friend from your pal Smile
    • 20 Apr 2012 11:29PM
  • Posted on Cor's profile

    superb pf Cor, amazing subjects and nifty pp work WinkSmileSmileSmile
    • 20 Mar 2012 3:38PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Really been missing your images Dave ,esp your boat and seascapes
    • 29 Jan 2011 11:43PM
  • Posted on iansnowdon's profile

    Hiya Ian,
    Already some awe inspiring images in your portfolio ,def have to get a few sessions in soon mate .
    keep up the great work and get that knee sorted Smile
    • 19 Nov 2009 4:48AM
  • Posted on Trout_Man's profile

    congrats Geoff on a great portfolio ,i really like your land and seascapes.Very inspiring Smile,keep on clicking !!!
    • 19 Nov 2009 4:44AM
  • Posted on tumienis's profile

    amazing portfolio Kristijonas ,your iceland photos are stunning ,and agree with Den you deserve way more attention .
    added to favorites Smile
    • 13 Sep 2009 12:33AM
  • Posted on LesF's profile

    Got to say this Les ,your work is outstanding ,you have a great eye for an image and your preSentation is equally superb .Smile
    • 8 Sep 2009 10:53PM
  • Posted on porty2003's profile

    This is a wonderful portfolio of some really awe inspring locations ,love the big sky's and gorgeous coastlines that go on for ever..Keep up the great work my friend
    ollie Smile
    • 8 Sep 2009 1:50PM
  • Posted on Iain_Proudfoot's profile

    A great portfolio of talent ,good variety with some wonderful ideas .keep up the great work Smile
    • 25 Aug 2009 10:26PM
  • Posted on Barrynic's profile

    I'm going to miss you my ole mate ,hope one day we meet up in a better place.
    your friend
    • 25 Aug 2009 1:09AM
  • Posted on Nicolashturner's profile

    Well you know i am pleased that your on here posting .Just love your images .
    I know your passion is portrayed in all your work and it shows and this is my small bit of praise for your work.
    warm regds
    ollie Smile
    • 18 Jun 2009 11:12PM
  • Posted on wolfy's profile

    Hi Rog , You have a stunning selection of landscapes that are really awe inspiring .I really enjoy viewing your lake images and coastal scenes.Keep up the great work
    ollie Smile
    • 4 Jun 2009 11:35AM
  • Posted on dawnmichelle's profile

    Just had to say Dawn ,your images are so lovely ,its been a real pleasure to view .
    • 30 Oct 2008 10:43PM
  • Posted on MNPHOTO's profile

    honest opinion ,i think your portfoilio is wonderful ,your images are quality and its been a real pleasure to view them ,please keep doin what you are doin ,and don't change as you have a unique style.
    • 21 Oct 2008 10:56PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Ok here goes ,Di ,your portfolio is only something i could dream about .You have a genuine gift ,i love the softness ,light and colours .
    Don't ever change ....just keep on doing
    • 15 Oct 2008 1:00AM
  • Posted on pmorgan's profile

    Hi Paul ,
    Thanks for your clicks and comments ,i can see from your portfolio how well you have progressed ,i think you have found your neche though in these seascapes ,they are so good and like many people say it inspires us to do better .
    very well done and thanks for sharing your images
    take care
    • 7 Jun 2008 1:53AM
  • Posted on JohnoP's profile

    wonderful portfolio john ,really impressive images
    well done
    • 13 May 2008 9:51PM
  • Posted on bfgstew's profile

    Theres some really striking images in your portfoilio Stew
    Well done
    • 1 May 2008 9:39PM
  • Posted on Barrynic's profile

    super portfolio Barry ,i like your style
    • 28 Feb 2008 1:12AM
  • Posted on Neil_Higgins's profile

    Neil ,Your photos in my humble estimation are superb. The clarity, colour and detail is outstanding. You have come along way in the time ive known you ,and i am proud to be your friend .
    keep up the excellent work
    • 17 Sep 2007 12:59AM
  • Posted on Tandberg's profile

    a superb portfolio ,and a master of photoshop .i really like your seascapes and your use of light on your evening shots
    • 11 Sep 2007 6:32PM

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