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"There is so much more that has gone before "
"but we haven't seen anything yet" !!!!!!!!!
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  • Yes you are right ,a few months ago a woman was walking along the quayside with a burger when a seagull grabbed it out of her hand .Almost immediately there was an article calling for the birds to be culled !!!!. I really do not understand these idiots .Perhaps if they didn't throw chips at them and leave takeaways all over the floor it would not happen so often .
  • The lady who owns the animal rescue centre ,said because it was car paint it will have to wear off as the poor birds wings are solid .She also said it must have been more than one sick individual as someone had to keep its wings open while another sprayed it .
    They have called it poppy,i really hope this wee bird survives .
  • Just been reading in my Whitby gazette that some yobs sprayed a young herring gull with red car paint ,not just on the outside inside its wings as well !!!.Spokes woman said it will take 2 years for it to moult and grow new wing feathers etc.Some nasty folk about .
  • haha ... thanks again SmileSmile
  • Oh thanks ever so much Alison,i knew someone would know SmileSmileSmile
  • Hi folks ,i came across this amazing photo of a tiger plunging into water.
    I wondered if anyone knows who the photographer is ? as i would love
    to see more of their work .WinkThanksSmileSmile
  • Thanks Les Wink

  • Quote:According to another site - she is , regarding epz, " just taking some time out for a little while" But why close your account if you just want time out? Just don't upload for a while. Shame. Sad

    Dave that's what i thought as well ,just as she had uploaded her 1000 th photo on here.But i still hope that Sarah returns and starts afresh.
  • oh John ,i really hope this does well for you ,i know how much effort you have put into this .

  • Just noticed that Sarah has withdrawn from the site Sad,such a sad loss and i for one will miss her fine images on here.

  • looks pretty good to me ,like chris says the sensor looks the bizz
  • congrats Paul ,well done mateyWink
  • ohh i am so sorry to hear this !!!,such a sad loss of a great and talented photographer.Andy commented on a few of my pics and helped me in my early days on here.
    Jas! he was such a great fella ,thoughts are with you and the family.
  • will be thinking of you Gerry ,and praying that it all goes well.Smile
  • yes i can understand that ,but if you have ever been to Whitby it is always busy .Locals used to look forward to winter when it would ease.But that seems to have changed somewhat too.
  • Its a real shame Phil ,as a boy it was an amazing place,i count myself fortunate to have grown up there .But it hurts me seeing all this decay etc which could have been tended to before it got so bad .The council are def to blame for letting it do so .
  • The dolphins at the side of the swing bridge have also rotted away ,as have some of the huge upright timbers by the ice house.
    Would have thought that all the Goth weekends etc would have brought more cash into Whitby ,so why haven't they bothered to maintain things ?
    Wrecked by the Rector......LOLSmile
  • Very sad news for all togs in that whitbys west pier has been closed off ,and it looks like the same fate as the east pier .
  • It just shows how fragile life is and that buildings etc can be wiped out in a moment!!!!!.
    My thoughts and prayers are with those poor familys that have lost friends and loved ones.
  • Hiya Babs ,Iam up here in North Yorks about 15 mins from whitby ,you'll have loads of fun on here SmileWink
    check out the forums and tuition vids etc .
    ollie xxTongue
  • my claim to fame was selling programmes at earls court for led zepp,so i got to hear them for a few nights in a row Smile,back in the 70's-90's saw most rock bands ,was at the apollo in birmigham watching anhrax as support for metallica,james hetfield had his arm in plaster after a skate board fall,they all signed programmes etc outside. 2 or 3 days later their coach overturned in europe and killed the base player .
    oh and Chronos of the black metal outfit Venom broke my finger when he leapt off the stage and slammed into us all below .
    Good times.Smile
  • I will miss Barry very much ,he was a great friend to me , i corresponded with him a lot, and i send my love to his family at this very sad time.

  • Not that i'd ever get an award of sorts ,as i don't think my pics hit the std of some of the folks on here.But I am really enjoying my photography now.So heres my small input.!!!!!!
    I do think its a good idea,as it is after all your site.
    Please don't let it affect your health Pete.And i echo what Dave said
    Quote:As mentioned previously its only worth it if you keep in good health pete.

    I see EPZ as Pete's Bargh-zine so no more heart scares ok Smile.

  • welcome aboard Dave ,i must be quite close to you ,i live in little moorsholm .Hope you get a lot of inspiration from this site ,i know ive have in the past year .
  • yes my apologies Neil ,it is the focusing screen i was on about ,that is where all the dust etc has ended up !!!!!
  • Hi Folks ,been using a 5d for nearly 2 years but ,i need sound advise please.
    Ok i have cleaned my sensor many times ,but when i look through my view finder ,i have lots of dust and what look like small hairs.On taking a pic i have only a few small dust bunnies .f22 sky shot
    So i have looked at the mirror, and there are some dust particles on there ,but at the roof of the camera ,i assume this is the prism? there is a small opaque piece of glass and i assume there is another mirror underneath ,this is where all the dust and hair has landed.
    Should i take this to a shop to have cleaned ? or is it fairly straightforward to clean .
    If so what do i use to clean the mirror etc.
    Sorry its longwinded ,but i would really appreciate some advice.
    also can anyone recommend a shop in the teeside,n/yorks area that are compitent with regards to the above.
    thanks folks...............Ollie
  • Kashmir -zepp,
    i dont need no doctor-wasp,
    division bell-floyd
    mug of steaming tea and choc biccys....Smile
  • DAMM IT ,MISSED OUT AGAIN !!!!! Let me know when theres another meet around ,i dont get much chance for looking on here as i look after my wife full time as her carer.But if there was a meet coming up ,i could arrange someone to be with my wife so i could get out and meet you guys and gals
  • haha nice one andy ,bet he didn't feel a thing
    merry Christmas
  • Very sad news.
    Please send him our best,get well soon Pete