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Activity : Photo Comments


Hello, thanks so much for the taking the time to look at my photos. I hope you will find one, or maybe even two, that you enjoy.
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  • Free flight by OlwenB

    Hi Dave, Thank you so much for your advice and also the complement about the yellow against the blue sky. I will definitely do what you said and increase the ISO and put the camera on "burst" mode.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out. Grin

    Best wishes
    • 22 May 2015 9:01PM
  • Inukshuk by banehawi

    The Inukshuk .... such a great and welcome sign to weary travelers. It's message I believe is one of hope and says " This is a good and safe place to land" Great effort with the banana skins ...

    • 2 Dec 2014 6:42PM
  • 7 am by Spincervino

    I really enjoyed looking at this image. The play of light is making such interesting shapes in the right hand side of the photo.

    • 2 Dec 2014 6:34PM
  • Large Skipper II by Alan_Baseley

    What amazing eyes it has. Great capture.

    • 2 Dec 2014 6:31PM
  • My "night" friend by gss

    Wonderful cat portrait. You have captured her 'knowing' eyes so well. You are so lucky to have made such a friendship.

    • 2 Dec 2014 6:30PM
  • The Gate of knights by GeorgePlatis

    Great lighting effect.

    • 2 Dec 2014 6:25PM
  • Desert bloom by mlseawell

    This is such a beautiful serene image. You can never grow tired of looking at an image like this.

    Olwen Smile
    • 14 Nov 2014 12:49PM
  • Swellendam Reservoir 2 by Hermanus

    Wonderful scene ... so tranquil and filled with colour. I always think that Africa always wakes up singing. Great shot Herman.

    Olwen Grin
    • 13 Nov 2014 5:23PM
  • wildlife/nature by shydallah

    Such a great image. It is wonderful how he/she is watching intently for a fish and through all that moving water and foam. You have really captured the moment.

    Olwen Smile
    • 12 Nov 2014 4:13PM
  • Kestrel by Mike_Smith

    Such a beautiful bird .... a young female I think. Lovely capture. Smile

    • 12 Nov 2014 4:06PM
  • Split-leaf Philodendron by Hermanus

    Fabulous plant m.deliciosa .... I had never seen one in flower before. I understand that the fruit (flower) takes a year to ripen?? My mom had a great big one growing on the veranda in a pot. Wonder photo Herman. Have a great day. Smile
    • 11 Nov 2014 9:59PM
  • Last Shadow by Hermanus

    I really like what I think this photo is saying. Great shot Herman. Smile
    • 8 Nov 2014 1:48PM
  • Every child's birthright. by OlwenB

    Thank you so much for your votes and comments as always they are greatly appreciated.

    Olwen Grin
    • 7 Nov 2014 12:48PM
  • Sweetpea by Hermanus

    I agree with all the above comments. This is such a great shot of a really outstanding beauty. I also love the background with the colours of the other flowers blending into a perfect finish. GrinGrinGrin

    Olwen Smile
    • 6 Nov 2014 11:03AM
  • Great tit 2 by ade123

    Really beautiful shot.

    Olwen Smile
    • 4 Nov 2014 5:03PM
  • Weather Vane by Gypsyman

    Great image. Almost a fairy tale waiting to happen. Wonderful against the sky.

    Olwen Smile
    • 4 Nov 2014 5:02PM
  • general by shydallah

    Lovely portrait shot.

    • 4 Nov 2014 4:56PM
  • My Mate Jerry by PhilT2

    What a cute little lady. Great photo's.

    Olwen Smile
    • 4 Nov 2014 4:53PM
  • Crowned Plover by Hermanus

    Wonderful capture. Superb detail showing on the bird. Hope you enjoy your 'teach' days. It must be such a problem to keep having power cuts. I'm hoping that it's not going the same way as another country that has the same problem with power, water supply etc etc etc. In the mean time just enjoy the sunshine and put in solar units everywhere.

    Olwen Wink
    • 4 Nov 2014 4:49PM
  • Mosque reflections by ColleenA

    I just love the colours and the richness of the whole photo .... wow.

    Olwen Smile
    • 3 Nov 2014 6:20PM
  • Railwayman III by Alan_Baseley

    Such a brilliant shot.

    • 3 Nov 2014 6:18PM
  • Wood Duck--Aix sponsa. by bobpaige1

    Stunning colours, great image.

    • 3 Nov 2014 6:15PM
  • wildlife/nature by shydallah

    That is such a great image ... hope it all ended peacefully.
    • 3 Nov 2014 6:13PM
  • The gatecrasher ! by OlwenB

    Thank you so much ... Blush
    • 3 Nov 2014 6:09PM
  • A Rose by any other name...... by OlwenB

    Thanks so much for your comments and votes. I really appreciate your interest. Smile
    • 3 Nov 2014 6:08PM
  • Mandarin Duck by Mike_Smith

    Great pose and capture. Smile

    • 3 Nov 2014 4:58PM
  • Apollo by gss

    This must have been so beautiful in it's hey day. So many ornate features easily seen on the right side with the sun catching the side of the building. Great photo, I really enjoyed looking at this.
    • 2 Nov 2014 7:29PM
  • general by shydallah

    Great moon capture .... very clear.

    Olwen Smile
    • 1 Nov 2014 10:08AM
  • Blue Crowned Pigeon--Goura cristata. by bobpaige1

    Fantastic image. I've never seen one of these birds before and I think its really beautiful.

    Olwen Smile
    • 1 Nov 2014 10:05AM
  • Sailing by Gypsyman

    Such a peaceful image.

    Olwen Smile
    • 1 Nov 2014 10:03AM