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Activity : Photo Comments


Hello, thanks so much for the taking the time to look at my photos. I hope you will find one, or maybe even two, that you enjoy.
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  • Teal Circles by barkingspider

    Great image with the circles and the colour reflection.

    Olwen Smile
    • 1 Nov 2014 9:50AM
  • Hello by Spincervino

    Great capture. The colours and the details of the poppy bud just starting to open are lovely.

    Olwen Smile
    • 1 Nov 2014 9:38AM
  • I am The God of Hell Fire by Philip_H

    That is really a scary image. How did you to get those white outlines? Very effective.

    Olwen Wink
    • 31 Oct 2014 9:34PM
  • Light set by GeorgePlatis

    Wonderful image George. It really captured the moment.

    Olwen Grin
    • 31 Oct 2014 9:28PM
  • Little boy date by elainecll

    Such a lovely natural photo and it captures the children so well. Priceless. Smile
    • 31 Oct 2014 5:04PM
  • The Secret Garden by OlwenB

    Thanks so much for your comments. It is an old photo but it holds a very special place in my heart.
    • 31 Oct 2014 11:27AM
  • Table Mountain by Hermanus

    Fantastic contrasts and colour. Great shot.
    • 31 Oct 2014 11:25AM
  • Black Eagle by gss

    Love the colours and flow of this image. Also wishing your mother a speedy recovery. Tai Chi for older people to strengthen bones and improve balance
    • 29 Oct 2014 1:22PM
  • Angel Wings by sweetpea62

    what a beautiful image and the light catching the feathers is just stunning.
    • 29 Oct 2014 1:16PM
  • Crane--Grus grus. by bobpaige1

    Excellent image and timing.
    • 29 Oct 2014 1:06PM
  • Sunrise in a Rose by Hermanus

    Another flower masterpiece. Breathtakingly beautiful.
    • 28 Oct 2014 4:58PM
  • My favourite by gary_d

    I love this too. Wonderful shot. GrinGrin
    • 25 Oct 2014 12:39PM
  • The challenge! by OlwenB

    Thanks so much everyone for your votes and comments. I appreciate your feedback. Grin
    • 25 Oct 2014 12:00PM
  • Yellow Hibiscus by Hermanus

    Perfect ... just a little sunlight touching the edge. Smile
    • 25 Oct 2014 11:54AM
  • Posing Wagtails by Hermanus

    Such an excellent shot. Love the way the one is look out and the other keeping a beady eye on you! Also the beautiful tones of the background blending.
    • 24 Oct 2014 7:39PM
  • A small beginning. by OlwenB

    Thank you so much for your comments and for those who liked my shot too. Grin
    • 20 Oct 2014 6:19PM
  • Between you and me. by OlwenB

    Thank you so much everybody. I really appreciate your help. I had cropped in the photo by a small amount and have now played around with it again to try and follow what was said above about leaving off the top bit. The shot was taken hand held and looking at the screen and not using the view finder. Although it's not too obvious in the shot there was a thick mist/fog and I was trying to adjust the camera when I saw this little pair sitting perfectly ready for their portrait shot.Blush So without further ado I clicked. I was in AV f 6 and as you know ISO 400. I think it is as you said .... there is slight movement which has caused the blurry look. I'm so sad as I really loved the composition and the whole scene with the beach sand and the waves. Still I'm learning and I feel I can still enjoy this photo because of the lovely memories it brings back. Thank you again for your help ... I will be following up on your advice for future photos. Smile
    • 20 Oct 2014 6:17PM