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The mix is a bit eclectic for now as I'm uploading a few from the last year or so one by one. Before long, this portfolio will fill with photos taken in London, as that is where I now live.
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I travel a lot, and take photos sometimes. Been at his photography gig for about 4 years. I have a mind for the theory, but I'm constantly struggling to put it all into practice.

I have spent four years becoming a better snapshot photographer, the aim was always to improve my photography so I could come home from my travels with an interesting record. This is still my aim, although I'm trying to push a bit further and harder. I am not aiming to develop a 'style' right now, but just learn to cope better with whatever situations are presented to me.

I look through the galleries for photos I might like, normally travel photos or landscapes. I always look for stuff which goes beyond the 'textbook' images and shows something unique, even if my own photography doesn't live up to this standard. Every photo I vote for is the kind of photography I aspire to.

Comments, advice, general abuse all relatively welcome.


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