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The mix is a bit eclectic for now as I'm uploading a few from the last year or so one by one. Before long, this portfolio will fill with photos taken in London, as that is where I now live.
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A quick view of onetrickpony's recent activity.

  • Living with Eagles

    This is really a stunning image, there's a lot to like and nothing not to like. The size of the eagle compared to the boy, his clothes, the background, his expression make this a fascinating photo.

    I used to live not far from Mongolia. Unless you were on some sort of specialist tourist trip, you must have traveled hard and far to find and document these people, which must have been a great journey. If you only came home with the memories and this photo, I think the journey would have been more than worth it. The series on these hunters, as a whole, is probably one of the best records of the eagle hunters I've ever seen, but this shot really does it for me.
    • 23 Mar 2013 8:08PM
  • Passing Smile

    Nicely framed, this portrait has that real 'looking straight at you' feel that makes you feel like you are being watched through the photograph.
    • 23 Mar 2013 11:47AM
  • Gambian Villager

    Incredible portrait. Not just the eyes, but the skin also, which is incredibly sharp and shows a prominent scar under the eye, a telling kind of detail.

    I really am in awe of the portraiture on your portfolio, I think its incredible. However if there's one thing I'd really like to see in your portfolio, it would be a few more shots with a deeper depth of field which give an impression of the living conditions / background of the people you are shooting. This is purely from a personal interest point of view. You called the picture 'Gambian villager', so I'd love to see where and how these people are living and get a feel of their lifestyle from the photographs. Do they collect water in buckets? Have groundwater pumps? Use oxen? Fish? Eat rice/yams/meat? Your portfolio has me interested, and I want the photos to tell me more about them!
    • 23 Mar 2013 11:44AM
  • Man in Picadilly Circus

    Thanks both of you for your very helpful comments. I will take all of them on board when I go back out, definitely. No, mrswoolybill, it should not be a long wait before it starts raining Grin .
    • 18 Mar 2013 9:56PM
  • @ Leicester Square

    Thanks, bren. I chose the night partly deliberately, I thought the wet floors would create nice reflections, plus I like the look of people carrying umbrellas and dashing through the rain, hiding under things etc. But yes, yesterday night was paticuarly cold and wet and I arrived home soaked with soggy shoes!
    • 17 Mar 2013 7:41PM
  • O2

    I'm not sure I quite understand how you took this shot. It obviously wasn't at night (no lights!), but how did you manage 120 seconds without it burning out? ND filter?

    I think its a great shot, the long exposure has flattened the water and sky which makes the building stand out. Just curious as to how it worked?
    • 17 Mar 2013 12:00PM
  • Koala

    Thanks for all the kind comments and votes. Chubby - he's actually wedged in between two branches, if you look below his hand you'll see the other branch sticking out.

    These things really are adorable, if you are ever in Sydney I really recommend the city center zoo (if you have no time to make it to the big one!).
    • 17 Mar 2013 11:55AM
  • Stunning portfolio, very inspiring work. Thanks for sharing on EPZ.