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Hello everybody. I am happy to be here and share photos and views with you all.
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  • Posted on: Hasselblad Interview With Perry Oosting

    While I was looking for a digital camera few years ago, many people were mentioning about full frame (35mm) as if it was something 'perfect' but I was not that impressed because as a studio photographer's son (and a studio photographer's grandson Smile ) I had already witnessed the film era medium format cameras. Although I use an mft camera I would prefer 35mm full frames if the prices were not that high. I chose a more affordable camera than a 35mm full frame because I would like to save some money while going digital so that I will be able to buy a digital medium format in the future (hopefully). I frequently visit medium format camera brand's websites, I sometimes check the prices. Of course, somebody who is good at photography can make very beautiful images with any camera but I think the medium format is the best choice for a professional photographer. When the price of the medium format cameras gets a little bit closer to the 35mm full frames' (hopefully not vice versa) then buying a medium format will make more sense for people like me (enthusiasts with a professional mind i.e. who seek the best quality and take their hobbies very seriously).
    • 8 Apr 2016 8:01AM
  • Posted on: Free Foliopic Lite For A Year & e2 For 1 Month!

    Thank you very much and Merry Christmas
    • 25 Dec 2014 7:48AM

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