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Hi, hope you enjoy my work. I'm a photographer working around Bristol, but in truth all around the country.
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A quick view of Origami_Owl's recent activity.

  • PORT and LEMON by keithh

    Hello Keith! I'm back... for a minute. Nice sharp portrait, seeing as though this is a critique site, though... I'd say the vignette seems a bit harsh and the reflection on the picture behind is not great.... of course, the notion of me giving you critique is frankly ridiculous.
    • 11 May 2015 11:37AM
  • The Shed by funkeldink


    Love this, nice framing with the plants, and Trevor is looking great.
    • 11 May 2015 11:15AM
  • WINTER HOME by keithh

    I'm getting the band back together (The Darts)
    ... not really. But HELLO KEITH. It's Paul Groom, four years later. How are you?
    • 3 Jan 2013 10:51AM
  • Standing Steady by Origami_Owl

    Thanks for the comments everybody - glad you like the pic. My first pic as an Origami Owl.

    • 22 May 2008 5:14PM
  • Red Smoke by Balakov

    Love it - such a pleasing, smooth line.
    • 28 Jan 2007 12:09PM
  • Sam by Origami_Owl

    Thanks everybody - glad you like it.

    Martin - you're right, the shirt did come out very bright, it was a compromise between skin colour and shirt colour, the post processing contrast and shadow increasing has rendered it very bright, but I kinda like it personally as it cuts down on detail and creates blocks of colour, but I take your point.

    The hand - the truth is he has a large hand! the lens was on 70mm so it shouldn't be showing distortion.

    The white space: personal taste on this one too, I love it, but I could see how some people could find it surplus.

    Thanks for the comments

    • 16 Jan 2007 12:12PM
  • More Than One Way Down by Origami_Owl

    Thanks for the HC Pete.

    Glad you all like it, the parents were really happy with it too.

    • 15 Jan 2007 5:11PM

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  • Posted on UserRemoved's profile

    Refreshingly honest - always carries a spare everything that you can borrow, and the pictures have been getting better and better. Doggedly faithful to Sigma and does a mean mixed bean salad.

    • 23 Dec 2005 2:50AM

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