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A quick view of Otinkyad's recent activity.

  • Better Cropped?

    Thanks to everybody for their feedback and Dudler in particular for his Mods.

    • 21 Dec 2016 10:49AM
  • Playing with Shadows

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    I liked Dudler's crop of V0. The banding I was referring to was the vertical, broadish bands of Yellow in the fully illuminated background. Despite my tweaking I can still just discern them - but no-one mentioned them so they cannot be obvious! I'm not personally too bothered by the horizontal lines of light in V0 - I see them as part of the effect.

    Thanks again

    • 21 Nov 2016 11:52AM
  • Smoke Trails

    I'm jealous. My shots of the Red Arrows trailing smoke are nothing like as good as this!
    • 19 Nov 2016 5:33PM
  • Requiem

    I can't add much to what has been said already, but I would like to say how much I like this image. I slightly prefer MrsWoollybill's Mod, but to some extent one's preference is an aesthetic one.

    I know conventionally it is not quite right, but I like it that the figures are on the left of the frame looking left out of the frame - it adds an element of mystery to the story - "what are they looking at?". I like it that the horizon is just visible above the top of the sea wall. I also like the composition

    Overall the image has a somewhat disturbing quality - which is good. Excellent work.

    • 18 Nov 2016 5:43PM
  • More Candlelight Experiments

    Thanks to everyone for their valuable feedback.

    Prompted by comments from Dark Lord & Willie, I have posted another version of the fruit bowl lit by candlelight but with it & the vase off-frame.

    Thanks again

    • 9 Nov 2016 5:54PM
  • Tomato in water...

    I agree with Dudler and I prefer Mod 1
    • 4 Nov 2016 11:24AM
  • Attempts at Portraiture

    Thanks to everyone for their feedback. Some good advice all round.

    I'm in a slight quandry over the first one. I want to show that Steve's gone for a fag break outside the pub, but I agree the signs are a bit of a distraction - so I'm inclined to more blur as per Willie's mod.

    Full marks to Dudler for his observational skills. For the first one I had a play with NIK Efex and applied a very slight "details enhancment" to Steve's Head (& T Shirt).

    Thanks again

    • 24 Oct 2016 4:45PM
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