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A quick view of Otinkyad's recent activity.

  • Doorway to what?

    Good textures, good light. The doors on the third but the left hand side is a bit "empty", so I've done a mod where I've brightened the slightly lighter patch on the LHS in order to provide a bit of balance. Perhaps a small bush or something there would be even better.
    • 7 Feb 2016 11:11AM
  • Still Life with Wine First Attempt

    Thanks to everyone for their most useful feedback - especially to Tanya & Pamela for their comprehensive discussions. If we get a rainy afternoom this week I'll have another go trying to take advantage of the points made.

    By the way "first attempt" referred to this subject. I have had one previous go at table top photography, but then the subject was rocks.
    • 2 Feb 2016 9:01AM
  • The Hurler Stone, Minions, Cornwall

    A moody, atmosperic shot.

    I've posted a quick mod based on the original. I've:-
    + Played with Curves and Levels separately on the sky and the land.
    + Added a bit of a vignette
    + Sharpened the land (but not the horizon).
    + Done a different crop

    Just a different take on the subject really.

    • 24 Jan 2016 4:02PM
  • Rural Life

    An image that makes me think about the back story. The cyclist is looking a bit glum and out of it - is that because he's knackered after a hard day's work and just wants to get home, or is he thinking "Let's avoid catching the eye of that photographer" Smile
    • 23 Jan 2016 10:57AM
  • Boat by the lake

    Nice composition with the curve of the shore and the gap between the 2 "headlands" roughly in line with the boat - although I would crop a bit off the left hand side (about up to where the curve ends). The overall effect is restful.

    Contre-jour shots are always going to be high contrast, but have you in fact increased the contrast in post production? This very high contrast might have been the effect you were aiming for - in which case that's your aesthetic choice. Personally I would have liked to have seen a bit more detail in the v bright & v dark areas. Although full sun reflected on water is almost always going to be a bit blown (not necessarily a bad thing). If you had shot in RAW you might have been able to pull out a bit more detail - or perhaps in-camera HDR might have achieved even more. Does the 600D have this feature - worth having a play with it if the camera has it.

    • 23 Jan 2016 10:47AM
  • Snowy Path

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback. Looks like an even split on preference for cropped or not cropped - I still can't make my mind up either Smile

    Re the exposure - the histogram on the original is all within bounds & that's what matters to me, as my view is that I haven't lost any information and can lighten/darken particular areas as required in post-production. Is this a reasonable view do you think?

    And I agree Dudler about the aperture - I'm afraid I've got into the habit of defaulting the f-stop to a mediumish compromise setting.

    • 21 Jan 2016 10:58AM
  • Polperro Beach, Cornwall

    I like the low viewpoint and the way the image is "heavier" on the left than on the right - due to the rock at the end of the slipway & the headland in the background. The warm early morning glow on the horizon is also nice.

    The horizon however is slanted - easily corrected.
    My personal preference is that where you have a strong central object like the slipway, then it should be either precisely central & symmetric, or with a definite asymmetry to it.

    I have posted a mod where I have:-
    Straightened the horizon
    Used high pixel/low percentage Sharpening to add a bit more clarity (my old version of PS does not have a Clarity slider)
    Used the Skew Transform to try & make the slipway more symmetric.

    • 20 Jan 2016 11:25AM
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