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Late Night

Late Night by PsyFactor

I like this. It's a bit different. I like the light on the rose and the overall serene feeling that it invokes. My only criticism is that I find the composition a little too square. I've uploaded a mod with some of the ancillary elements moved around a bit & one taken out. This is intended to add a bit of asymmetry and some angles. I've also done some cropping on the sides.

Dorn Genoese fortress Dorn on the mountain above Portovenere. 12th century

Dorn Genoese fortress Dorn on the mountain above Portovenere. 12th century by jerryiron

Overall I like the composition - the curve of the wall leading towards the castle, the looming cliff behind, the dark clouds behind the castle. Good time of day. I quite like the twilight blue of the foreground juxtaposed against the warm artificial light on the castle, although it is perhaps a little too extreme.

I've posted a mod using Lightroomn where I increased the colour temperature. This reduced the blue in the naturally lit areas without increasing the redness of the castle too much. I then did some fine tuning to reduce a slight Magenta cast in the foreground stony area using Tint and also reduced the Vibrance a bit. This was just a quick mod but it hopefully shows the idea, it could be mofified to taste by varying the amount of tweaking.


Crowded Ghosts

Crowded Ghosts by patattridge

Thinking analytically about this image one could comment on points that offend some conventional rules - eg limited tonal range, lack of compositional shape, featureless sky etc. But contemplating the image as a whole I think it works well. For example I like the limited tonal range as it conveys the mood & feeling of a grey day.

ullswater 2

ullswater 2 by wider

The EXIF data shows that Exposure Compensation was set to +1 stop (and Multi-segment metering mode), hence the over exposure of the majority of the image. The image has a wide range of light values from the hils & sky to the shadows on the island, so difficult one to expose for overall.

Try bringing down the lighter areas with the Highlight slider in Lightroom. I would guess that the sky is burnt out but you should be able to darken the hills. Your scope however is limited as you shot in JPEG rather than RAW. Also whether this will bring back some colour to the hills I don't know.

Sunset, Rhodes

Sunset, Rhodes by dudler

I like the sharp grasses against the out of focus landscape, the light on the water and the overall coppery tint. Overall it conveys to me a strong feeling of calm & serenity. Nice one.

Dare I nitpick an expert? - but I feel it fades away a bit toward the right and the right-most wisp of grass is a bit extraneous. So I've done a mod where I've cloned it out and cropped a bit off the right hand side. I've also flipped the new right-most wisp of grass to lean in towards the centre of the image (a bit of a quick & dirty manipulation).


walkway by nataliesloan

This conveys a nice sense of airiness & space - a bit like a grand Victorian railway station. The distant figures add to the image - make it less cold an austere. The strong disappearing perspective lines add a touch of dynamism. The B&W works well.

I find it slightly disorientating that the people & the horizontal thing at the end indicate that the image is tilted down slightly to the left, but the strong slanting lines of the sides of the walkway seem to indicate that the image is tilted slightly down to the right. This is presumably because the shot was not taken from dead centre of the walkway. I'm a bit obsessive perhaps, but I feel that an architectural image like this should either be dead symmetrical or completely non-symmetrical.


Salin Saint Martin,Gruissan

Salin Saint Martin,Gruissan by Gaucho

I like the minimalism here, but perhaps crop a little off the left hand side?

Margerie Glacier

Margerie Glacier by LyndonG

I tend to agree with Paul. The image has texture but little shape and the texture in this case I don't feel has enough about it to carry it off. I suspect that colour would add an extra compensatory dimension.

Good tip from Moira about reflections giving a clue about possible camera tilt.

Aurora borealis ant the moon

Aurora borealis ant the moon by Hdlarsen

I like the dreamy shapes made by the Aurora, particularly the way the "arms" curve away upwards & leftwards. Compositionally the moon is in the right place. A purist might say the moon is overexposed, but I don't think it matters. I also like the light on the sand ripples. However I do think it has been a cropped a bit too severely on the sides.


Illumintating by MarieBird

I like the depth of field effect here - it adds a real sense of 3 dimensions. The colour (or rather lack of it) works well in simplifying the image. Nicely offset composition as well. The whole thing invokes a feel of calm & serenity.

Colourful and colourless

Colourful and colourless by Sandipan

Well spotted and well executed. The juxtaposition of colour against drabness and priviledge against poverty are well illustrated. I like also the view from a above, the apparent tilt on the man with the umbrella and the way the labourer is looking at the boss.

Perhaps some minor tweaks might help:- I thought the composition would be helped by a bit less space on the right and bit more on the left. i've illustrated the latter in my first mod by stretching the left hand side of the image (not the way to do it properly).

In my second mod I've also lightened the shadows and darkened the highlights, which I feel increases the drabness a bit.



santorini by justahobby

I like this - nice recangular shapes and lots of interest for the eye to wander around.

I've done a few minor mods, mainly to bring out the shapes & the sky:-
- Selected the sky and darken the blues using Selective Colour (increasing the Black of the Blue & the Cyan) and Curves
- Inverted the selction and darkened the open shadow areas using Curves
- Taken out the sighns saying Mini-Market



LIFE"S A DRAG by youmightlikethis

Isn't all Street Photography essentially voyeuristic?


Hammock by iancrowson

At this resolution the sharpness/lack of noise looks fine to me - very well done for hand held at 1/9 sec.

I like the simplicity of the image, the warm, russet colours & the diagonal. As Tanya said, it's very evocative.

I'm uploading a couple of mods, not necessarily recommendations, just ideas. One is a crop top & bottom with some of the foliage removed, in the other I've stretched the image from the bottom to make the doagonal more pronouced, with a slight crop at the bottom.



geraniums by justahobby

Nice shapes & lines here, leading to the geraniums. Straightening the door is a bit optional really - old buildings are often not plumb.

Being all in shadow the image is a bit flat. I've posted a mod where I've used Colour Balance to boost yellow & red by 15 points in the Highlights and boosted blue & cyan by the same amouint in the shadows to compensate. I've also used curves of lighten the histogram around the top quartile.



Animal by kraj

I agree with all the technical points made above about exposure, shutter speed etc, but the nevertheless the image has a nice "airy" feeling that I like.

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