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  • Mine's a Freecom 320gb. Small, neat & fast but built like a tank. 320's prob over budget but there's smaller.
  • I'm with you Justin. Could not envisage being on the back of the boat going up/down and side to side whilst skier/boarder is doing the same in the opposite direction without using the 5fps.
    I know that if I had tried to pick the moment when my subject was in exactly the right position every time, I and the boarders/skiers would come away very disappointed. If that makes me a crap photographer (or not knowing my subject) then so be it - at least I and my subjects are getting the enjoyment out of a good few keepers.
  • Thanks Martin
    Agree with Westers, Andy etc. that after a while (if you're landscaping regularly) these aids will become unnecessary. But a handy tool to have around until then, for us part-timers Smile
  • Interesting link. They do a Palm version but does anyone know if there's a Pocket PC version about? Now that would be cool.
  • Quite right, Fleetwood. Depends what Paul wants to do with them. I'm archiving years of slides just for my own (and family's)personal use. Any that look half decent I'll go back and re-scan if I feel I may want to print them large at some time.
  • As we speak I'm scanning batches of 4 slides on the Dual Scan 4. Scanning to A4 (2544 dpi input, 300dpi output) 16 bit, 8x multisample. Reckon each batch takes about 12mins.
    Quite happy with the results. Mind you cr@p in still equals cr@p out Smile My Mont Blancs were all done this way.
  • Still around 8.00 cheaper to buy loose from Inkraider even when you add on the postage.
  • I always use Inkraider for my Canon inks. No sets but seem cheaper than the two links above.
  • Oh no - have we got to guess his identity too?
  • CB - they probably get more hacked off trying to get his Traveller to start.
  • I've already squeezed a nice backhander from the chippy owner in Wetwang for providing a maximum of 17 fish suppers. Subject to confirmation of numbers.
    So you back off.
  • Hey - who's idea was it???
  • Can we get this back on track please.
    I hope Derek's still reading as I have a serious question.
    A man of your talent should be encouraged to share it with the whole world (at a price of course - you do have an agent, of course?)
    So - any chance of a Roving Master Class in Wedding Photography? Venues could include London, Glasgow and Wetwang. You obviously have no transport problems as I'm sure your smart limousine is used to whisking you away to all corners of the UK at the drop of a hat.
    Come on - show us mere mortals what it's all about and how it's done. You can't take it with you.
    ps Food and drink could be provided.
    pps Do you use filters at all? If so, which? I just have to have them in my kit bag.
  • Thanks for the info, Jeff & Dennis. For 20 odd quid I think I'll go for the extra 2 years warranty.
  • Sorry, Merl, Canon.
    Thanks Gary. Just sent an e-mail to query the warranty - not very clear. Full Sigma UK?
  • Anyone used the ebay powerseller com2buy, based in Dudley. I'm looking for a new Sigma 105mm f2.8 EX DG Macro and they seem to be the cheapest at 255 delivered, unless anyone knows cheaper.
    Grateful for any info.
  • Don't know anything about the subject but the Interfit kit got a cracking write-up in Digital Photo and beat all the rest to the Gold Award (and was the cheapest.)
  • Wife and I both got Mio 168s. Mine with TomTom 3 hers with TomTom 5. Can't recommend enough. I have Alhambra with heated front screen - absolutely no problems at all, no need for external aerial. Wife navigated Calais/Paris/Tours then Tours/Paris/Zeebrugge a couple of weeks ago plus rural France while she was away. Didn't miss a beat - Boulevard Peripherique and all. Don't know why some do not recommend pdas. You're getting the best of both worlds with them. Friends we have recommended them to swear by them.
    ps Personally I prefer TomTom Navigator 3 - now discontinued. 5 seems a dumbed down version but is still a great piece of nav software.
  • Actually, if you read the last paragraph I think he is recommending the lens. Go to Fred Miranda's site for loads of users' views. The vast majority recomend.
    Any way I've got one coming on my new 20D on Tuesday, so here's hoping!!
  • Probably right, Paul. The problem seems to be all over the image.
    LOL Al, it must have heard me talking about the 20D!!
    Going to do just that, Jamie, but thought I'd ask here as well.
  • I've had my 300D for nearly 2 years now. Not hammered at all - just over 6000 images. After returning from our last holiday I was pretty disappointed with the quality of the pics - especially the watersports images which I know from past experience usually come out spot-on. Started to look closer at all the images and they all look a bit off. Focus and exposure slightly out and a little noisy.
    Since then I've tested with different lenses, both close-up and distant shots, different ISO, different apperture, AF/MF and still getting the same problem.
    Sensor looks as clean as a whistle.
    Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be sensor related? has anyone had to have a sensor replaced? If so what cost?
    I know the only way to find out is to get it back to Canon but thought I'd ask anyway.
    Funnily enough I was just contemplating upgrading to a 20D. This may force my hand!!
  • You'll get loads of replies for this one, but the road from Drymen through Balmaha to Rowardennan on the East side of the loch has many photo locations.
  • Just wanted to bump this to see if there are any takers.
  • Tried to get this off the ground last year but due to atrocious weather and injuries it never happened.

    So If anyone's interested I can arrange for a small number of us to take action shots of wakeboarders (and possibly skiers) from the back of the boat at Welton Waters, East Yorkshire. Always lots of action and the possibilty of getting some great shots.

    It's not worth setting any dates until I know there is the interest but week-ends would be best or evenings when the days get longer. In any case the weather will always be the deciding factor.
    May 21st to 29th are def. out as the boarders are away on a lake in Spain.
  • Thanks, Ed, that would be nice.
    Live in Beverley, business in Hull.
    If it's week-end and it's nice, bring your swimmies 'cos we'll have our boat on the water doing watersports.
  • You'll love it, Ed. Wish we were coming with you!!
    Got 100s of pics. Mainly snapshots but they bring back the memories!

    Stayed at the Holiday Inn Silom in Bangkok, just a few mins walk from Patpong - a must-see area!! Fabulous atmosphere, sights and food.
    Stayed at the Amari Rincome in Chiang Mai.
  • Had 4 days in Chiang Mai in Feb. Where are you staying?

    Unfortunately only had time to do the touristy things. But a hill tribe village is worth a visit plus you can do Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep temple on the same day.

    I know images of one of the elephant camps have been put up on epz in order to show how badly the elephants are treated. My wife and I, both animal lovers, went to the Maesa Elephant Camp not knowing what to expect (this was before the images were posted). But we both came away thinking that the elephants were enjoying themselves and saw no ill-treatment at all. I can't say that it doesn't happen (and I know they're not roaming about in the wild), just that we didn't come across it there. But you can make your own mind up on that one.

    The Night Market is a heaving mass of people. If you get away from the obvious tourist stuff (difficult!) there are some interesting stalls etc. If you have a bad chest, take a mask. You can cut the exhaust fumes with a knife. Some great small restaurants off the beaten track. One in particular behind the Ansuri Market (I think!!)

    The day market is quite interesting too.

    We didn't do it but some fellow travellers said the river trip was good (we'd already done 3 in Bangkok, River Kwai & Floating Market). Due to Kuoni messing up we missed the orchid and butterfly farm which apparently was good, too.

    Places to avoid (personal opinion!). Don't take a trip to the "handicraft" centres (ceramics, silverware, gems, wood-carving etc) they are big retail outlets just out for your money. The lacquer-ware and umbrella-makers were mildly interesting but not really worth the visit, IMHO.

  • I'm in
  • Sorted
  • Pencil me in for the 26th. Gigging the night before in Wetherby but if not too tired would like to try to make it. Spose I could drive straight there for sunrise. (Some hope!!)
    Anyone turned up for a meet in DJ and dickie-bow before?