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I first got interested in photography just after my first child was born, 14 years ago. I treated myself to a Canon EOS 100 but got fed up after a while, as I was writing down all the settings I had used for each shot to see if this would teach me how to use the camera properly. It started to become a chore and getting the prints back from the developers soon became an anti climax!!

In 2004 I bought my wife a Canon powershot and was amazed at how the pictures printed at exactly the way they were on the screen. I then talked myself into buying a Canon 300D in 2005 only because I already had some lenses from my EOS 100 days ;o)

I only had the 300D a few months when the 350D came out, so bit the bullet and upgraded.

My current setup includes:
Canon 40D
17-40mm f4 L
50mm f1.4
70-200 f2.8 L is
Hoping to add a macro lens to complete the set.

I've worked in mental health nursing for the last 22 years and just finished 4 years of studying so will hopefully have much more time for photography.

The portfolios on this site never cease to amaze me. Some of them are truly outstanding.

Thanks for any comments, they are much appreciated.



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