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flower vendor

flower vendor by Sandipan

Quote: Very good. You can see a respect of the man for the flowers he sells and his work. And that take this picture beyond mere portraiture.

I shall agree, the picture freezes the moment describes his mood perfectly.

Quote: There is a hand hanging on the right, which is a bit distracting..

It leaves me wondering whet is the toll that this hand holds actually, it could be a slightly part of the picture because it acts as a reminder this is a ''manual'' (from the Latin Manus=hand) intensive job.

Quote: ..the window adds nothing... is by far the brightest part of the image and pulls the eye very quickly from the main subject.

It's been ages that I am trying to convince people that our eyes are trained to attracted by the light when we are in darker areas. I think it's part of the human evolution.

Well, you might guess my opinion in it. It does have potential. I would have preferred less window too and a slight move of the frame to the right so it gets both the man's face and the other man's arm and the holding object in the picture. Yet I shall stress the ''frozen moment's'' importance which manages to make the flower seller's facial expression as the sole reason for taking the picture

Therefore, and with no intention to lessen your attempt, I propose a tight crop that starts from the four window bars (their bottom part) it does contain a fraction of light below them at the background. The frame from the right starts just after the bag with the whole on the wall, so none of the other two men are visible. The rst of the sides remain the same and the light from the top allows this place to look magic. Too pity we can't smell the flowers.


Church View

Church View by dadsharkyw

Hi. Interesting black and white photo. I like the simplicity of the top part as it contrasts the complexity of the bottom part. Actually, they seem to be two different extremes Smile Ferns are an amazing plant for black and white photography to my opinion. The rock, despite its connection to the name Peter (the Greek origin of the apostle name derives the rock as his belief on Christ, judged by Christ, to be as strong as rock) and its theological connection to the holy site, where faith finds home, does not act as leading line to the church, but can lie in the company of plants and make a good picture of its own Smile Actually I distinguished in the 3:2 rectangular frame a more condensed, nearly square frame that starts from the bottom of the rock highest in the frame and goes just a bit higher than the branches of the tree which is one finger's width to the left of the church. It looks as strong as the original image and has less to confuse you but more to admire in it.


together forever

together forever by victhedefiler

Hello from me too Victhedefiler.

It is easily understood you want to tell a story and you actually succeed. Moira has provided useful comments as usual but I would like to ask you a question that is very tempting to be asked. Is this a set up image or a spontaneous shot? If you were actually fortunate to be working with this couple(?) I think that the man should be instructed to move to the other side of the woman so he appears in your picture even more clearly. If this was a spontaneous picture... things change a bit, you'd have to move to the left of the couple and shoot from a point that would move the sun on the right side of the frame, but still against your lens and that would still keep their hands visible as they are holding each other. Thinking on the run is not easy, yet as you train yourself thinking on the go, you get increase your opportunities of getting the picture that you want. I bet they will not be the last couple who would hold hands as they walk on the beach Wink

It's a promising start, well done.


Sunset by sparsh845

Hi, is this the original shot or the one you attempted to fix with Fotor?
I suspect the hues have to do a lot with the fact that you have put white balance on auto instead of daylight.
What did your lightmeter suggested when you shot it? Were you underexposed?

Cabin By The Valley

Cabin By The Valley by nishant101

I shall agree with Tony. The shooting angle is good but the amount of of plants on the front are overpowering here. I would have preferred that 4/7ths proportion of plants on the frame to be reduced to just 2/ths of the total frame height and the extra 2/7ths to be offered to the impressive sky. It is a moment's find but I like how the sky's lines and clouds are repeated by the plants underneath. The conversion suits the roughness of the nature and the mood from the sky. Bravo



r' by JohnParminter

Strange beauty; I shall agree, it looks unreal with all this amount of solid snow yet it is real.
Believe it on not I would have also tried a black and white version
and stick it on the cover of a poems collection called ''the R's of Eros'' by 1979 Nobel Prize winner Odysseas Elytis


Tennis Girl

Tennis Girl by K4RL

She reminded me of a Chris Rea song... ''Do you play tennis?''
I think a yellow ball in her other hand would have made a nice addition.
Not that she seems to be playing tennis but a nice serve Wink
Nice shot Karl


Coleshill Manor

Coleshill Manor by happysnapperman

Nice shooting angle and great use of the pathway from the left to introduce the Manor.
I think ome part of the sky the top 1/7th of the total height of the frame should have been foregone and replaced by 1/7th from the bottom of the frame so as the Manor to look more imposing in the picture. Great subject for black and white especially since the Union Jack is missing from the mast.



Portrait by shishidog

Hello Shishidog,
I am trying to understand what sort of shot this is... Bridal, or modelling?
What is she?
Bride? Bridesmaid? Model with Sunday dress?
She is a real cutie and you have captured that right.


Starlings Flocking over Battersea Bridge

Starlings Flocking over Battersea Bridge by photozinemag

Well, to my opinion starlings look nicely caught ''frozen'' as they make their way to Africa.
That was what you had in mind and you succeeded alright as you were doing it. Job done.
I noticed you used the 38mm focal length, spontaneously I reckon. I say this because a bigger part of the bridge could be shown should you have gone down to 28mm. I feel as if I am missing something out of it now.
The handling of the sky and the ''noise'' does tend to bring in mind pictures resulting from 800 films with grain.
I'd printed it on Matt paper to make it look even more grainy.

p.s. It's very humble to call yourself beginner, I guess we all learn with time but you seem to master the job Wink

Speed 2

Speed 2 by jacomes

Hi, I gave my opinion on the photo with three athletes but you make me thinking here....

It seems you were not using a monopod, tripod would be dangerous for all, athletes, viewers, yourself and your camera.

I like the fact that you follow them as they run down a small slope, you could be carefully selecting your spot, bravo.

I can't remember when your D50 came along, must have 6 megapixels resolution, right? Frames per second.... no more than 3? What if you had not panned, but shoot bursts of wide aperture, short shutter speed to get the biker a couple of times accurately frozen in your frame?

Worth exploring isn't it?


Allez VC Cosnac!

Allez VC Cosnac! by jacomes


I'd crop the athlete on the front, the frame becomes vertical like a slice of time Smile
The remaining two athletes provide the sense of competition with their different outfits.
The best of the series I have seen so far.


Newcastle Millenium Bridge

Newcastle Millenium Bridge by robdebank


If that was a graph of sales you'd bet you'd be in trouble.

It must have been a lovely day up there.

The picture leaves me with a bit of pride and sour taste like a bad sales curve. It starts fine, it, reaches a peak salutes the clouds and falls badly out of the frame.
The houses and the boat look good but I am left looking for the end of the bridge, the main and only theme of the frame.
Metadata are not always worth discussing ... a smaller aperture may had the houses blurred but could do that to the other side of that bridge.
Would a step back help to include more? I bet, but the question then is what do you do with the people on the bridge?
That's where big stop ND filters come to play..... Set ISO to its lowest setting mount camera on a solid base of some sort, compose, place the ND filter on,turn the self time and wait for the magic Smile

In the mean time you can have a Newcastle Brown Ale, locals have a special name for it...

Dodge Charger R/T

Dodge Charger R/T by davidburleson


it's an interesting ''up your face'' close up. I think what it spoils it for me is the condition of the top part of the grille and the engine hood so....wanting to get rid of them I've thought to magnify the image in my browser two clicks, to 125% and lower my perspective a bit, picture now gets as close as a ''close shave with a double razor''. What remains in the frame from the left end is all the part of the vertical chromed grille and the pic is coming close to the ''Charger R/T'' lettering... the chrome below in the grille frame and the bumper act as a leading line and an underliner to the model a line which is taking off with the slash between R and T.

We're airborne now, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha

sail the high seas

sail the high seas by russmac


I think you could go for a tighter frame that contains the 3 boats on the left, they fit to an oblong cropped frame better than all 5 do in this one



retired by stevegilman

Hi, nice colours Smile

I noticed on the right side you have some space next to the boat, it seems pity to me that these few millimeters were not used on the left to contain the bow of the boat SH232.

Be more patient with still objects, they can't rush to go anywhere. They give you time to think and compose, unless the kids calling, haha.


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PortfolioAdded Date/Comment


Added Date: 29/01/2014 - 10:50 PM

Welcome back Ross.


Added Date: 06/07/2013 - 6:31 AM

I came to notice Iain due to a skillful set of pictures he had taken, quite innovative, very clear as concepts, and excellently executed.
The last characterises all of his portfolio, as his skill shine.
Iain is a proof that it is much better for a photographer to stop worrying about the equipment and start focusing on knowing to put it in good use and also of how important the imagination is for turning the ordinary into spectacular.


Added Date: 14/03/2013 - 3:13 PM

Tactile, well seen and well shot pictures. Congratulations IgorKo!


Added Date: 03/03/2013 - 8:00 PM

I speak in a language which is not my own, with the conventions it has and it places on my opinion for Alda's work. I hope I shall be understood.

Alda does not "take pictures" as a photographer. She "makes pictures" like a painter does. A painter has an idea, or a stimulus, and works with his/her tools to make it. I think Alda does the same but instead of brushes, she uses a camera. She portrays "inner thoughts" which she turns into images for other people to see. Not many people have that charisma and that doesn't mean any less for people who shoot more "formal" type of pictures.


Added Date: 26/02/2013 - 9:10 AM

I shall agree with Karl above, I came to know glenn's work through his kind advice. His work is a meticulous celebration of light, shapes and life. His shots are well thought, not just opportunistic or lucky, "Sans tÍte", "Joy ride" prove a photographer who is not only able to conceptualise a picture but is readily prepared to make it happen also. I wish you all the best Glenn, it is a pleasure and honour to have you here.


Added Date: 24/01/2013 - 1:24 AM

Great work. Lighting, composing, timing work perfectly and harmoneously. Bravo.


Added Date: 19/01/2013 - 5:47 PM

Quality in a variety of subjects. Congratulations.


Added Date: 12/01/2013 - 1:00 AM

Welcome to EPZ.

Shot to a professional standard.


Added Date: 27/12/2012 - 10:21 PM

Nice portfolio. Congratulations


Added Date: 09/12/2012 - 11:11 PM

In this quiet and cold night let me bid you farewell with the words of Oscar Niemeyer, the great Brasilian architect, designer of the city of Brasilia and the UN district in NY (among others; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Oscar_Niemeyer_works ) who passed away a few days ago in old age: "When they ask me if the idea of people admiring my work in future, when I will be deseased, pleases me I remind them that these people, too, will pass away at some time. Everything has a beginning and an end. I have. You have. Architecture has [an end]. We must try for the best, yet remain humble. Nothing lasts for ever."

Monuments or miniatures we all contribute to the human civilazation.
May your Soul Rest in Peace.