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You are welcome to look through my pictures and leave comments. All pictures are my copyright.
Critique or advice are always appreciated. As is your time to write it, also.

Similarly, if you think my critique was helpful please remember to nominate it as Constructive Critique. I may not be very as well as I want to be, able to take the pictures I want, but I am happy to make others to improve theirs. Knowledge should be shared for the benefit of everyone.

All the best to your photographic journey.
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A quick view of pablophotographer's recent activity.

  • It is my worlds

    I thought the child was doing a yoga exercise, the ''Down Dog''.
    My interpretation is influenced by the Rio Olympics starting soon.
    I wouldn't mind for the standpoint if this was a 100m runner getting ready to go.
    Sometimes you have to see children from their height but sometimes you can use your own height to shoot them from, it's a matter of interpretation and intention. You can see what you like, sometimes the viewer will see what they like, or interpret a picture as they want. If this is supposedly your child your perspective could show me interest and affection.
    best regards

    • 22 Jul 2016 8:24PM
  • Forth Rail Bridge

    with a train on it too!
    • 22 Jul 2016 8:07PM
  • sunken dream

    Quote:weird....it turned when I looked at it proper size

    this is actually the CORRECT SIZE,

    the orientation went funny.

    I had informed the team last time on the same matter with another picture of mine

    but I think the bug persists

    • 22 Jul 2016 7:23PM
  • Sunset at Ballintoy

    Thanks for sharing with us
    • 21 Jul 2016 11:14AM
  • Silent Evening by the Pond

    Calming picture, one of my most favourite ones consists of these elements
    • 21 Jul 2016 12:14AM
  • Late Night Tipple.

    Good company Smile
    • 21 Jul 2016 12:01AM
  • Some restoration required

    This is a shore too far for this tired samurai. RIP Mitsubishi L200
    • 20 Jul 2016 10:51AM
  • Welcome back Ross.
    • Posted on Ross_D's profile
    • 29 Jan 2014 10:50PM
  • I came to notice Iain due to a skillful set of pictures he had taken, quite innovative, very clear as concepts, and excellently executed.
    The last characterises all of his portfolio, as his skill shine.
    Iain is a proof that it is much better for a photographer to stop worrying about the equipment and start focusing on knowing to put it in good use and also of how important the imagination is for turning the ordinary into spectacular.
  • Tactile, well seen and well shot pictures. Congratulations IgorKo!
    • Posted on IgorKo's profile
    • 14 Mar 2013 3:13PM
  • I speak in a language which is not my own, with the conventions it has and it places on my opinion for Alda's work. I hope I shall be understood.

    Alda does not "take pictures" as a photographer. She "makes pictures" like a painter does. A painter has an idea, or a stimulus, and works with his/her tools to make it. I think Alda does the same but instead of brushes, she uses a camera. She portrays "inner thoughts" which she turns into images for other people to see. Not many people have that charisma and that doesn't mean any less for people who shoot more "formal" type of pictures.
    • Posted on Alda's profile
    • 3 Mar 2013 8:00PM
  • I shall agree with Karl above, I came to know glenn's work through his kind advice. His work is a meticulous celebration of light, shapes and life. His shots are well thought, not just opportunistic or lucky, "Sans tÍte", "Joy ride" prove a photographer who is not only able to conceptualise a picture but is readily prepared to make it happen also. I wish you all the best Glenn, it is a pleasure and honour to have you here.
    • Posted on GlennH's profile
    • 26 Feb 2013 9:10AM
  • Great work. Lighting, composing, timing work perfectly and harmoneously. Bravo.
  • Quality in a variety of subjects. Congratulations.
  • Welcome to EPZ.

    Shot to a professional standard.
  • Nice portfolio. Congratulations
    • Posted on stevewlb's profile
    • 27 Dec 2012 10:21PM
  • In this quiet and cold night let me bid you farewell with the words of Oscar Niemeyer, the great Brasilian architect, designer of the city of Brasilia and the UN district in NY (among others; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Oscar_Niemeyer_works ) who passed away a few days ago in old age: "When they ask me if the idea of people admiring my work in future, when I will be deseased, pleases me I remind them that these people, too, will pass away at some time. Everything has a beginning and an end. I have. You have. Architecture has [an end]. We must try for the best, yet remain humble. Nothing lasts for ever."

    Monuments or miniatures we all contribute to the human civilazation.
    May your Soul Rest in Peace.
    • Posted on f8's profile
    • 9 Dec 2012 11:11PM