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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
the propellor by stebesty

the propellor

Hi, could you please provide the original too?
Upload it as a modification.

I reckon that the whole of the propeller should be in the frame, my original though before I read you had cropped this was to suggest you to pull back, go wider.

The object to my opinion suits better in a square format.
An angled shot could also show the casing of the propeller which is now hardly distinguished as it blends with the rest of the metal behind it.

Mechanical is often associated with black and white but I wonder if the colour version of it would be more interesting due to the state of the surfaces around the propeller and on it itself. If I was allowed to touch it and that propeller could turn, I would have brought the blades in such a position so all the blades of the propeller and the vertical axis turning it are clearly visible.


By: stebesty

Amazing Grace by lulubaby

Amazing Grace

nice framing. simple yet very pleasing and effective.
A combination of simplicity and beauty.
I can see an even tighter crop from the bottom that contains neck and above, no shoulders, so as the eye goes to a conjunction point of the rule of thirds.

By: lulubaby

Chrystia Freeland, MP at the Mike in the SPICE FACTORY in Hamilton-Centre by TimothyDMorton

Chrystia Freeland, MP at the Mike in the SPICE FACTORY in Hamilton-Centre

I think 40mm seemed a good choice but I find legs cropped at knee point a little bit strange, I could crop either just above the knee or I would go just a bit wider to allow just a bit of calf into the frame. If you decide to crop above the top of the knee crop the same amount from above her head. The person on the poster at the left should stay, actually you should have got all of the poster in the frame; the speaker talks about the Liberals' plans so it is necessary to maintain the poster. On the other hand the supporting stand for the mic can go. She is holding the mic, she doesn't need the stand. Her Shadow is unavoidable to stay in the frame. Ad I hope nobody takes the mic out of the shadow (as in Shadow-Governor).
You have established a great eye contact with her, which is great as she is looking straight at the viewer. But should you had a polarising filter the reflection of the flash or spot light on her glasses might had been reduced. By the way she looks well focused to me.
p.s. alternative cropping : crop allowing one brick visible below the poster, crop one brick from the top of the frame and crop at the middle between her arm's shadow and the mic stand (there is a brick joint there).

By: TimothyDMorton

Andy by marek100


Andy or MMMMMMMandy?
Realistically breathtaking even in black and white, bravo!

By: marek100

War Water Games by ipoenkgraphic

War Water Games

awesome optic clarity, bravo

By: ipoenkgraphic

Set me free by billmyl

Set me free

it looks fine to me as you have got all the crucial parts right, Light (on his face and spectators' faces), facial expressions (due to aperture chosen), sharp image (correct setting of time).
His face is a bit too high in regards to the whole frame, have you cropped the image at all?
I would have preferred the bottom of the wheel to be in the frame also, but as I said, you have the crucial parts and we can sit he rides a unicycle.

By: billmyl

KUll HUll by kombizz

KUll HUll

Taken at Hull I suppose.... lol

By: kombizz

18 Days of nappy changes by ErinPatel

18 Days of nappy changes

It's symmetrical, it's fun but it's just 18... not 21...so I take, you take a break from nappy changingevery seventh day?
Or you couldn't wait until day 21 to share?
Congratulations for being a dad.


By: ErinPatel

Triple C by WhiteRose1

Triple C

Thanks for sharing, amazing location and picture, bravo!

By: WhiteRose1

Trumpeter Swan by Relic01

Trumpeter Swan

I saw the original file and the crop. Crop works well for me. My only slight complaint would be the edge of the wing missing on the top of the frame, it is a matter of composition, I would have gave up space from underneath the swan, the mast supporting it could be shorter, so as the space is ''gained'' for the top part of the frame.
The sky is dull so if the sculpture is near your place you can visit it again when there are just a few fluffy clouds to shoot them behind the bird as a more interesting background.

By: Relic01

The joy of yesterday, memories of Tomorrow.. by Aman19291

The joy of yesterday, memories of Tomorrow..

Hello Aman.
I don't mind the lack of sharpness, joy is a feeling which makes you laugh... when you laugh you move... so the picture can not be very sharp.
Were they standing still? Were they moving? I might had increased my ISO to 400 if they were moving.
I like the black and white version and the blurred background due to the aperture you have chosen.
I think it would be much better if you had shot this frame in a vertical manner, as proper portraiture. The hands of the boy are an element it should be in the frame, as they would complete the circle of love and trust between father and son. Having noticed the metadata I see you could have zoomed out a bit to contain them in your frame.
I would not go for a square crop they need some ''breathing space'' especially as the boy could suffocate his dad. haha.

By: Aman19291

street-photography by toplina


''Sharpness is a burgeois concept....''
I guess I know why it leans to the right too.
Welcome aboard.

By: toplina

Working Cat- The Receptionist by annettep38

Working Cat- The Receptionist

V3 and V4 for me, great fun.

By: annettep38

B&W by xleex


Nice idea to ''translate'' to black and white. It suits the era. Great model as well (and I mean the lady). Very chic!
But I wouldn't mind the colour version either, both the sky and her dress seem to be appropriate to be displayed in the joyful expression of colours.


By: xleex

Happy Birthday to Me by jube1969

Happy Birthday to Me

Ouch, hahaha.

Jube, happy birthday to your young lad.

I can't think what is the causing of the issues this picture has. Did you leave your camera to decide the settings? Did you use the program mod or the manual mod to set it? Does your camera display highlights on the back? Several areas look to have been blown up completely white by the strong sunshine. If your camera has such function it would show you on the back screen the areas which are too bright flashing up and turning black so you change some of the settings to get the exposure right.

It seems the chosen speed to shoot it was too slow so enough light came in to the sensor (despite being ''correctly'' set to record images in bright sunny days at ISO 80) through the quite open iris of the lens (aperture f/4.7) Thankfully the man's face managed to retain some shadow to reveal his identity (in nostril, eye, chin and below chin area) but does skin colour look natural to you? It does not seem a right reproduction to me. Then, there is the issue with focusing, boy this is a miracle, the TNT marked box looks sharp and still and easily read whereas the boy's bat (the lettering on it) doesn't. And there is nothing else in focus; his trousers, his sandals seemed to have an almost ''impressionistic'' reproduction in the image.

I am looking forward to see the ''big bang'' moment being captured next, I am pretty certain this is a prelude teaser. And yes, regardless its issues I am sure one day this boy will be thankful for you recording thsi moment.

By: jube1969

Lonely boat by Hdlarsen

Lonely boat

I like its simplicity.
Initially, I had thought that the placement of the boat in the frame was not following the rule of thirds, the boat seemed veering mostly to the centre. I took a pic using the grid lines and it proved me wrong, the middle of the boat was falling into a conjunction point. Then I thought it might be the colour so I took the pic I have uploaded setting the camera shooting for incandescent light; Blue associates with calmness and since you want to suggest this feeling why not ''emphasing'' it too? I took a ''cooler'' shot in back and white also and that looked o.k. as well, so I would say playing up with the colour should be the way to go.

By: Hdlarsen

Chloe by K4RL


Chloe and a Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Both awesome...

By: K4RL

KILLIN TIME THE COLOUR EDIT by youmightlikethis


I shall agree with comment above but I would also like to point that the face of the lady on the left is too far on the top left corner, the lady on the right seems to be better ''sitting'' in the frame.

By: youmightlikethis

Little devil of Andermatt by jerryiron

Little devil of Andermatt

Wouldn't a monopod offer some help?
I tend to extend the neck strap to give some tension for stability when there are no other means.
I do like the composition and the colours Smile
The making of the sculpture does not allow it to look sharp, it appears (to my vision) that the iron rods to the left of the sculpture are more in focus than the sculpture is.


By: jerryiron

Sunset Senenade. by paulbroad

Sunset Senenade.

Hi Paul,
his face looks fine, as if he is shot in the sunset but his hand and mic need to have the most of the colour treatment to look convincing, as if shot during this sunset.

By: paulbroad

Panorama from Mount Pilatus _ Lucerne by jerryiron

Panorama from Mount Pilatus _ Lucerne

Please don't take this the wrong way, I like the view despite not knowing if you shoot from Mt Pilatus or Mt Pilatus stands in front of you. I do like the blue, green, turquoise colours of the lake and the far mountains, but that rock in front of this beauty makes me wondering if a business for renting drones to take pictures would be worth building there Smile
I do like the people on the left, you give a hint of human proportion to the whole wonder in front of you.
But the green on the rock or the rough rocky surface like a tormented face left slapped by snow and dried,
are so central in the frame that I would do what Ansel Adams did. Suppress them in black and white and let everything be blended in....

By: jerryiron

Gianna with Minnie by jbsaladino

Gianna with Minnie

I have awarded your picture not on its technical merits, if we think photography as an art form, technicalities should bother the reproducers and the copyists. I understand people might had complained about the visible seam of the sofa back behind her. To be fair, she could be looking at that sofa many tears later and saying ''my granddad shot me on this exact spot''. Anyway, furniture don't meant to last that long nowadays. I have awarded your picture because of your imagination and her innocence, because it can create a feeling, to evoke sentiment. That is what a picture worthy an award does. A nice picture gets votes, a great picture gets applauds.

By: jbsaladino

Glasgow by elmer1


Glasgow has its own Pisa Tower!
Nice idea to turn it to sepia Smile
I am surprised that the clock tower seems to lean a bit
whereas the post column ''Merchant city'' looks vertically correct.

By: elmer1

Dictionary 2015 by shadow_photo

Dictionary 2015

This reminds me.... sixties or seventies.... even as a colour Smile
when was it taken?

By: shadow_photo

The harbor is at a standstill by CanonRebecca22

The harbor is at a standstill

hello Rebecca,
I have no comments but a question for you; I think it helps new photographers to be able to question themselves and their framing before they even fire the shutter, as you, the photographer, are the first editor of your picture too, not only the one who presses the button but the one who agrees for the button to be pressed. New technology makes easy to retake shots but in the long term you save Time if you get the picture correctly in the first place.
I will ask you to stand back from the picture a little bit close your eyelids and open them again to see it with ''fresh eyes''. You told us you like the boats leaning on their sides, fair enough, the boats are your subject. But then, why not giving up some space, dedicated to the sky now. to the very first boat on the bottom of the frame? Weren't the boats your initial reason for taking the pic?
Best regards,

By: CanonRebecca22

Green Sunbird by Yolandie

Green Sunbird

I like the contrast of red and green.
But I do have a question I would like to ask you...
Why this frame is horizontal rather than vertical?
I call it Framing Follows Form (FFF for short).

By: Yolandie

Rolls Royce promo, Leeds, uk by justwilliam

Rolls Royce promo, Leeds, uk

me too, hahaha
p.s. do you like it in black and white then?

By: justwilliam

Scooters by ptoshea


They look ''light'' compared to Zundapps Bellas....

By: ptoshea

flower blossom by grace613

flower blossom

Welcome from me too Grace.

I see your entry is a horizontal shot of a flower and background isn't it? I could suggest you a vertical framing, like you would do with a portrait. But what I can distinguish in your picture is more than that. I see the chance to admire the beauty of the Nature, to be taught about the mixing of the colours, I see the capture of the fleeing moment on the blow of the wind , which you have so nicely recorded.
I would ask you to increase the zooming of your browser to 200 and look closer at the centre of the flower. Your frame can be oblong or square; the picture now focuses on what it really matters, the flower itself. Can you see it? There is no more green around the flower, but only a tiny bit, where the petal is shifted by the wind. Admire how nicely the blue/lavender colours of the centre of the flower mix with the orange/brown parts around the flower centre, how nicely the purple colour is hued from the beginning of the petals outwards; the ends of the petals can be omitted.

There could be various ways you could achieve this ''zooming'', a reversing of your lens, a stronger zoom lens, or a x3 magnification glass, or some extension rings; but the most important of all is to be able to focus your attention where it matters

By: grace613

Rolls Royce promo, Leeds, uk by justwilliam

Rolls Royce promo, Leeds, uk

nothing wrong with colour bt I would suggest a black and white conversion, I am pretty sure you would like it.


By: justwilliam