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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
Sunset by sparsh845


Hi, is this the original shot or the one you attempted to fix with Fotor?
I suspect the hues have to do a lot with the fact that you have put white balance on auto instead of daylight.
What did your lightmeter suggested when you shot it? Were you underexposed?

By: sparsh845

Cabin By The Valley by nishant101

Cabin By The Valley

I shall agree with Tony. The shooting angle is good but the amount of of plants on the front are overpowering here. I would have preferred that 4/7ths proportion of plants on the frame to be reduced to just 2/ths of the total frame height and the extra 2/7ths to be offered to the impressive sky. It is a moment's find but I like how the sky's lines and clouds are repeated by the plants underneath. The conversion suits the roughness of the nature and the mood from the sky. Bravo


By: nishant101

r' by JohnParminter


Strange beauty; I shall agree, it looks unreal with all this amount of solid snow yet it is real.
Believe it on not I would have also tried a black and white version
and stick it on the cover of a poems collection called ''the R's of Eros'' by 1979 Nobel Prize winner Odysseas Elytis


By: JohnParminter

Tennis Girl by K4RL

Tennis Girl

She reminded me of a Chris Rea song... ''Do you play tennis?''
I think a yellow ball in her other hand would have made a nice addition.
Not that she seems to be playing tennis but a nice serve Wink
Nice shot Karl


By: K4RL

Coleshill Manor by happysnapperman

Coleshill Manor

Nice shooting angle and great use of the pathway from the left to introduce the Manor.
I think ome part of the sky the top 1/7th of the total height of the frame should have been foregone and replaced by 1/7th from the bottom of the frame so as the Manor to look more imposing in the picture. Great subject for black and white especially since the Union Jack is missing from the mast.


By: happysnapperman

Portrait by shishidog


Hello Shishidog,
I am trying to understand what sort of shot this is... Bridal, or modelling?
What is she?
Bride? Bridesmaid? Model with Sunday dress?
She is a real cutie and you have captured that right.


By: shishidog

Starlings Flocking over Battersea Bridge by photozinemag

Starlings Flocking over Battersea Bridge

Well, to my opinion starlings look nicely caught ''frozen'' as they make their way to Africa.
That was what you had in mind and you succeeded alright as you were doing it. Job done.
I noticed you used the 38mm focal length, spontaneously I reckon. I say this because a bigger part of the bridge could be shown should you have gone down to 28mm. I feel as if I am missing something out of it now.
The handling of the sky and the ''noise'' does tend to bring in mind pictures resulting from 800 films with grain.
I'd printed it on Matt paper to make it look even more grainy.

p.s. It's very humble to call yourself beginner, I guess we all learn with time but you seem to master the job Wink

By: photozinemag

Speed 2 by jacomes

Speed 2

Hi, I gave my opinion on the photo with three athletes but you make me thinking here....

It seems you were not using a monopod, tripod would be dangerous for all, athletes, viewers, yourself and your camera.

I like the fact that you follow them as they run down a small slope, you could be carefully selecting your spot, bravo.

I can't remember when your D50 came along, must have 6 megapixels resolution, right? Frames per second.... no more than 3? What if you had not panned, but shoot bursts of wide aperture, short shutter speed to get the biker a couple of times accurately frozen in your frame?

Worth exploring isn't it?


By: jacomes

Allez VC Cosnac! by jacomes

Allez VC Cosnac!


I'd crop the athlete on the front, the frame becomes vertical like a slice of time Smile
The remaining two athletes provide the sense of competition with their different outfits.
The best of the series I have seen so far.


By: jacomes

Newcastle Millenium Bridge by robdebank

Newcastle Millenium Bridge


If that was a graph of sales you'd bet you'd be in trouble.

It must have been a lovely day up there.

The picture leaves me with a bit of pride and sour taste like a bad sales curve. It starts fine, it, reaches a peak salutes the clouds and falls badly out of the frame.
The houses and the boat look good but I am left looking for the end of the bridge, the main and only theme of the frame.
Metadata are not always worth discussing ... a smaller aperture may had the houses blurred but could do that to the other side of that bridge.
Would a step back help to include more? I bet, but the question then is what do you do with the people on the bridge?
That's where big stop ND filters come to play..... Set ISO to its lowest setting mount camera on a solid base of some sort, compose, place the ND filter on,turn the self time and wait for the magic Smile

In the mean time you can have a Newcastle Brown Ale, locals have a special name for it...

By: robdebank

Dodge Charger R/T by davidburleson

Dodge Charger R/T


it's an interesting ''up your face'' close up. I think what it spoils it for me is the condition of the top part of the grille and the engine hood so....wanting to get rid of them I've thought to magnify the image in my browser two clicks, to 125% and lower my perspective a bit, picture now gets as close as a ''close shave with a double razor''. What remains in the frame from the left end is all the part of the vertical chromed grille and the pic is coming close to the ''Charger R/T'' lettering... the chrome below in the grille frame and the bumper act as a leading line and an underliner to the model a line which is taking off with the slash between R and T.

We're airborne now, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha

By: davidburleson

sail the high seas by russmac

sail the high seas


I think you could go for a tighter frame that contains the 3 boats on the left, they fit to an oblong cropped frame better than all 5 do in this one


By: russmac

retired by stevegilman


Hi, nice colours Smile

I noticed on the right side you have some space next to the boat, it seems pity to me that these few millimeters were not used on the left to contain the bow of the boat SH232.

Be more patient with still objects, they can't rush to go anywhere. They give you time to think and compose, unless the kids calling, haha.


By: stevegilman

collection by williamsloan


Damn' all these BIG tools and he old built a SMALL HOUSE!


By: williamsloan

And then the sunrise... by s1000rr

And then the sunrise...

my angel comes from there Smile


By: s1000rr

Stair case by xwang

Stair case

Hi Jasmine.

You have kept from us the gear you shot this with. I remember you are equipped with good DSLR cameras. You would be making a very good use of a tilting screen here to help you take the picture not leaning on your back but standing upright as you walk. Exposure and colours look great but I find the positioning of the oblong shape of the level that the staircase leads to skewed in the frame not aligned properly with the sides of the actual frame of your picture. I think the picture should be rotated something as little as 3 degrees to the left to straighten.

Then it would perfectly present its grandeur as you and teh architect and the owner once wished for.


By: xwang

The Cube by Stephen_B

The Cube

Well.... it could be housing the Red Cross or Wenger Swiss Army Knives company in Switzerland, lol.
Nice architectural shot and mono conversion.


By: Stephen_B

The Boat Man by AjuPallichal

The Boat Man


Picture needs a slight rotation on the right to level the horizon.
I like very much how his lower hand is beautifully lit.
He looks aware of you taking the picture and despite he is looking away he seems like not approving or he has many things on his mind.
On a such lengthy trip from one shore to the other you can chat with him so any bias to photography go away.
It might had been easier for you then to tell him to turn his face to your right so more light comes on his face.
I don't think the black top frame works good but a Π shaped black frame around it could have worked with the current black stripe and title to frame it on a wall mount.


By: AjuPallichal

Blue Bay Walk (part 2) by nitz43

Blue Bay Walk (part 2)

Hi Nitz.

I think it is essential to focus for a moment on light itself. Have you heard of the expression ''traveling with the speed of light''? It tells you that light travels. It has waves which move through space. The volume of light that hits your camera's sensor or film depends of the amount of time you have allowed to light to come through the iris of your lens onto the camera for starters (and then depends how sensitive you have asked your sensor to be through the ISO selection). Having said that I think your camera has a M mode. M for Manual, or Mind. It will help your photography skills improve extremely. USE IT. Stop letting the camera making choices for you. And before each time you take a shot learn to check if your lens is clear.
After having made sure your lens is clear,

Start with Setting your ISO (sensitivity to light). 100 for sunny days out, 200 for overcast, 400 indoors, 800 sports, 1600 night photography without tripod. (or get a tripod or a form of support and shoot with lower ISO). Set your Aperture then (how much the iris of the lens will open). And then experiment with the shutter time you would need to record the image. USE your camera's lightmeter to make appropriate adjustments to your camera settings until you get the picture that you want. Choose the live display of histogram on your back screen to see how much contrast your scene has.

Good luck with your photographic journey.

By: nitz43

warm by faulknerstv



You have a number of potential images here deriving from this frame.

One crops the frame horizontally and takes the sun out of it;
another one does the same but leaving just 1/5th of sun's total height in the frame; to stop looking way too bright as it is now on the original.

Another crop exploits the correlation of the two round objects of the sky, the sun and the balloon, but what brings them closer to this diagonal discussion is a vertical crop from the right of the frame which abolishes the last 1/6th of the frame. It works only if you leave the sun as a whole as in the original.


By: faulknerstv

Peugot  or  Fiat? by tonyguitar

Peugot or Fiat?

It's a Nissan Smile

By: tonyguitar

LOOK WHAT I FIND by mogobiker


great framing...

superb youth photo to treasure for life.



By: mogobiker

Comma by georgiepoolie


Could I possibly also suggest a vertical crop of 2/12ths from the right?


By: georgiepoolie

~ Lily ~ by antisilence

~ Lily ~

superb, bravo

By: antisilence

Missed One by lawbert

Missed One

Erm.... Smile No-one wants to see an airplane crashing ....

So I would suggest to rotate this 90 degrees to the left.


By: lawbert

N I C E    D O G by youmightlikethis



It looks like a crop to me and at the moment I thought I had noticed just three living souls in it I 've found more on the left side of the frame.
My initial thought was to crop from the left side but that wouldn't help lot either as frame becomes too narrow especially if you crop the same amount from the right; I think the dog is very close to the end of the frame and the superficial triangle among the three main protagonists doesn't come together. The triangle would have looked perfect if the dog was looking upwards to his owner completing the route from the man's glasses to the girl's eyes to the dog and back to the owner. This route is now blocked/disturbed, girl's eyelids seem closed, dog's looking for sausage.
The only way I see this working is splitting the image in two, making two pictures out of it, in any of its versions.
First pic focuses on the top part, the two people, man appears to having passed some sour news to the lady in a non sympathetic way and she seems to be processing them in her mind. For symmetry, crop man's hand above the fresh on his sleeve.
Second pic focuses on the dog and the four feet around it starting the top of the frame below the girl's knees.

Colour or black and white seem to make any difference to it.


By: youmightlikethis

Peacock Feather by PrunellaCara

Peacock Feather

V3 for me

By: PrunellaCara

Willow by vickyal


a Jacal called Anubis maybe?

It's pity that you don't have all the claws fully into the frame but the opportunity will arise for sure.

You can also turn this to black and white


By: vickyal

Osprey v Buzzard by NeilSchofield

Osprey v Buzzard

great series bravo

By: NeilSchofield

Lady in the Polka Dot Dress by RobertTurley

Lady in the Polka Dot Dress


did you instruct Carla Monaco to close the one of her two eyes (the right one in the picture) a bit?
It seems strange to do so in the pose.

If the picture was not done for fashion I'd say you could crop it horizontally on a tighter frame containing her face. her shoulders and her raised hand starting from the middle of her fringe on the top ending to a bit below her wrist.


By: RobertTurley