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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
Ess-na-Crub by Dairtreephoto


I will light my pipe again Watson.
Watch me carefully and come to examine closely the picture of the two naked nymphs bathing in these waters.
I hope the ashes of the Thracian tobacco I am using, nothing like your Arcadian one, will not spoil this majestic place.
Zoom in the waters Doctor, skip the trees and the foreground and pay attention to the figures hidden on the two cataracts at each end. Can you distinguish any figures? There in the second half from the top as the waters fall to bath them.
It may help you to think in black and white, or sepia if you prefer, as I know your healthy interest to the matters of the flesh. Yes, my dear friend these ladies wear nothing but a beautiful transparent veil. I can distinguish having their backs turned to us, so modest.
Doctor Watson I hope you do not stare at their young beauty.
I am just admiring Doctor, this is a wonder of the nature, these raised buttocks of the nymph on the left as she leans to get closer to the rocks... and the broad shoulders, the long dark hair and the fuller hips of the nymph on the right... splendid imaginary Dr Watson isn't it?

By: Dairtreephoto

Lilac Breasted Roller by pipngil

Lilac Breasted Roller

Apologies for not sharing the pleasure that the ornithologists get from this colour image.
I hope the species visits you again and I wish it thrives for the good of our planet.
Your picture looks underexposed to me. Good advice has been given for compensating for the sky.
I quite like the manipulation to a vertical frame.
And I notice the other suggestion I was to add -cropping of the third branch at the bottom of the frame- has been done too.
The picture itself as a picture can have two ''readings'' the actual and the fantastic/imaginative.
Your colour image translates this to actual reading, this is the nature as you saw it and captured it because of your knowledge of the bird.
The fantastic or imaginative reading replaces the colours with the bold extremism of black and white and the riches of midtones.
Despite the fact that the sky is dull, so midtomes wouldn't be as many or as great I reckon you would be amazed if you were turning your picture (as it was reframed by mrswoolybill) to black and white.
We know it would not be real, but why worry about that? Look how the bird flies as if it was thrown to air from the catapult below...

By: pipngil

Something new is coming........ by totti

Something new is coming........

I shall light up my pipe... and sip that cacao I had been boiling.
This is a great picture and a chance for an exciting black and white image.

By: totti

Interscope 2015 by shadow_photo

Interscope 2015

I don't know about the front one but the one at the back is an Ikarus bus....

By: shadow_photo

Refugee by pablophotographer


Quote: This image certainly makes you think, the barbed wires, roof top and the helicopter, all seems to be connected

Thank you!
It's a bird actually, unfortunately it was gliding as I pressed the shutter, I may visit again the location so I get more birds or more distinct wing pattern.

By: pablophotographer

Hungry Waters by Scaramanga

Hungry Waters

fascinating imagination great result, bravo

By: Scaramanga

Weed Flower by glendawalker

Weed Flower

Hi Glenda.
It's a matter of orientation for me, I call it Frame Follows Form A vertical object would fit better a vertical oblong frame, a circle a square frame as an oval should fit a landscape neatly. These are just illustration examples. I shall agree with paulbroad and I shall propose a square framing in addition. It would not be necessary for the stem to be bang in the middle though, you could cut more from the left side where the background is green and allow more of the background which is red on the right side. Have you heard of the rule of thirds? you could adjust it accordingly.
A warm welcome from me too,

By: glendawalker

Down stair by artrbn

Down stair

Taking the cue from Dudler...it is amazing how fast you can take a picture with a phone Smile
The trick sometime is to wait...
I would have waited to make the steps correct horizontally and allow the woma,who is walking to be further left, as if she went down the escalator.
That would be a second later..
If you were not on the escalator three seconds later she could have been exactly at the brightest spot of the picture and her figure could balance the difference in light you have on the square tiles.
Congratulations for taking this picture though, well done!

By: artrbn

sunset by bulbulov


all you need is there in front of you Smile

By: bulbulov

Be aware of Octophant by Balwant

Be aware of Octophant

Hi, great theme there.
I like the black and white conversion too.
If I were to add something, it would be to exclude the second graffiti on the left and the pole behind the man with a vertical crop which allows for the white vertical line with the cable to be the border of the frame, cutting the pole and the bordering graffiti with the face looking downwards rather to the Octophant and his meal.

By: Balwant

Happy and Sad. by paulbroad

Happy and Sad.

Hi Paul
I would be interested to know if you shot this with the camera placed on the table.
I would also be grateful if you could explain to me how did you get your horizontals and verticals (right).
The big horizontal sign ''Cappucino two'' looks leaning to the right, tungsten tube lamp seems to my naked eye leaning a bit to the left.
I hear about 'cowboy'' builders, it might be their work pictured on this site.

By: paulbroad

Back to the Happy Land by Scaramanga

Back to the Happy Land

great imaginative picture, bravo

By: Scaramanga

Sunlight in the weir by SpiritDarco

Sunlight in the weir

I would suggest a crop on the left side almost 1/3 of the total width of the whole frame. Most of the step is gone, with the frame containing the left leaf of the stem standing at the end of the step, almost above the space after your signature at the bottom. A horizontal crop (thin as a shave) is also needed from the top eradicating the brown/black, trunk from the top edge of the frame, the green area which you refer at stays almost unaffected in the frame. I would have prefer to see more of the water splashing on the right, but, I must admit, setting of the shutter time parameter is very good.

By: SpiritDarco

sunrise by bulbulov


''you've made my day'' pic

By: bulbulov

Trees by colym


Pleasing blend of colours, bravo.

By: colym

Superman in NY by colym

Superman in NY

I would suggest a horizontal crop starting from the sign with the yellow lettering on the left, between the words NEW and W(orld?).... The top part of the picture above the split should be discarded, I don't think it adds anything to the picture but a tiny sky proportion, your whole action and buzz is below. Having cropped it that way, the Superman poster falls on the upper third of the picture which is neat. Although his poster is as big as the poster of shoes on the left below, his place in the frame and between the two lamp posts really helps him come up as more prominent. The scene looks too busy for me (obviously not a N. Yorker) and probably that is what you wanted to display. Technically good but I think it doesn't offer a lot aesthetically or meaningfully.
Best regards,

By: colym

Despair or Delight? by johnriley1uk

Despair or Delight?

Quote: Beautiful if not a little different...

Regards Nathan GrinGrinGrin

Beautiful regardless...
superb clarity, great blending of colours, great lighting;
sorry that some hair was cropped out...
An alteration of orientation of the head. from bottom of the picture to the top, would make it easier to the eye.

By: johnriley1uk

The Gloomy Warrior by ksag

The Gloomy Warrior

Great choice of viewpoint.
Did you use a filter? It is too dark to my taste but even at ISO 100, and f/18 exposure of 6 seconds would make it look brighter under this conditions I guess. It exaggerates ''gloom'' but seems too dark.
I would suggest a clockwise rotation of one or two degrees (max) for the anchor to look level and the masts to appear vertical.

By: ksag

Brown eyes. by shishidog

Brown eyes.

Hello shishi.
I think the specific pose of the hand pulling her hair backwards causes the arm to appear too big when naked in comparison to either having it cover with a sleeve or positioning it parallel to the ground or its actual girth in all other positions.
Also since her hair have a dark colour a faint light from her back could help separating her from the background.
She does not have only beautiful dark eyes but a lovely smile ad face as well.
I might had been tempted to crop all the hand out...

By: shishidog

Anja by MyOwnWonderland


Long time no see my friend Smile
I suspect you have been busy.

By: MyOwnWonderland

Mr Avram, 94 years of curiosity by jovanovic

Mr Avram, 94 years of curiosity

Taking my hat off to Mr. Avram.
And to you too Zoran

By: jovanovic

Chantelle and Luke forever by ginz04

Chantelle and Luke forever

I would say ''less is more''....
therefore I would crop the 2 most left and the two most right padlocks.
The blue/white padlock, the red/white padlock and the other green padlock would suffice to me.
The frame would be looking as square, if not I may had to do cropping from the top of the frame.
F/13.0 looks a bit too much for my like as lines of the lines of the pavement are more prominent.
I would go for a wider aperture and a lower ISO (200 if the camera doesn't give you ISO 100).
The colours look sufficiently vibrant, yet you could turn this into black and white altogether or have everything in monochrome and colour pop the red padlock. True love triumphs always.

By: ginz04

hallway by mogobiker


Nice in black and white Smile
what fisheye lens was that you used?

By: mogobiker

Castlerigg Sunrise by Nigeve1

Castlerigg Sunrise

The monochrome version works better for me. It was a good idea to turn it to monochrome. It looks moody and it fits the mystery of the place.

By: Nigeve1



Nice presentation in sepia, suitable colour manipulation.
I would suggest a rotation of two degrees to the left so the level in front of us looks totally horizontal.

By: basilr

Snowy street by djh698

Snowy street

Well composed, exposed and presented in black and white picture.
I would put the hint of curvature I notice down to the width of the lens used.
A tree can grow leaning to one side, a wall in perspective can look leaning in far distance too but the road just in front of us where the car is should look more horizontal than it looks now. Therefore I would suggest a slight rotation of three to four degrees to the left so the wheels of the car appear to be on the same level. It is a magnificent picture and the landscape is beautifully exploited. You were brave to go out with your great but this picture could make you happy when you returned back home. Bravo.

By: djh698

Sea by Renee_0304


Well composed, exposed and presented picture. Bravo

By: Renee_0304

Another Place by xwang

Another Place

Trim a bit from the top and make the frame square so it has only one object visible, the cylinder with the image that is.

By: xwang

Heaton Temple 2 by ginz04

Heaton Temple 2

We are near sorting the DNA of the ear plant.
We are trying to sort the human genome but we have just discovered that the bacteria in our stomach, millions of them, may influence our behaviour and judgement. Should i give critique with a heavy stomach? I warn you. It's well-hearted and honest. But it is not pleasant.
It's a no from me. Not because of the colour popping, which seems in place, yet odd. I will stick to the monochrome version. Solid as the faith. And not flamboyant, but humble. trees appear as if having had IR treatment. It must be teh darkening of the sky. Could that be it? Hmmm... Heavy food and mood could add to bad digestion, but the main reason for not accepting it as a Ferrero treat Mr. Ambassador is the issue of size. The building, for me, occupies a proportionally big amount of space in the frame. The picture is sharp yet it does not look balanced. I would need more space around it. I shall welcome the upload of the original frame proportion, we may have the solution there. Having talked of balance I think an anticlockwise rotation of one or two degrees would make it look more even. Verticals may lean, the picture is evenas long as the base is flat that is where the horizon is.
Kind regards,

By: ginz04