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Activity : Photo Comments



You are welcome to look through my pictures and leave comments. All pictures are my copyright.
Critique or advice are always appreciated. As is your time to write it, also.

Similarly, if you think my critique was helpful please remember to nominate it as Constructive Critique. I may not be very as well as I want to be, able to take the pictures I want, but I am happy to make others to improve theirs. Knowledge should be shared for the benefit of everyone.

All the best to your photographic journey.
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  • Tiger

    Here comes trouble Smile Nice to shoot tigers in a habitat similar to theirs.
    • 29 Sep 2016 7:53PM
  • Monster with a blower.

    Nice exposure and colours. I would like to think you have shot more pictures of this Impressive rusty fella. Close ups or from lower angle.
    I am somehow unimpressed by the sky so may I suggest a tighter crop from the top that reduces much of the empty white area in your picture. Could it be as low as the just above the fence on the right top corner. I would definitely crop vertically from the right to keep out the person wearing black trousers, You can leave the white 70's car looking at the white VW caddy or you can crop just in the middle of the blue tent That space used on the left would have allowed the tyre of the light blue pick up truck fro the 50's on the left to be in the frame, See how the frame will look with the crops I suggested and keep or crop out the half tyre there, its absence may not be a big issue as your main subject remains the rusty monster.

    • 29 Sep 2016 8:53AM
  • Dreamer

    I suspect this was meant to appear in a vertical way rather than horizontal. I have had similar issues during my uploads of vertical frames. I informed the team who told me they have found the culprit and sorted it.
    It keeps evading them often though. Please let them know of this mishap, if we all work together we may eventually eliminate it and display our images the way they are meant to appear and appreciated.
    Great picture, once more.
    • 29 Sep 2016 12:23AM
  • North Lees Hall

    This is simplicity on steroids!
    A great study in shades as well... I do like the colour but I will suggest a black and white conversion too.
    • 29 Sep 2016 12:14AM
  • Heavy bags

    Does anyone notice the contrast with the brunette lady in a white long dress on the left corner?
    Or you could crop it completely...
    • 29 Sep 2016 12:02AM

    Are we having fish soup today?
    I do like it but I would also suggest you to try and shoot it on the shelf without the vertical side of the shelf in the picture, keep the base and the white wall. Can't beat simplicity in my opinion.
    Great idea to convert in black and white.
    • 28 Sep 2016 11:42PM
  • Tail end Caddy

    Otherwise known as the ''Columbia'' Smile
    Best angle chosen for it, bravo.
    • 28 Sep 2016 11:38PM
  • Untitled

    Gargling. It's a sport. Here's a picture of it.
    Nice shot without the ball, bravo
    • 28 Sep 2016 11:36PM
  • You wanted the ball, you got it.

    It's a catch 22. Defo.Smile
    • 28 Sep 2016 11:30PM
  • The Waterfall

    Nice shishi, did you use any filter for the waterfall?
    • 28 Sep 2016 12:29PM
  • The Gun

    Envy, hate, snobbism?
    • 27 Sep 2016 11:31PM
  • Window

    Cracking picture!
    • 27 Sep 2016 11:26AM
  • Elizabeth

    New version? I remember the older pic, great stuff
    • 27 Sep 2016 11:25AM
  • Lola

    I shall congratulate your work too.
    My frame is an indication of the issue i am trying to bring support to.
    Many people, wrongly to my opinion suggest that viewers read a picture from left to write.
    The belief is based on an academic paper, which i have read, but it examines in what sequence people look at a page with many pictures. It does not mention looking at a SINGLE image. You certainly have an image with a single subject (the dog) but you have incorporated a bit of background as well (the door). To my understanding human eye with its limits to open and close the iris as much as cats do has limitations. Thus it can not see or distinguish in the dark unlike cats. To compensate for this disadvantage human eye has learnt to seek the light, in able to see and feel secure. One photographer can apply this belief/thinking when coming up with a subject to shoot or a photograph to crop. As you have noticed my cropping, raw as it is, has removed the brightest part of the door surface decoration. The reason? Being bright, it distracts staying focused on your main subject, I cannot remember why I ''shaved'' the top of its head, most probably because I reckoned you have had enough bright areas already to admire.
    Really nice photo, bravo.
    • 26 Sep 2016 4:17PM
  • Mars Landing

    ermmm Canadair springs to my mind, nice shot
    • 23 Sep 2016 5:02PM
  • Carla

    Time well spent.
    • 23 Sep 2016 1:50AM
  • Cheese On Toast

    These bangers have not gone out of steam Smile
    Nice colours I bet prior to opening these two vans would do a good pair of colour study.
    • 21 Sep 2016 11:36AM
  • Sheffield tram

    Halfway there! Excellent!
    • 21 Sep 2016 11:20AM
  • The Catcher in the Rye

    Mono would be a good idea, don't you think?
    The missing fingers and the crop in the eye must have been deliberate so I can't comment on that.
    I can't decide if Segelfoss or Catcher in the Rye are the most boring books I've ever read...
    I should have taken up photography earlier, haha.
    • 21 Sep 2016 8:16AM
  • Dark Days ahead....

    Good morning.
    Nice to see I am not the only one attracted by these objects of beauty, so fascinating to photograph as they are both still and well illuminated, haha.
    I am not sure about the light emitting from the top so I would suggest a crop just below the hemisphere on the wall.
    I think you will enjoy the Oly, it feels like a film SLR camera in the actual ergonomics. Compared to the Nikon D3100 which I used a couple of times, when out with its owner, it is far more straightforward I'd say. My first 35mm camera was a Nikon, which I still own and it is in working order despite some dents, but I had found Canon DSLRs more straightforward in handling. Your kit will get lighter for sure. Happy snapping!
    • 21 Sep 2016 7:59AM
  • salut Ó tous 16.00612

    • 21 Sep 2016 7:37AM
  • 50% 2CV

    100% French.

    shot in.......?

    • 20 Sep 2016 6:23PM
  • beautiful in Nature

    your palette of colours is very pleasing but I find the shooting angle not the most flattering one being shot on ''profilÚ'' rather than ''en face''.
    I think your 70-300mm lens could give you tons of opportunities to zoom in and get a plethora of framing options and colour blends.
    Yet I do not know how you manage to shoot at 50mm out of it with an aperture of f/1.4
    • 20 Sep 2016 3:41PM
  • Laugharne floods..

    HI, it looks a rather cool colours photo despite the sunset.
    I think a black and white version would do it justice.
    • 20 Sep 2016 2:49PM
  • Pink flowers

    Hello Bill,
    May I suggest to try 40mm and shoot a vertical frame.
    As for life it teaches all sorts of things....
    • 20 Sep 2016 1:39PM
  • Wait in hope

    I don't know if it is people trafficking and exploitation or sheer poverty that places human lives on the street...
    Well translated to black and white, but I reckon the dead empty limestone space on the left can go and you can frame it as square.
    • 20 Sep 2016 1:21PM
  • Chl÷e

    Pardon me for asking, do you write sultry with umlauts?
    • 20 Sep 2016 12:57PM
  • Jump for joy!

    Hello Dudler.
    I guess Victor would have smiled...
    You kindly told us that the model jumped under your instructions and I am glad she did not hurt her self in the process. Did she jump turning away from the light under your instruction? I would have expected a photographer to tell her to jump facing towards the light, but I can't say if you value shadows or light areas the most. I know Rio Olympics are over, but her svelte silhouette wins her my mmmmedal!
    You all know I am bad at typing.
    • 20 Sep 2016 12:54PM
  • Camden Lock Market London

    man well framed Smile
    • 20 Sep 2016 12:07PM
  • The woman in the Red Hat

    I think both the arm and the hat are too close to the edge of the frame, so I wonder how does the original 3;2 frame looks like.
    Lighting people wearing hats with brim is not easy but you have done a superb job.
    The sitter? I just want to think her as a French girl, All I miss is the blue part of the French flag near her left arm. She would have given Monsieur Holland a heart palpitation Smile
    • 20 Sep 2016 9:03AM