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Activity : Photo Comments



You are welcome to look through my pictures and leave comments. All pictures are my copyright.
Critique or advice are always appreciated. As is your time to write it, also.

Similarly, if you think my critique was helpful please remember to nominate it as Constructive Critique. I may not be very as well as I want to be, able to take the pictures I want, but I am happy to make others to improve theirs. Knowledge should be shared for the benefit of everyone.

All the best to your photographic journey.
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  • Minimal Boating

    Nothing wrong with black and white. You can crop almost a third from the total height from the sky as it contains very little drama. The boat is very sharp and on the unrealistic waters this looks like out of it waters. It is not a composite. Why should it like as one?
    • 14 Nov 2017 2:15AM
  • Big Horned Sheep

    They are goats.
    • 14 Nov 2017 2:05AM
  • Morning stroll

    Hi, I have not seen the mods yet.
    p.s. In your replies, just address the person who made the comment without replicating their whole comment.
    • 13 Nov 2017 8:28PM
  • Moon over atomic milk

    Hi, quite good result; lots of good information by Tish.
    I would add that plain flour (white, cheap) is a good thickener to milk if you want to go thicker than full fat. Add water or semi-skimmed milk for thinner texture or single or double cream for viscous results!
    You can crop very tightly and leave just the "stem of the mushroom" forming, its top and bring the droplet closer to it.
    • 13 Nov 2017 8:16PM
  • Snow withe

    Hi Rooby. I recognised immediately a picture you had presented in 2015. I see hundreds of pictures each week and I say this will be another memorable one. Great facial expression. I like the rhombus pattern within the square frame. For the friends who find difficult to distinguish the fringe falling on the right is parallel with the jaw bone line on the left and the hair fa?long on the left seems parallel with the jaw bone line on the right. I would like to see the full uncropped frame.
    I have no issue with the stray hair and the catslights in the eyes, I know this is an outdoors shot, the wind blows, eyes reflect the skies, these are natural things to happen. I have a couple of suggestions for the Snow White. Less lipstick works as well if not better than more. Younger people tend to have "full" or " juicy" lips so outlining them is not necessary, unless they are not slim, which here it is not the same. I am somehow unhappy with the bright spot on the top left corner. I would love the frame to contain just her face, not the background.
    • 13 Nov 2017 3:45PM
  • Introvert

    Hi dudler, I will agree with lifesnapper about the pose and the title.
    I have a technical question: How can a 100mm lens on a Full Frame camera provide a 105mm focal length?
    Mod(s) to follow.

    • 13 Nov 2017 2:19PM
  • Wet Sunday afternoon walk in November

    Should I take a guess to say this was shot in Germany? (Due to the "traffic" arrangement).
    I have seen cases for the E-P5 waterproofing it even up to 40 meters underwater.
    • 13 Nov 2017 10:30AM
  • Wet

    Good abstract
    • 12 Nov 2017 9:16AM
  • The Viewer"

    Hi. Congratulations you have done a very good work, it is a picture that many would love to have taken.

    Most will think I went for black and white because I just could and that is the only thing I have done. But my choice for black and white is not done for just gusto or scherzo, it is done to offer some uniformity in the colour of light which comes through the windows (which appears blueish) and the colour of the light from the spotlights (which appears white). The lack of colour my help some to focus on the painting better, it is now a drawing, a collection of lines.

    Talking about lines...I have re-cropped too. I cut off the panel on the left, at a point that the top left apex starts the frame and where the lady's shadow on the bottom right marks the diagonal relationship of this new oblong frame (not quite succeeded in the last but it's not a big issue). I left a tiny part of the panel on the right, but cropped the explaining note, as I could not view the painting or read the note anyway. By cropping on the edge of the wall I retained the windows as in the original. Why? Because that way the table below the window has legs to stand on. As PMTM would have said ''I want the Table Strong and Stable''.

    That's me done. Now if the man sat in the middle is Kevin Spacey this painting should be
    called ''The Party''.

    Birdie nam-nam?

    • 10 Nov 2017 11:30PM
  • Ex Sniper

    He, a sniper in WWII? if he was a 20y.o. in 1940 he would be near 100y.o. now, he doesn't look like being that old to me. And by the way WWII means World War Two (two as in Latin, like the numbering of the Olympic Games). I would be glad if we had passed WW Ten and we were still alive.
    • 10 Nov 2017 10:19PM
  • Engie tennis open 2017

    Rather good shot. Pity to see just three spectators in a semifinal, but.. Limoges has a good basketball team they may be watching them play Smile
    • 10 Nov 2017 10:02PM
  • Bride and Groom

    Black and white is cool and timeless but I think a simple turn would have proved a very effective solution for an even more striking result. I don't see any flash info, and you did well for not using one, but it seems that a reflector could make her face look brighter as her right cheek is in shadow. Being posed with white against a bright background made life a bit more challenging so I would just move her on the darker side on the right, so she makes a contrast to the church background with the white wedding dress while the groom stays in the white frame with his dark jacket. The columns could stay in the frame but the very bright background on the left could be cropped.
    I suppose this pic is not shot during the wedding day, is it?
    • 10 Nov 2017 9:30PM
  • Giving the bird.

    Lord Carson? I thought this displays the King singing be bop a lula!
    Black and white suits it perfect!
    • 10 Nov 2017 1:36PM
  • Modern Oasis

    You ore damn right it is a Modern Oasis!
    I even distinguish the place they leave the Camels on the far right!
    • 10 Nov 2017 1:07PM
  • The second time around...

    Hi dudler. I am sorry not to be able to see the "pregnancy glow". It looks more a fashion rather than a maternity pic to me. Mods to follow.
    • 9 Nov 2017 11:20AM
  • Street photographer in his habitat

    Quote:By the way to ensure there is no confusion, pictured is another attendee on the day. Not D.D.!

    Thanks for clarifying Kurt Smile
    • 8 Nov 2017 2:32PM
  • Laytown races

    Excellent capture!
    • 8 Nov 2017 2:28PM
  • Reflections of another reality

    Bad head day on beautiful people looks less bad than a bad hair day on less fortunate on looks people.

    This lady is a very dedicated model I have to say... Put in cold water, let out in cold she does a great job!

    Same goes for you dudler Smile

    Once again I had no intention to make any adjustments, hell knows what made me do it. And trust me people as I write these lines I can NOT look at the picture Smile

    As you see, I cropped the white window part of the frame. And I reduced the left corner grey sky reflection part. I increased exposure, lowered the highlights and added colour back to it but just a tiny bit so it would still look real.

    When I finished I saw the reflection of a blue jacket on the glass, It does not bother me to be honest. If ones wishes to manipulate further they can replicate some green leaves to cover the grey top left corner and the blue patch but for me, the last is a ''I was there'' hint, which I can not take away from dudler.

    Best regards and please pass her my compliments for her looks and her work ethos.
    • 8 Nov 2017 12:57PM
  • Aira Force

    I re-framed your picture with my thought focused on what you attempted to describe.
    The power of water, which is such that can split rock in the middle.
    In my framing (which ignores the other rock on the right and the fallen leaf) I ''created'' a passage from the water that falls in the background at the right of the frame and which it later flows to the bottom left corner of the frame. My increased lighting reflects the powerful force making the path of water and light to come in.
    I agree with Pamelajane that you ought to allow more of the ''emptying'' of that volume of water on the left bottom to be visible.
    I thought mono was the best option between the two.
    • 7 Nov 2017 8:03PM
  • figure with earings

    Hi, I think it was Bob Carlos Clarke who said: ''Black is the colour of my soul''...

    Despite black being a rather inoffensive background colour and it makes a great contrast with the beige of the figurine, the texture of it and its use is rather ill-conceived here.

    I could call this ''The girl from Ipanema''... because it resembles an exotic young Brazilian girl. Considering her laid posture and the near absence of clothing, I wonder if this could made to present a native girl laid in the famous Ipanema beach.

    All you need is some sand (or fine clay cat litter), some leaves (she could lay on), alcohol get to mimic the sea water and natural light (of a sunny day preferably).

    • 7 Nov 2017 7:30PM
  • Golden

    Hi, laying down produced a beautiful shot. Banehawi' s mod brightens the eyes injecting life back to where is needed. Personally I think you have lots of floor space in the frame. I would give some tiny proportion of it to the top part of the frame. One reason for this working is because of the colour of the background behind the head; we still remain in the beautiful golden browns rather introducing a totally different colour which would spoil the balance, mood and tranquillity that the frame oozes. Going to the bottom floor part now... introducing a treat digitally could emphasize the tiredness or boredom of the dog to explore it confirming what you say about the return from your walk. I trust you will have the chance to take lots of pictures. Looking forward to see them!
    • 6 Nov 2017 5:39PM
  • *** Rose ***

    Hi, great pic, another hand risen here voting for Tony's square crop suggestion.
    • 5 Nov 2017 12:03PM
  • My birthday bash

    Happy Birthday. Pity, now you 've got your head around you need to sort all the rest of the body.
    • 5 Nov 2017 11:32AM
  • View from lodge window

    • 5 Nov 2017 3:16AM
  • Skógafoss Waterfall

    Your choice to turn it to mono was right. Great spectacle. The other photographer is a welcomed bonus, his overall size doesn't affect your image negatively.
    • 4 Nov 2017 2:00PM
  • Girl in denim

    Quote:Fabulous example of the right curves in the right places.


    Does that include the nails? Yuk
    • 4 Nov 2017 1:50PM
  • What A Picture!

    quote: ''The ladies were clearly engaged with the electronic content and seemed oblivious to the scenery and the sea that was everywhere. The picture must have been something to see...''

    Hi. What if they were looking at a picture they had taken earlier with the phone?
    And on this picture I can't see any of the scenery and the sea either...

    just my thought
    • 3 Nov 2017 10:31AM
  • Pure Elegance

    great point of view, tricky subject from lighting perspective
    • 3 Nov 2017 9:00AM
  • Casper

    Welcome to the site loves2travel. I see you decided your cat is a good subject to shoot, may I tell you, you are a brave lady, as animals are far more challenging than still nature to photograph.
    Settings of the camera, away from the Auto, or Programme function, are not exactly written in stone. The simple reason is they would be adjusted to match the light available in the spot you decide to turn your lens to. So before even you pick the camera to take a picture why not spend some time to find a space or room with lots of light.Take also in consideration that light is pliable rather than solid so it can be exaggerated or reduced when it meets brighter or darker surfaces. A bright subject against a dark surface may display edges better but depending on the number of focal points you choose the subject may appear too bright and the background too dark.
    A cat relaxing is a subject you could apply single focal point (try to make sure the eye appears sharp). A cat walking, playing, running would be better shot with various focal points on stand-by to catch its movement. Shooting against the trellis may appear a good idea but shooting against a brighter background may be an even better one. Much better if all the lights in the room are turned on too! ISO 400 is a good start for indoors, or a shaded area, your camera can handle even ISO 800 with no issue of quality loss. The aperture setting you decide to have on will depend mostly on how much light will hit the sensor fast enough to take a bright image where the subject is still. Wider opening of the lens iris has smaller numbers and as the iris closes down the f/ numbers get larger value.
    F/5.6 seems adequate, F/4 would have produced a slightly brighter image altogether should the shutter speed remained the same.
    Happy cat chasing, I understand that Casper is a rather peaceful cat so he may give you lots of opportunities to photograph him. But turn your lens to other subjects too!
    • 2 Nov 2017 12:43PM
  • Flight Home.

    Hi Paul.
    It is a very good picture indeed. I've chosen not to alter other parameters than frame shape itself. I went for something more cinematic, ot for the sake of altering shape but because of my intention to show that on the matter or viewing a picture, the eye looks at the brightest part of the image first regardless of where that bright part is. Here it happened to be on the top right and that is why I cropped the part missing from your original. Bright parts on the edges of a frame are a ''NO-NO''. in the past I had challenged mrswoolybill to provide me the scientific article that says that people read pictures and I stress the plural- from left to right. She actually kindly sent it to me.but when I read it I noticed two misunderstandings on her reading of it. The subjects who participated (that is how the psychologists called the participants) and the actual paper itself examined a page with several images, [b]not a single image per page/b] and that the scope of the test was to see how people ''read'' a page. the results of the experiment showed that teaching people a special way to write their mother tongue affects how they will be reading (even if they just look on a series of images), people who write left to right read the page left to right and people writing top to bottom right to left (as in the Mandarin language) started from the top right of the page and read down. here the bright spot near the right corner takes quickly the attention away from the frame, so now that I cropped it I think I tend to look at the birds for longer - it does not bother me that one is cropped, that to me is the beauty of nature, it will do what it will decide to do, we better not hassle it too much if we are to pass it over to the new generations to enjoy it as much as we did.
    Metadata-wise was that taken at 04:13 in the morning or 16:13 in the afternoon? I thought you had shot this later in the evening and I was about to suggest a different shooting position. Orientation-wise as the birds migrate to the South I think you can shoot them towards the brighter side of the sky rather than the darker.
    Kindly, pablophotographer
    • 2 Nov 2017 10:01AM