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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
Sweet Pea by Relic01

Sweet Pea


Hello Relic. I think you ought to take full control of the camera by using the Manual Mode. Set ISO, white balance, aperture, shutter speed and focus.

I think this is a colourful frame but I think 5 flowers are too much in it, I would crop and leave in the frame the bottom 3, their tone of pink blends better with the tone of green from the lit leaves behind. Pink can make a strike contrast with black but the vivid green of the bottom is a celebrating the kiss of light it gets from the sun, pairing it with the pink on the foreground makes the picture an ode to sunshine.

Try to find the emotion in the pictures you are about to take.

Follow the light Wink


By: Relic01

Vergeltungswaffe 2 by Toobi_Won

Vergeltungswaffe 2

Impressive photo of a mass killer.

By: Toobi_Won

Happy dog by number9

Happy dog


I agree with banehawi for the square crop and the feet...

Think it as a portrait picture... for a passport. Do you have to show your feet in it?

I think you have captured its character accurately. Focus is sharp, you can see the eye behind the hair, so well done.

I would also have liked to see a bit of the owner too so the bond gets expressed there, it's pity to have just the bondage chain there, lol.


By: number9

Girl in a Yellow dress (Street Portrait) by nikon

Girl in a Yellow dress (Street Portrait)

stunner, looks like she was in an event of some sort, judging from the background... Smile


By: nikon

Descending Heaven by nishant101

Descending Heaven


It's superb as it is, yet I would still go ahead with a black and white version of it.


By: nishant101

City NightScape. by WimpyIskandar

City NightScape.

Hello Wimpy, this looks better compared with the previous one.

I think you would need to rotate it a bit to the right, one or two degrees, so it becomes truly level.

Now, since it's going to be a promotional picture you could ask for some friends of the owner to pose as if they are about to enter the bar, or pose coming out laughing. It's no harm is it? It would look far more engaging to me. Otherwise people will think this is just a pic recording movement.


By: WimpyIskandar

Stuart by ChrisBanks


In the field of action!
Accurate representation of movement.


By: ChrisBanks

Peace Horse by rontear

Peace Horse

Nice shooting angle, you have eliminated the presence of the horse on the right, bravo!
I would try to get a shot pointing from the right of the horse to the left ...


By: rontear

The house, the bridge, the couple by pablophotographer

The house, the bridge, the couple


And I really like the way the seemingly impossibly delicate bridge gives a wonderful counterpoint to the solidity of the building in the background, especially as your use of a wide-ish (on a FF camera, anyway) angle lens has exaggerated the lean of the building Smile

The only tiny bit I'd personally change (either clone out or crop out) is the two bits of lamp posts on the right hand edge of the image - the line at the top right corner and the pointy thing sticking into the image about half way down.

Other than that, I really like this one a lot Grin


Thanks Tanya. Coming to think of it the exaggeration of the leaning of the building is not as much as the width of the lens, but the tilt I did to the camera to include THAT little part of the bridge in the frame; what it did cause was a different angle of registering on the plane of the film, as since it was recorded upside down on the film the part away registered closer but skewed. I could to stand a couple of meters backwards and move the camera on a vertical plane to the building but as you say that part of the bridge wouldn't be recorded as is now.
The naughty rangefinder beat me more than twice, Check my pic ''This is my office'' on my black and white group for a surprising appearance.
These two lamp post parts were not seen in the viewfinder window when I composed the image. But these are the joys of film. I feel happy for not having paid an extreme amount to getting a chance of taking pictures with a Leica where the hood is left on the lens you shoot a blank frame and you proceed to the next Smile

By: pablophotographer

Beauty in Lace by SteveBaz

Beauty in Lace

Hi Baz,

I am seeing this through a TFT screen and as you know the tilt does change colour vividness so I can't judge colours accurately.
Currently the hair of the model seems to be getting lost into the background, which is pity for the work the hairstylist may have put on.
I would prefer her to stand upright, to be able to see the bottom of her blouse fully and not to see her leg on the right corner...
Lighting and pose are awesome bravo.


By: SteveBaz

In the crowd by jovanovic

In the crowd

whistles Smile

c'est bon....

Zoran, you have an eye for beauty...

I would like to suggest a horizontal crop that chops her head a bit to get rid of the lamp in front of her (including a man's head behind her; then a vertical crop from the left to get rid of the remaining man's ear) and I would leave the foreground and the young boy in front of her who stares at a different direction having different priorities in his life at that age than she has Smile

Mille mercis for uploading this

By: jovanovic

Nea Kameni by justahobby

Nea Kameni


I would share your enthusiasm for a different reason yet as special.

I don't know how many churches have been built on the island, but That dome if I am not mistaken is the most photographed dome on the whole island Smile

I have seen it painted light blue, all white, dark blue... they must be keeping up with fashion, this year is khaki, or the money for fresh paint simply ended.

Anyway this is a superb perspective. A new take on an old theme. The image can be cropped as square, but you lose the volcano. As the elements of church, ironwork, table, sail boat are timeless I would suggest a black and white picture version too, you have blacks, whites and mid-tones, go for it!


By: justahobby

s by Dismorfic


Long time no see, I hope you are doing well.

Nice picture, but I am tempted to crop out the sky and 0,5cm from the right to balance the crop on the top.

best regards

By: Dismorfic

Sunset on the beach by ABesheva

Sunset on the beach

Lovely moment captured;
the horizon doesn't look entirely horizontal, one or two degrees to the right and would be perfect.


By: ABesheva

Peel by kaybee


I like how you transformed something useless (the peel is not edible as is) to useful. Yes, the light did its magic.
I would have wished for the focusing not to be at the point where it is.
The focused area of table is much bigger in proportion than the tiny peel part of the orange so my attention is drawn onto the black wonderfully lit narrow strip of the table surface rather on the orange.
The picture would have more punch if the actual focal point was the hole on the orange peel. Light attracts attention and it would restore the balance for attention between the orange and the table.


By: kaybee

Sidewalk Boogie by fishric

Sidewalk Boogie

Proper ''street'' photography, skewed, spontaneous and chewing gum sticky.


By: fishric

Boats & Stones II by Chinga

Boats & Stones II

I want to jump in!

I think V1 should have a portrait orientation so the boat on the right is cropped out of the picture.


By: Chinga

Background Annoying or Creative? by carper123

Background Annoying or Creative?


The question is not set correctly. It should be ''destroying or improving'' is the background ''relevant or not''?
Yet, it depends on your humour. A snowman in a sunny summer beach is not relevant but fun.

The specific background in the specific picture compliments the picture in my opinion. Although technical details are missing this looks shot with a wide aperture, most likely the maximum one. A more closed iris would have made the background boat clearer. The telephoto lenses tend to compress the depth of an image bringing distant objects closer to what they are in reality. The blurred background separated the very clear part of the photo on the right with the part on the left. This balance is a result of the lens but is totally different to what your naked eye sees, it's unreal; your eyes can see both objects clearly if you don't suffer from myopic astigmatism.

So the question comes back at you (showing its teeth)... is that the right lens to use for this subject? What do you want your picture to tell us? I might had kept the iris wide open if the background boat was a new bright painted boat, you create a contrast between the new freshly painted and taken care of boat with the old stripped of paint and unadored boat on the right. A smaller iris would not had created a sense of similarity of fate, this might be a graveyard of boats, where they all look beaten by time. The current blend is just right. It takes long for the eye (my eye) at least to depict the amount of nails on the boat on the right but this might be not because of the rusty chain by but having to type below the picture, lol.

So there you have it. It just looks fine.

By: carper123

Portrait of Nathan by simonbaker

Portrait of Nathan

Hi Simon;

I think you ought to go to full manual control and stop letting camera deciding what to do itself.
I can see lots of ''noise'' around your son's face and my best guess for that is caused by the high ISO of 1000 the camera has decided to use.
ISO 200 would be more than enough from the moment your son sits near a bright spot overcast conditions. Your lens iris can open wide to f/1.7 but you could be using something as 4.6 so as more of him front to back is sharp, I guess it was not the breeze that made the letters on his blouse blurry, but the f/2.0 aperture chosen.
The camera made its choice to go to high ISO to compensate for the dark background at the back, did you actually needed all this space above his head and the windows at the back to be fully recorded? I would be tempted to take a spot meter reading from his face rather than a multi-segment one, unless the church held significant importance for him -say it was the church he had been christened.

I suspect this is a crop but I like the fact that you went for a vertical frame, it suits your subject well.

By: simonbaker

My Love, My Wife, My life by kuipje

My Love, My Wife, My life

Long life love.... blessed you are.

V1 for me is quite puzzling... should the plant in the foreground go? Yes I think I know now.... it's not allowed to bend the flowers in these gardens , right? Smile

V2 I would have think you ought to put her face as the flower part of the plant you have shot, even at this ''watercolour'' interpretation.


By: kuipje

Salt transporter by mmz_khan

Salt transporter


I shall congratulate you for your composition.

My initial thought was to suggest you to shoot from a lower perspective so the workers are positioned against the blue sky.
But this is so much better because you shot it in a way to connect the salt they carry with the sea water in the pools which will evaporate to give us the salt.
Very well thought, bravo.
I notice the reflection of the first person on the line, it's very close to the edge of the bottom right corner, you can't ask for any closer to it.
There is this balance (as in their carrying poles and baskets) between the workers who carry salt and the sole worker on the background going to refill his baskets.
An endless chain of work for spicing life, everyday of our lives.

Great picture (once straightened). Bravo

By: mmz_khan

Happy lady! by dudler

Happy lady!

The portrait jumped out of the image gallery.
My mind thought ''fresh'' as I saw it. I think that is the best way to describe her.
I would have loved to see her wrists included in the frame.


By: dudler

At trails end by Relic01

At trails end


When I come across a potentially good subject, I think ''what frame suits it?'', ''should I shoot it with colour or mono?''. ''from what height should I shoot this?''

I often suggest to people to choose a frame that follows the form of the object that they photograph.
I do myself shoot square pictures from time to time. Vertical frames quite often.

On this instance, I would follow your choice for black and white, but I would go for a 3:2 horizontal frame.
All the narrative and the tension are there, between the dog and opening at the end of the path.

Does the opening at the top of the trees play an interesting role on the narrative? Is it so important to be manifested so it had to fit in the frame? Should the frame be square because of it? Would the strength of the photo be diluted if I had shot a horizontal frame?

Diet your pictures. keep in the frame what you need only, the rest is garniture.

By: Relic01

Madiera Cloudscape by Otinkyad

Madiera Cloudscape

It's spectacular enough.
I have been a couple of times in a vehicle engulfed by cloud, or above the clouds; it's quite a feeling!

I often take the position that dead plain landscapes can be boring.
But this one is nothing like it.
What I find interesting in this frame is the twin ladder configuration that has replaces a door with hinges of some sort, which in turn implies scarcity of supply, thus remoteness of location. Needless to see that it implies also human intervention, like the fence which works like a leading line to the clouds.
''Cloudscape'' is the right word and what a magnificent sight, with that nice bit of ''rebellious'' cloud raising, like a ''flying hair'' on a neatly combed scalp.
It is not an absolute 3:2 frame so I suspect you did some cropping. I tried to think some more crop but it's quite awkward as a land/cloud-scape to be tamed. It looks like a well balanced 3 colour-zoned layer cake. I could halve the top part of the sky to make the ''rebellious'' cloud
and the cloudscape look more big in the frame, gaining even more attention. What do you think?

A back-lit baloon, at some distance, a fish out jumping of the ''rebellious'' cloud on its back, could add some fun in this.
But I think as it is the picture elevated us to your steps on the top of the world visible from that spot. Thanks for sharing.

By: Otinkyad

Family by Thundervlade


I like it very much.
I am tempted though to suggest you to crop all of the frame above the baby's ear as I think the green on top left corner is nothing but a repetition of the flora on the bottom and middle left side of the frame, it added nothing new. One reason for hesitating doing it is because you have placed their faces nicely in the frame, my suggestion was not leaving the frame being a perfect square, unless I was to crop from the bottom of the frame a bit - which I didn't want - it was leaving an oblong shape but not as attractive or definite as a 3:2 frame.

By: Thundervlade

Final Rest by malcatch

Final Rest

Acres of them? this is a War Cemetery of fallen Japanese soldiers then. Note the the top two vertical inscriptions are identical in all the graves.
It could mean Soldier of the Imperial Army.
The bottom horizontal line contains the names.
I like the composition as it is; although you can modify it and remove the two people completely and stay with just the graves.
May they rest in peace.


By: malcatch

One Knight Many Horses (2015) by javam

One Knight Many Horses (2015)

What more can I say to what cuffit said. Bravo, excellent photograph.

By: javam

Behind the scenes shot by terryscott

Behind the scenes shot

It may need a bit of anticlockwise rotation but thatdoes not stop me from congratulating you for the length (or depth) you and your model went to make this picture possible. Bravo!

By: terryscott

Story by jovanovic


great moment, great capture, bravo Zoran.

By: jovanovic

It's a Heatwave! by DonMc

It's a Heatwave!

I must check the switches, is this for ''heating up'' or ''cooling down''?

By: DonMc