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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
going green by davelivesey

going green

Going nowhere I see....

By: davelivesey

Beauty and the Bridge by NatureMom

Beauty and the Bridge

really nice colours and model. This looks like an already cropped frame to me. I think the placing of the model in the frame should be different. There are things you can avoid and things you can hide from the background which now lurk on each of the top sides. The bright right corner is one and the old cement building on the left top corner is the other; a two steps to the left (as you look at the frame) could hide the cement object-water tank, maybe?- The stream at the bottom is a very good addition in the frame, a reason for the bridge to be there, so I would not crop it; actually this was the reason I would prefer the model to move to (your) left rather than to your right below the bright gap in the foliage.
A vertical crop would be also good. Straight crop next to the most far pillar of the cement building from the left -stream is still visible- and another crop right excluding everything after the first bunch of autumn leaves from the left. She doesn't need to be bang in the middle of the frame.


By: NatureMom

beach by Trawden


Hmm... The current shooting position has brought the rider against a dark background. I think this is a subject to shoot from the hip as they used to say; it would have included the foreground and hopefully it would have made both the horse and the rider stand out even more. Talking about rider and horse... one would be enough in the frame, so the corner one and a half riders and horses could have been cropped out.. Nice image manipulation by the way Smile

By: Trawden

The Purple Man of York by charisma515

The Purple Man of York


I can see this working without the sign of the Tea room or the beautiful teapot, not because the contrast is not striking or beautiful but because it is overpowering and distracts from the amusing scene below.


By: charisma515

Lovanet Lake by LyndonG

Lovanet Lake

Hi, it's a beautiful sight indeed. The current frame measures 10x8 roughly and I would suggest a crop from the bottom too to make it like a 10x5.5; It retains the silhouette of the tall trees;I do not find too much interest in the reflection as it approaches you because the trees reflected on the water seem like a colour soup blended with rock grey; it's not your fault , it's the fact that the water of the lake is not completely flat to reflect the landscape as a perfect mirror image. Thus, since the reflection was not the most important feature you could have placed th camera down and take a picture from boot height.

By: LyndonG

End of a long day. by mbradley

End of a long day.

it looks nice in mono. I could see it working even if the top 2/7ths of the total height of the frame were gone. I get a sense that the sky is overpowering; it creates me the impression that the job was abandoned because of bad weather...


By: mbradley

Yes! Plan B! by dudler

Yes! Plan B!

Too many enigmas in the morning;
one that makes me wonder how the overall softness of the colours happened.
Which enigmatic lens created the effect? or is it not the lens which did it?
(An old Rokkor manual focus, maybe?)

By: dudler

Heaven of Andermatt by jerryiron

Heaven of Andermatt

Hello world traveler Smile
Switzerland has a good jazz festival in August if you are still there you can get some very colourful pictures.
This one for me is...... too much.
It looks like a great moment capture, but with the wrong lens. I don't know why the imbalance on the verticals, due to the wide lens, affects me so much. You can't justify a tilt and shift lens easily but this is a moment it would shine. The colours are great as they appear on the sky and on teh buildings nera the edges and the far back of the frame, the white houses don't blend well with the colour pandemonium.
So I thought of two crops, one excludes the first two buildings from the right, the other crop excludes the green house and its roof from the frame. Each crop plays with the aspects of similarity and contrast. All in one seemed a bit of a heavy mix to me and I hope after realising the crops I suggest you understand my hesitation to accept it as it is framed now. But I must also admit it is beautiful.

By: jerryiron

High Flyer by ptoshea

High Flyer

Nicely squared.

I would crop a bit from the right so as the front wheel of the bike closest to you is not visible, cut where the vertical pole closest to the right edge is, then to square the frame up cut from below, I reckon if that diagonal line if the pavement start on the right bottom corner and a bit of the top of the frame is trimmed you have reclaimed your perfect square.

Nice point of view, framing (the 3 Asian spectatrs work as a treat) and mono conversion, bravo

By: ptoshea

WHERE by olamii97


Rotate 90 degrees clockwise.

By: olamii97

Cadet Sergeant, Air Training Corps. by cageymac

Cadet Sergeant, Air Training Corps.

Zip up sergeant.
Colonelo pablophotographer

By: cageymac

The Madness of Mart by m4rtys

The Madness of Mart

Hiya, I think f/10 is too much of an aperture to use Marty; some of the background is too sharp, how had you arranged the focusing? I would suggest a far tighter crop which excludes all of the background from both sides (chops the ear too, so like Van Gogh) Tighter frame would make it more claustrophobic and suitable! Good in mono, even the soft focus work a treat.

By: m4rtys

Amanda by pnkpnthr5231


Hello Julie

yes the blurred background works better than a sharp one in the case the person is not connected at all with the background (as in the case of shooting Amanda in front of the new house she proudly bought, where she would want a bit of the house to be sharp so it is identifiable).

I want you to notice how some objects fall in your frame. Notice the trees and the hair fall on the same side, her forehead and the open space fall on the same side too. If you want to make things 'pop out' you would normally arrange them in contrast, her hair could be darkening the bright space on the right where as her forehead skin could be below the darker tree leaves. I want you also to notice, what you include in the frame, does her tattoo have to be split? Does the hair ornament have to be cropped? Do you see the full iris of the eye on the left? Is her fourth finger nail dirty? Can that white sign behind her neck disappear? Did you ought to change shooting spot?

The more questions you ask yourself, the more you find out the more you can improve your photography. You do the right thing for uploading in the critique gallery.


By: pnkpnthr5231

Romania II by gss

Romania II


I think the picture in the nice frame needs a little bit of tilting to the left....
Very nice framing though!


By: gss

The Look and the long dress in the lounge by freedriv082000

The Look and the long dress in the lounge


I think the ''bookshelves tilt a bit to the right, but you can easily straigthen them. I like the inclusion of the whole armchair on the left but it does allow a reflection of your light unit to be on the leather of the armchair and discolour much of the books on model's back so I would advise a crop of 1/9th of the total width from the left


By: freedriv082000

Atlantis Nassau Bahama's by jube1969

Atlantis Nassau Bahama's


You have challenged your camera to shoot against the sun Jube*.
As a result, it did not manage to focus specifically on something and has got you the whole image blurred. The strong sunlight reflection on the sea did not allow the colours to register correctly on the sensor despite the low ISO (80) and the minimal timing your aperture of f/6.2 was open (1/2000 sec), so part of the picture looks to have some colour at the bottom and at the far end of the frame the building appears as grey;
It would look better if the whole picture was turned to black and white!


*does the camera come with a lens hood? this would be the right opportunity to have it on the lens.

By: jube1969

Nassau Bahama's by jube1969

Nassau Bahama's

Hello Jube,

Be careful with your horizons when you shooting sea; if you take a second look in the frame you will see it leans to the left quite a bit. I know the heat of the moment; you have got one part of the picture perfectly!

I like the capture of the two birds. You can do a heavy crop on the frame which could exclude both of the ships in the lower part of the image (and if so you can then crop vertically the remaining frame from the right at least a third, or a quarter of the total length of the original frame.
Alternatively if you want to keep the boat below the white post where the bird sits you can crop the second boat behind it and on the right.

great colours, bravo

By: jube1969

Wasp pottering on a tree by Alex_Makk

Wasp pottering on a tree

I have an idea of how these insects fly and move, they move fast indeed. So it might have been a good idea to go up to ISO 800. Your aperture was not the widest and I can't say definitely the focus is right banehawi's picture looks sharpened compared to the original. Framing-wise I would prefer the empty space at the bottom of the leaf to be an empty space above the leaf the bee stands on; it sort of has an escape route for the bee to fly out. On the flip side of my comment, no space to escape at the top pins the bee on the leaf. Then a horizontal crop from the bottom would be the option. The side leaves could be dropped off too then.

By: Alex_Makk

Contemplation by 6x4_photography


She's twenty; lots of shades of grey... and no wrinkles Smile
Gorgeous work

By: 6x4_photography

Photo Shoot Castlefield by sueriley

Photo Shoot Castlefield

Lots going on in this frame. Nothing bad with this. Although pure architectural shots don't focus on people, this benefits from the man exercising in the grey sport outfit. But the man in the dark outfit ought to be instructed to do something against a bright background so his figure is clearly visible. If these were your models you could move them where it suits you. The same implies for other club members if you take turns, in posing for each other.

By: sueriley

untitled by artrbn


I think light was a bit high above him, so his eyebrows covered his eyes pupils with shadow.... I think you should have the light behind you not between you and him.

By: artrbn

Teufelsbrucke, Switzerland_2 by jerryiron

Teufelsbrucke, Switzerland_2

What a landscape! what an amount of human work!

I was speechless for a sec, now I can talk I would like to say you can tilt it a bit to the left to come level, just a couple of degrees, I am following the line opposite of you beyond the three arches just below the bridge on top right.
A step backward could have given a bit more of the rocks on the bottom of the frame but I am not sure if we would be able to see the water in the beautifully illuminated part of the pic.

Thanks for sharing, it's beautifully taken.

By: jerryiron

Cleeve Abbey by Trawden

Cleeve Abbey

Hi, nice shooting position and beautiful arches. I like the mono.
I think the eye of the viewer could be held indefinitely if you were cropping the sight of the ''outside'' world and the nature out there; the right side of the entrance should stay but the remaining of the door could go.

By: Trawden

Taxi! by djh698


4 Toyotas in a row, that must be Japan, lol.
Nice framing.

By: djh698

La Grande Belleza Della Natura dilī uomo by Bernabedellamattia

La Grande Belleza Della Natura dilī uomo

I shall not take position. The ones who know I agree have been notified automatically.
The tree falls on the thirds ''rule'' so no problem with it. I am happy I don't drive on these roads.
I could crop horizontally the top 1/7th of the total height of the frame.
Verticals are a funny story, people in light buses are like liquid in a plastic bag, they can shift the balance a bit. Looking straight on the second bus behind the tree I understand a very vertical line on the side of the bus as the man steps off, but hmm the wall with the sign leans a bit to the left, not like the buses on the left side of the picture but the again they carry people, if they sit unevenly on them, they lean. Should we try the bikers? They have to stay upright when they go straight. The one on the back on the right side of the road, who has not leaned to bypass the tree as the rider on the front, seems upright and pretty vertical. It's a busy scene, but the tree takes correctly the main role, I understand from your text that what you wanted to show was the tree growing in the asphalt (or the asphalt growing around the tree). Job done.


By: Bernabedellamattia

Blowin in The Wind - (Bob Dylan) by Disee

Blowin in The Wind - (Bob Dylan)

Great capture of the moment, nice filling of the frame.
Hard to believe that an ISO 100 open at f/2.8 at 1/200 would capture the fall that sharply...
but the end result is beautiful, bravo

By: Disee

Glee! by paulbroad


I quote myself having said for olamii97's picture ''Bliss''

''Capturing the moment can not be always as neat.
Capturing the feeling, to my books, is always treat.''

She is a beautiful young lady in pink dress and she has bright white teeth.
And my first reaction was to think ''Nice face, nice girl, nice picture'' and then I looked at it critically.
She smiles like a ''Crest child''; there must be nothing whiter, lol. I don't hold anything against that.
But I think her left eye (not to us, but her's) has a muscle which is not as strong as the others; as a result she seems to have two eyes focusing on slightly different locations, it can cause double vision sometimes, not funny.
O.K. let's suppose she is cross eyed, a bit. We'd have to dedicate some time to fix this with software. She is still a
beautiful young lady in pink dress and she has bright white teeth. I don't hold anything against that.
It's not the girl. It's the picture. It makes me want to get something more. Is it too much to ask for her whole ear?
I know smiles are not laughs they don't come with sounds. But a greeting, an invisible ''hi'' which can cause a face to smile in response needs an ear to be heard. Then the picture has left me with questions that I think could be answered by a wider frame ''What sort of headgear does she wear? Is this a funny hat?'' I don't know, but she is still a beautiful young lady in pink dress and she has bright white teeth. I don't hold anything against that. Even when this smile is ''fake''. But the hat... has another side effect in the frame. Allowing as much (or less) of it in the picture her eye is not in a position of thirds exactly. A slight crop from the bottom and a bigger from top (bye, bye hat) would have ''elevated'' her eyes to a more natural position.
I have denied myself to look at the metadata so far, I don't know which is this Image Stabilisation lens. Does it matter? Ermmmm maybe. Maybe not.
Exposure is fine, background well out of focus, as a pic it has strong points, ticks some right boxes. and the boxes it does not tick, are the boxes that they are beyond the ''tool''; they are the ones which point back at the ones who look into the frame before they fire the shutter release button.
Yet sometimes, when you go around with young kids, they are the number one priority. If you think too much for a picture you may have them getting lost in the crowds. It's been sometime I have not been in a place like that. Sighs.


By: paulbroad

SHE SHOT by youmightlikethis


Colour for me; reality as it happened. The mono effect made her right (to us) eye socket look darker, near sinister.
I would suggest a tiny vertical crop from the left that excludes the man's left glass from the frame.
Sorry to split a face in two but I think his ''sacrifice'' is collateral damage, a moment later she may had put the camera down.


By: youmightlikethis

Precision Decision by EddieAC

Precision Decision

Nice idea, well lit. I do like the diagonal arrangement.
I have reservations for several things though.
Mechanics can be a dirty job.
I saw today an Alessandra Sanguinetti's picture of a man working in a Siemens factory, focusing on his grey stained white blouse.
A stained white blouse in Japan is an indication that something is going wrong there. But let's not get carried away with it. Just let that inspire us.
Grey is great, it can appear as of magic in your pic when you turn your picture to black and white; this is my first suggestion. It would cause the gold-ish colour of the metal inside the clear plastic handle of the screwdrivers to appear grey. The grey which we said earlier that resembles to dirt Wink
Positioning is another point of my criticism, they need more fine tuning in the frame. The top screwdriver is too close to the edge of the frame, it could be pulled backwards, to the point where the smooth cylinder of the handle starts. Every screwdriver could arranged so that the black metal part of the screwdriver above it starts from the same point. Another issue is the tilting of the flat edges. they are not all laid in a similar manner, you could tilt the ones coming from the right tilting towards the viewers and the ones coming from the left being totally flat on the paper, or tilt as the ones coming from the right.
p.s. Alessandra Sanguinetti is a Magnum photographer

By: EddieAC

Karolina by DCopper


Nice lighting, I am surprised you mention this is a studio, it actually looks like a shot being taken in a veranda on the outside of a house. Or as some would call it a porch, a roof on top but no walls, just pillars supporting it.
I think the part above her head is too much unnecessary space above her head. I imagine that a horizontal cop which would leave the left eye on the verge of a thirds part (between the first and the second pat of the new frame height) would look more appealing and truly focused on her only.

By: DCopper