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You are welcome to look through my pictures and leave comments. All pictures are my copyright.
Critique or advice are always appreciated. As is your time to write it, also.

Similarly, if you think my critique was helpful please remember to nominate it as Constructive Critique. I may not be very as well as I want to be, able to take the pictures I want, but I am happy to make others to improve theirs. Knowledge should be shared for everyone's benefit.

All the best to your photographic journey.
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  • Dandelions

    Ha Smile

    Hi Rebecca I have seen this as it is, an interpretation and an intervention of reality. Awww and the playfulness of the child as well as the fragility of nature and the beginning of the multiplication of life.

    I noticed you used a rather rare camera, Nikon Df with a Sigma Art lens on. So, I trust you wanted the softness and I did soften it further and changed the colours too to remind me painting rather than a picture.

    I may have done too much cropping from the top of her head, ooops! Since it is the Mundial soon I found the opportunity to practice my flip shots just in case someone understands that positioning a subject right or left when no lettering is involved makes little if not any difference at all.

    I bet she would pose again for you! Enjoy it!
    • 22 May 2018 8:01PM
  • Nile river boatman

    Great shot, bravo
    • 21 May 2018 4:17PM
  • at full stretch

    Damn! It looked as if someone had posted for first time a picture from hand-ball😡
    Great action shot
    • 21 May 2018 4:05PM
  • Pep

    Barber's tip: Start shaving the facial hair first, then move to the scalp; if you start the other way around your razor may not cut.
    • 20 May 2018 10:55PM
  • Birds on sticks & birds with cellphones

    Imagine spending some time to make up and then hiding it behind some sunglasses. Worse, paying for brands clothes that fit you badly and looking good naked.
    But hey, good picture.
    • 20 May 2018 10:42PM
  • Rainy Day Graveyard

    Quote:frankly, you need better or more attractive conditions. You are not going to get much fom these dark heavy conditins.


    Paul, what if this was a once in a lifetime visit? Sometimes we have to work with the conditions we have in hand. Am I the only one who views at it and thinks, this is underexposed?

    At the minute I can not access a histogram. But when I read the EXIF data I think the culprit is in the details. 1/640s at ISO 400 and f/9 is the result of the camera (a very expensive camera that is) "seeing" bright sky and going "yep, that's plenty of light, shoot fast and get me outta here".

    It is a balancing act of careful composition and metering and your inquisitive judgement that even with a cheaper camera could help you get the right picture under any of the lighting conditions. If you could put the camera somewhere, even on the trunk door of your car, if it is flat, you could try a longer exposure (and then crop the sky?) or a lower ISO, smaller aperture and a much longer exposure to get an airy sky effect over the cemetery...

    • 19 May 2018 8:40PM
  • Shadowplay

    Awww, Lydia, awww Lydia, the encyclopaedia, Lydia the taaaaattoo lady...

    Hold on folks (und volks) let me find the chap who sung this originally.

    Ladies and gentlemen, let's give our applaud to the great Groucho Marx!
    • 19 May 2018 7:58PM
  • Parenthood

    hey, That dad looks like Charles Bronson (the actor) without the moustache.

    I guess Mrs Bronson may buy you a beard trimmer for your birthday dudler.

    Lovely pictures if a bit dark? I may try a mod later.

    • 18 May 2018 5:07PM
  • Pearls before Swine

    I would like to applaud everyone involved in this, even the unsung make-up artist, if there was one there. It is a common mistake to make the line of the lips bigger than it is actually and sometimes extremely disproportional to the face. Here everything is in good order. Make-up, lighting, settings, model, photographer have come to a nice end result.
    • 18 May 2018 4:59PM
  • Photo duel

    Killer looks Smile.

    It looks like a great moment in time and I bet you both have a very fond memory of this duel.
    A slight ''issue'' if you can call it that way.. I think she should be standing further to the left just in front of the greenery foliage rather than in front of the tree branches, so no ''horns'' come off her head. You would have to readjust the framing but it is lovely to see her in that spring field.
    Colours of green, yellow and blue are such a lovely blend and she is striking out perfectly.

    Did I say ''Killer looks?'' I wouldn't like to be repeating myself. Haha
    • 18 May 2018 4:50PM
  • *** Mom ***

    Hi. I find some resemblance with Dorothea Lang's picture of Florence Thompson during the Great Depression.

    Such a good idea to upload it during Mother's Day.

    I hope you don' t mind me suggesting cropping the car on the left out of the frame. Then notice the irony life of the seated persons with the car sign "UP".

    Excellent take
    • 13 May 2018 11:21PM
  • Don't worry.......I am a vegetarian.

    It looks like a heart attack...
    • 12 May 2018 8:35PM
  • Fields of Rapeseed 2

    See how the cloud becomes folliage! Great composition!
    • 12 May 2018 7:55PM
  • Top Golf

    I like the sculpturesque effect on the bonnet created by the light. Good job Matt.
    • 12 May 2018 7:49PM
  • My home

    Nice edifice and decoration amigo!
    • 12 May 2018 7:39PM
  • Candy Floss

    Amo, amas, amat... or amo as in boombastic really fantastic? Nice day for taking pictures of Candy Floss, ice cream would have melted....
    • 12 May 2018 7:10PM
  • Lurking in the Mist

    Hello Matt.
    It is a good image; I liked the light and the composition. But I kept wondering if there is something else to give it another feel. It is mostly down to colour (or framing -you could reduce the amount of foreground a bit-) I assume. I attempted a black and white mono which in theory is a perfectly acceptable alternative, but then the mono reminded me diesel fumes, tar, and VW dieselgate, especially as the car is a VW. So I was wondering which would be the best colour for the car to be: a light blue (called Teal Blue by VW) or a bronze colour what VW calls Turmeric Yellow or a red (Tornado Red for VW). But if the owner insists with Black, wow, your work in the paint room is already finished Smile

    • 11 May 2018 7:54PM

    Well shot from low level. That Toyota was called Celica during rallying for WRC. Nice duotone colour.
    • 11 May 2018 1:58PM
  • Playful mood

    Let me guess, this is not a picture for selling the chair is it? (as a bit is missing)
    • 10 May 2018 4:54PM
  • Looking Back (under fire)

    Hi. It's a bit shaken but when you under fire the earth is shaking, lol
    • 10 May 2018 4:51PM
  • asleep, on a boat

    the sound of the waves can put you to sleep, do you know?
    • 10 May 2018 4:48PM
  • a bit selfish, but today is my birthday

    Happy birthday! You deserved that rest, rave party next? Coooool.
    • 10 May 2018 4:46PM
  • Cassie

    just seen this in the VS mode, so well combined details!
    excellent result!
    • 8 May 2018 11:00PM
  • Lake kerkini

    it leans a bit to the right but it's still a moment of sheer magic and a beautiful picture.
    • 8 May 2018 10:25PM
  • The Terminator ...

    Now, now, now, I see you have an awesome working relationship Smile
    • 8 May 2018 10:23PM
  • Granny's glass

    It is a sentimental find, well shot. Some old people leave their false teeth in them.
    • 7 May 2018 12:49PM
  • help me please..

    Haha 😁
    • 7 May 2018 12:40PM
  • Pheasant

    Great to see an "en face" picture of them. Well shot raw, I suppose, (as in "not cooked".)
    • 7 May 2018 12:38PM
  • Caitlin

    • 7 May 2018 12:49AM
  • Life is short. Do the photoshoot!

    Quote:Superbly shot, excellent composition and idea.

    I would likely see a corrected image so the window edges are vertical thou please


    It's a challenge to find the verticals when curves are featured in the frame.

    • 6 May 2018 9:27PM