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pablophotographer's Gallery Comments

pablophotographer > pablophotographer Recent Activity > pablophotographer's Gallery Comments
Lost by adrian2208


strong image, the colours blend together but I am not deciphering the mono treatment on the person, is this the attempt to represent ''bleak'' in colour?

By: adrian2208

Almost wiser... by justwilliam

Almost wiser...

I like it, they must be looking at the announcements board....?

By: justwilliam

Art Deco Singapore Style by StevenBest

Art Deco Singapore Style


By: StevenBest

Sarah. by topol


Nice lighting, beautiful model, excellent blend of colours and setting, bravo!

By: topol

Is it Beef? by paulbroad

Is it Beef?

The girls associates with the situation, keep her in Paul.
Top right corner light bulbs can go, they make the frame look skewed...

By: paulbroad

Happy! by paulbroad


Hi Paul;

I could have suggested a wider aperture, a vertical frame, the cropping of the man with the sunglasses from the left and the ''erasing of the lady with the fuchsia top on the right'' and ''building her'' with more of the bricks behind her. AITTODE.

So my very practical advice to do - in DT time - is to get rid of the plain grey wall on the right even if cuts the bowl with sugar in the middle.


By: paulbroad

Batman Takes The Plunge by TXS

Batman Takes The Plunge

Hi Terry,
You are right, location is important. It works for houses and retail shops why not work for photography too? Location, Location, Location!
You seem you have learned the tactics of how to make your picture good. Study the terrain and the race, learn to anticipate the action and shoot!
Yes, you do right to choose spots mode (for starters). Go home study the metadata of the frames and see how you can replicate them.
Same event next yea, same weather most likely so try 3 in sports mode one with Manual mode with the settings you know that give you good results.
On this frame I would crop the water from the top. I would leave doughole, water and Batman be the only and relevant parts, no flower stems, no nearby rivers, just the muddy waters, a bit of terrain and Batman. Did his car run out of petrol again? Damn' taxes!


Old Time Country by TXS

Old Time Country

It is a great position you have got him in the frame.
I see he was lit with a spotlight, they tend to be very powerful ones but camera has done a good job.
I say camera because I see you had let the camera take over by choosing the Portrait scene mode. I understand this camera is not an entry model, but a camera aimed to enthusiasts. It has handled the scene nicely and I do like the hints of the stage presence, like the blue line straight to his white hat. Does the camera come with face recognition and detection capability? Worth using it at these circumstances!
I noticed from the camera details that the ISO can go up to an astronomical figure of 12,800... I think you should at some time attempt to take over from the camera by using manual settings. Set the ISO to 800 or 1600 if necessary, set the aperture then and try to get the right balance between a well lit image and a still frame. I think you may be allowed to use a monopod, or in case they do not allow them use a long piece of string below your feet connected to the camera which you stretch with your hands. Apply minimal hand contact with the lens, keep it with your fingers, not your palm, as bigger contact surface increases the chances of camera shake. I think here you have a soft-ish face. Probably because there is some movement of his hands on the guitar and his face as he sings. Given the circumstances I would say it's good but it can become sharper.


How Not to Do It! by paulbroad

How Not to Do It!

I think this picture should be shown in the normal gallery. Not for the votes, you can rule that out by ticking the correct box while uploading it, but for getting the chance to have reply from members randomly. I notice pictures who have been commented by other members even outside the critique gallery. You might get more views there.

I don't think I see the horizontal bar in his frame but what he has shot is his own business.

Other things aside he may have a more interesting subject in his frame, shaken or stirred.

I wonder if the focus of this image should have been moved from the photographer's head to the camera screen itself. That would prove a challenge actually, to get his shot becoming visible despite the reflection. I would think a UV filter would help. Anyone knows how? please let us know.


By: paulbroad

Contemplation by mpan66


Hi, the lighting is very good.
And the tones as well.
I sense form the picture that the model was a bit unprepared, or not fully relaxed. She seems to have pulled the toes of her left foot inwards, it could be a sign of nervousness. Her left hand conceals her genitalia in the form of a fist rather than an open palm, gestures which display enough relaxation and confidence. Before you release the shutter you should be making sure that even little details are taken care of, it could mean more direction from your part, if the model is an amateur be patient and polite, instruct her how to pose, mimic the movement as a last resort.

By: mpan66

Katie by jwc66uk


I think you picture could have looked more prominent if the background was not as bright as it is now; actually a black background would suit it very well too!

By: jwc66uk

Boomer by TXS


Hello Terry, welcome aboard.

It's a decent picture of a very fast moving pet while performing a timed task. Moira has mentioned a lot about the picture itself, so it could not be good to be repetitive. I have not looked at your profile so I do not know your level of skill you believe you have.

I see from the metadata you have used the ''Action scene''. I suspect your picture here is cropped , please do give us feedback so we both get to understand photography a little bit more. Did I say both? I should have said ''all'' meaning all of us who will get to see the picture and try to understand it better so we improve our skills.

I would suggest you though to try to avoid try using the scene modes as you can learn more by taking control of the camera yourself, rather than letting camera decide critical parameters, like ISO for example. Here, despite of all the huge experience and knowledge the people in Canon have, the camera has chosen a rather slow sensitivity to light. As a direct result the picture would take longer to be recorded by the sensor. ISO setting I allows you to set the sensitivity of your camera's sensor to light. Low ISO values like 25, 50. 100, 125 should be used when there is plenty of light, a good sunny day outdoors and the subject of the frame is motionless. A 200 ISO could be chosen for cloudy overcast days and outdoors, while the 400, 800 and above for indoors, heavy overcast days, evenings, nights, indoors, and sport scenes. Of course the light your sensor will need to gather will be influenced by the Aperture you choose. Open at f/1.8 for example a lens will gather light faster than if it was set at f/16, where the blades close down. I listen many people returning from tutors who tell them to use their cameras in Aperture Priority Mode (A). There is some true in the validity of this, as the setting of the Aperture value will allow the Depth of field in the frame. But, Try first to grasp the issue of Light and set the correct ISO corresponding to the lighting conditions and then set the Aperture. People tend to forget that at the times of film photography the first thing you pondered was what film sensitivity (ISO) to choose to load your camera with. And then you set the aperture.

Sport or fast moving action pictures require high sensitivity to light and thus high ISO. If you are new to photography I would suggest you do more still shots in the beginning so you grasp the issues of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed settings and their interrelation.



Something from the Airshow by alistairfarrugia

Something from the Airshow

Quite a maneuver, if you take into consideration they are propeller planes and the propeller of the bottom plane must not hit the plane above it.

and Quite a picture too!

votes dropped!

By: alistairfarrugia

Harpooner 3 by Philip_H

Harpooner 3


By: Philip_H

JUST A COUPLE OF SMILES by youmightlikethis



Companies perform their marketing strategies and good marketing creates perceptions in matters of importance.
I see you are wondering if the picture is sharp. Did you use autofocus? Did you focus manually? How may focusing points did you ask your camera to work on?
These are questions which you are the only one who knows the answer.
As far as I know form Indian dancing, dancers make some ''stops'' between dancing positions. Pay attention to your subjects to get to know when they may pause, take note of the music, try to get into the rhythm. Shoot when they are still. You may have the chance to use slower shutter speed to allow more light hitting the sensor. Thus you would have less noise; because I believe your picture has quite some noise especially on the curtains behind the dancers.
The frame looks to tight to me, it is a crop isn't it? I would be tempted to shoot this vertically.
Colours are not many or vibrant or important in teh scene so either version, in colour or black and white, would do.


By: youmightlikethis

888 ST by kombizz

888 ST


good blend of foreground and background Smile

(would look good in square format too with some of the windows from the left being left out of the frame)


By: kombizz

Bee on flower by celtxian

Bee on flower


I wonder if this was the best angle to shoot it; Yes I see the profile of the bee, but the blurred foreground of the flower doesn't help me focus on the part where the bee was working. The chosen aperture has blurred the background for sure but if this was the case why not shoot the picture from the back of the bee? The bee and the flower part she is working on would be in focus and everything else blurred. Your choice, your decision, and I respect that.


By: celtxian

fennec fox by arnieg

fennec fox

Don't they call this Anubis?
Great find.

By: arnieg

Sizes! by paulbroad


Hi Paul.
I agree with sooty on this. To the letter.
The scene, as it is set, doesn't work for me; not because of its exploited subject.
If it was to be humourous both girls were to be past the man who looks to the right.
Of course, each one of us is free to pick their subjects.
I will give merit to the camera for exposure.

By: paulbroad

Tower Bridge by Nigeyboy

Tower Bridge

it did work indeed, bravo

By: Nigeyboy

Untitled by JeffHubbardPhotography


I like the fact it is in black and white (and that's it). Aww, no; the exposure is good too.

It looks like a staged photo for a album cover of a music group which could be called ''Legion of Lovers'' LoL (for short, as we say NATO).

Girl gets issued with an electric guitar, or even better a sitar (pacifist organ).
No Drum organs or Clarinets, Flutes, Trombones, Trumpets, whatsoever! They are forbidden!
Leg position can stay the same. She can salute though with her hand, why should only Benny Hill do so?

Man loses the necklace. It is to be replaced with a ''tomb sign ID'' with shorter chain. Peace icon on Tee-Shirt is to be clearly visible not hidden by other ''camouflage''. The ''I love kisses'' medal moves from chest to the top of his Hat. Ir you represent something you have it on your hat. Monty had two on his beret. This private can have one, but not none. He is to stay un-armed. Or hand him a mic!

''This is not a Drill.''
It's a Hammer.

By: JeffHubbardPhotography

Dictionary 2015 by shadow_photo

Dictionary 2015

Killer doors Sad
Once upon a time I had my elbow caught between them,
they took my breath away
Great framing tavaric!

By: shadow_photo

Canal Walker by bouic

Canal Walker

I think it requires a slight clockwise rotation a couple of degrees so it comes to look leveled.
Beautiful black and white pic, bravo

By: bouic

Loch Na Ba Ruaidhe Sunset by iainmacd

Loch Na Ba Ruaidhe Sunset

Why would the sky need to be dramatic?
I don't mind it when it looks just beautiful.

By: iainmacd

View from the grotto by Lord Byron. Portovenere. Liguria by jerryiron

View from the grotto by Lord Byron. Portovenere. Liguria

Hello Alexander,
I think your pictures need less critique and more praise....
I agree with Niknut. Anyway Smile
Did you shoot this picture whilst standing or kneeling? There is something with the horizon being located on the exact spot on this frame.
If I were to change something in the picture it would be the perspective. The horizon sits on the 4th of the 7 rudimentary horizontal stripes of it. Very close to the middle...
So, in a bold suggestion I would tear the bottom two 7ths or deduct one 7th from both top and bottom of the frame.
It sounds pity but you always have the superb original too!
best regards,

By: jerryiron

The resort by k2

The resort

Hello Kypros.
I think you try to say too much here. It is a resort. But I fail to associate with it. Probably it's a matter of what background I have and where I come from. Nothing beats natural to my opinion and this pic if it was on a brochure to attract me spending holidays there, it would have failed.
The exposure looks proper to me. But as a whole, it does not convey any sort of ''feeling''. The human beings are too small to depict any facial expressions. I see you used an 85mm prime lens, nothing wrong with primes you just have to zoom in with your feet. and what I can think of it being able as a frame to convey some feeling would be if this frame was part of a diptych, with the other frame being a close up portrait of a holidaymaker who enjoyed themselves in this environment.

By: k2

Jamie by carinebelzon


It is actually, bravo

By: carinebelzon

Asha Mireille - London Tattoo Show - September 2015 by nellacphoto

Asha Mireille - London Tattoo Show - September 2015

A blossoming beauty.
I am surprised that f/8.0 has created such a blurred background. Is ISO 200 the lowest your camera offers? The lighting situation was tricky, bright background, model in shadow. I think you should get a reading from her with a spot metering rather than multi-segment. It would be good to blow all the intrusive elements of the back into light explosion Smile
Alternatively, you could frame it with a portrait orientation, more of her, less of the background faces and excessive light. The cut-off is a bit harsh at the bottom of teh frame whereas the positioning of the model creates an interesting hairstyle statement which seem to work well with the occasion.

By: nellacphoto

Battle of the Bottle and the Box - Drowning by LucyRabbit

Battle of the Bottle and the Box - Drowning

And the Piano has been drinking, not me.

By: LucyRabbit

Say Cheese! by Paintman

Say Cheese!

great moment capture, bravo!

By: Paintman