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You are welcome to look through my pictures and leave comments. All pictures are my copyright.
Critique or advice are always appreciated. As is your time to write it, also.

Similarly, if you think my critique was helpful please remember to nominate it as Constructive Critique. I may not be very as well as I want to be, able to take the pictures I want, but I am happy to make others to improve theirs. Knowledge should be shared for the benefit of everyone.

All the best to your photographic journey.
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  • Alfred Hitchcock & Goose shot by Albert Watson

    I guess you have seen this 1973 black and white photo where Alfred Hitchcock in a tuxedo holding the dead goose by the neck with his right hand while using his left arm to present it to you. The photograph was casted again years later (2014) by John ...

    22 Apr 2016 4:18PM | Read


    Views : 339

  • The U-shaped football pitch is awesome for photos!

    Great News! Following increasing pressure from the body of professional photographers, FiFA is considering a new pitch design for Europe, Australia and Americas which will allow photographers to shoot impressive action shots left to right, as people...

    5 Apr 2016 2:59PM | Read


    Views : 440

  • If it rained tears

    If it rained tears Each time love dies If it rained tears Each time hearts (feel heavy by) weigh(t) Across all the land For forty days in a row Bitter tears Would have flooded the towers If it rained tears When a child dies If it rained tears When...

    19 Feb 2016 1:42AM | Read


    Views : 455

  • Thanks ephotozine!

    I hope all who were lucky in the 2015 prize draws enjoy their gifts for a long time. May all EPZers have a strong health and enjoy life with or without a camera! pablophotographer

    11 Jan 2016 8:56PM | Read


    Views : 224

  • Any news from Marabon anyone?

    Hi folks, I have realised that I have not seen any of the characteristic pictures of Marabon in ephotozine lately. I know he was uploading stuff shot five or six years ago but does anyone have a clue where is he now? Any contact maybe? Thanks! pablop...

    20 Dec 2015 4:38PM | Read


    Views : 397

  • Some people like betting...

    ...and they play for the money, or the thrills. Money can not buy you health. So you can bet I don't do betting. Photography gives me sufficient thrills. I stood in the rain preparing the camera (film SLR loaded with black and white film) under the ...


    24 Nov 2015 5:01PM | Read


    Views : 333

  • It keeps going strong

    Despite having received various bumps here and there. It has dints, date clock stopped at about 10 years ago, but my Nikon RD2, automatic rangefinder with a fixed 35mm lens, can make me still proud and happy. To the loving memory of the kind soul of ...

    20 Nov 2015 10:32PM | Read


    Views : 364

  • ''This is not a Drill''. It's a Hammer.

    The subject title has been used in my latest critique of a picture today, 01 Oct 2015. Care to find it in ephotozine? Finders Keepers. Peace. pablophotographer

    1 Oct 2015 12:28AM | Read


    Views : 333

  • Images for 4th of July are now ready.

    Check my portfolio on that date ;) pablophotographer

    2 Jul 2015 2:37PM | Read


    Views : 674

  • Remembering Kurt Vonnegut

    ''Go into the arts. I'm no kidding. The arts are nit a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven's sake. Sing in the showe...

    17 Jun 2015 11:55PM | Read


    Views : 315

  • Looking at pictures. Try this at home!

    It is some time now I am reading people's comments about how people look at a picture and where their glance falls first. A plethora of people tend to think that people ''read pictures'' from left to right. I am not convinced. I was sent an aca...

    28 May 2015 4:03AM | Read


    Views : 430

  • How to create double exposure on film SLRs

    Hello everyone. I am over the moon having found how to create double exposures on film with my modest SLR camera :) After having taken one shot as normal, I push the film release button found on the bottom of the camera, wind up the shutter and tak...

    18 Dec 2014 5:31PM | Read


    Views : 361

  • Is Leica M Edition 60 a future Classic?

    It is not long ago that I blogged about future Classic cameras. What special features could they have, or have not? Leica has caused a stir following its decision of to produce a digital camera that LACKS the REAR LCD SCREEN. I honestly believe th...

    6 Nov 2014 1:25AM | Read


    Views : 372

  • Make a stop to Lucerne to shoot it!

    Hello all, if you live or visit Lucerne, Switzerland, do not miss the chance to shoot this publicly displayed sculpture called ''Tension-Energy'' (by K. Varotsos) which was recently voted the best outdoors sculpture to grace a Swiss road by the p...

    14 Apr 2014 7:03PM | Read


    Views : 355

  • Ancestors

    Hello all. Yesterday I took a stroll on the park. The camera was in the shoulder bag I was carrying. I shot three frames on film but actually I shot another two from a mobile phone. A lady was at the park I was visiting taking pictures of a statu...

    7 Mar 2014 2:43AM | Read


    Views : 790