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We live on a fascinating but small and fragile planet. If your eyes are ‘open’ as you pass through it (many photographers are), you too may be awed by the beauty it holds and consider how you can be a part of preserving it for future generations. I hope to do this through my images. Enjoy them, make comment, learn as I do from others but most of all take away a respect for all that exists on this planet. We are but parts of a system and need it all.
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  • I intend to be there but not sure of a time yet Smile
    Les Binns
  • An alternative to Bridge would be FastStone which can be easily set up to launch an image to the editing suite of your choice with a double click. FastStone is an image management and editing app that is free to download (Google will readily find the download page) and use and will happily handle most RAW image files. Smile