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charlesym 18 4 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2020 9:08PM
What a beautiful portfolio. Super talented.
gill_f 18 122 England
8 Jan 2019 10:10PM
Just taken a look at your portfolio. Beautiful pictures - especially like the bird shots.
Nouche 6 4 Switzerland
30 Mar 2016 7:24AM
Stunning portfolio here. What a great diversity of images. I passed a very enjoyable moment of viewing, thanks!
stuart1963 10 272 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2014 5:38PM
Brilliant pfGrinGrinGrin
Mozzytheboy 11 710 4 United Kingdom
3 Nov 2013 9:14PM
I'll only 'focus' (no pun intentional) on your 'shroom' shots as I'm just drooling over the bird ones. Each one is a true work of art with liberal amounts of brilliance and mastery stirred in. Just one thing: do PLEASE keep uploading!

Paintman Plus
15 1.5k 180 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2013 5:48PM
Thanks Geoff, much appreciatedSmile

Regards, Alan.
Geofferz 13 1 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2013 5:40PM
You have an incredible portfolio....well done.........

ColleenA Plus
10 503 8 Australia
29 Mar 2013 6:10AM
Just viewed your portfolio, some stunning images, well doneGrinGrin
pieaddict 15 73 United Kingdom
13 Sep 2012 6:24AM
fantastic pf, just lost a hour of work looking on here
Cor 13 Belgium
14 Mar 2012 4:57PM
Superb PF. Congratulations.
Paintman Plus
15 1.5k 180 United Kingdom
6 Mar 2012 10:01PM
A big thank you to everyone who's commented on my portfolio photos. I keep forgetting this bit's at the bottom of the page so I don't get to thank you all personally when you comment, sorry about that.

Kind regards, Alan.
paulknight 12 2 9 New Zealand
4 Mar 2012 9:52PM
Beautiful collection here Alan! Wow!
Thanks for your comments on my latest upload, "Broken." The softness you mention on the trunk and branches, may result from the conversion for the web and subsequent quality reduction by ephotozine, as the uploaded file was probably a bit bigger than it should have been. The original prints ok at 48.5. cm.
southpole 11 64 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2012 6:51PM
Fantastic portfolio I seem to recognise your username from somewhere else?? not sure where

netta1234 10 382 2 Wales
23 Feb 2012 10:06PM
Fantastic!!!!!I really enjoy looking at your photos
steveo12 10 11 England
10 Feb 2012 10:15PM
Thank you for your vote on my picture,I have only had a DSLR for a couple of months so i am super happy that someone with your talent would think mine was worth the vote, I love your photo,s they inspire me to try more with my camera which i will be doing.
Thanks Again.
bagman 11 65 United States
4 Nov 2011 3:14AM
An large diverse collection of superb photos so very well done . the quality of your photo,s was tremendous appreciated as i viewed your p/f
best wish,s with photography to come.
chavender Plus
11 538 2 France
3 Oct 2011 8:36PM
Inspirational portfolio. Superb work!

stokesy 11 8 Scotland
26 Jun 2011 3:23PM
thanks for your vote today I really like your varied p/f and take your vote as a compliment, ronnie
jongjeank 11 1 Korea
12 May 2011 7:12PM
very nice images
please have look private message box
3 May 2011 12:30AM
Superb Work!

BillyGoatGruff 15 191 199 England
19 Apr 2011 11:11AM
Excellent work, Alan.

I'll be back.....frequently!

Jon.H 20 19 England
21 Mar 2011 10:14PM
Great portfolio with nice mix of subject matter. Love the movement within your landscapes & top lighting throughout.

Karen_Summers 13 8 1 United Kingdom
7 Mar 2011 8:56PM
Some stunning images here, really enjoyed viewing them
TickRoe 13 3 5 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2011 9:34PM
Great Portfolio Alan. The mushroom shots are awesome!

jackitec 14 16 Spain
7 Jan 2011 7:45PM
Super portfolio Alan, not much room for anymore though,
wolfy 18 36 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2010 7:42PM
Superb collection of shots Alan, long time since you posted tho Sad
As a newcomer to the club i can see that i have a long way and a lot of learning to do to get up to standered. Brilliant portfolio.
Regards brian
Tynnwrlluniau Plus
12 112 39 Wales
23 Nov 2010 4:08PM
A beautiful and vibrant collection of images. I enjoyed viewing your pf hugely.
Suehh 15 39 6 England
22 Sep 2010 10:25PM
An amazing PF - so many stunning images.

5 Sep 2010 11:09AM
Enjoyed very much browsing thru your portfolio, cheers Mark.
Ananda 13 India
26 Aug 2010 11:08PM

Quote:A PF worth anyones time, glorious landscapes and as an animal lover some of the finest horse shots you can see anywhere. A joy to view even although I apologize for been late to view such wonders.

Wonderful Portfolio.
lianna 12 13 United Kingdom
18 Jun 2010 9:53PM
This is a stunning portfolio, amazing colours!! x x x
d_image 13
14 Jun 2010 8:37AM
Fine collection of images in your portfolio. Beautiful and evocative landscapes.

jken 16 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2010 5:33PM
What a stunning body of work Alan, superb quality.

User_Removed 19 39 6 Scotland
20 Feb 2010 9:48AM
A PF worth anyones time, glorious landscapes and as an animal lover some of the finest horse shots you can see anywhere. A joy to view even although I apologize for been late to view such wonders.
peppercorn 12 4 England
14 Feb 2010 7:02AM
Super pf a real diversity of pictures.

Thankyou for your modification on my picture, really pleased with it, and thankyou for your advice...

Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
30 Jan 2010 10:58AM
Alan what a great portfolio, have enjoyed my trip through
but the photo called Fire and Water is amazing
great work
gary_d 14 576 13 Wales
16 Nov 2009 11:37PM
First time to see your P/F and what a treat some 1st class work, very impressed indeed.

ade_mcfade 18 15.2k 216 England
20 Jun 2009 12:56PM
1. What do you like of their PF (if you do)?

This shot just stands out to me - lovely processing, quirky angle, makes you smile instantly. Sadly overlooked cause it's mono I fear.

Not really seen this portfolio before, and from the thumbs you initially think "another colourful sunset tog - yawn".

But on closer inspection you start to find clever foregrounds that have more than many of the genre - things like this old farm impliment make me look twice, it's far more interesting than the usual rocky outcrop foreground we're so used to.

The use of the little fault line in this rock is pretty impressive

There's still life in there, very nicely done and a genre that I certainly struggle with.

Finally, I was impressed with this little series on some old derelict looking houses - - brave to put post shots of such a challenging subject (for EPZ).

Another thing that stands out is that the shots look "real", not fallen foul of the Saturation slider in Capture one! Also, the white balance looks like a real scene, not artificially warmed for effect.

2. What do you think is lacking in their PF?

it's not missing a great deal - I don't think we should all be covering every genre of photography by default after all. the landscapes are fairly uniform, formulaic maybe. Lately they seem to concentrate on the colour of the sky reflected in water (which is a really nice thing to capture of course, I do it) which deprives us of the clever foregrounds that I pointed out in section 1.

3. How do you think they can improve their PF?

One thing with the watery reflections is that the foregrounds can look really dark relative to the sky, so maybe you're not getting the most from the genre. I know it's a cliche, but maybe some more grad would even up the scene a bit so your water and sky are about the same brightness/colourfulness.

there's a clear improvement in the portfolio - stands out a mile when you go back 4 or 5 pages to the page with loads of boat shots on.

The bleached wood shots are great, the mono brings out the textures really nicely, so I'd think there's a flare for seeing detail that's maybe not so obvious - so more of that may be a route to think of.

Finally - the landscapes are obviously the main feature, I'd suggest just keep trying to make them that bit different than the crowd - not sure how you'd do it, but just keep thinking "have I seen this before" when looking through the view finder. If you have, then you're not being individual and following.

4. What do you like to see in their PF?

Natural mono abstract and detail shots (see bleached wood shots)

5. Whose work would you recommend them to have a look at (if you know any)?

I'm really bad at this question... I never really look at other people's stuff! Terrible I know, but honest!
Steve-T Plus
15 56 66 England
19 Apr 2009 10:50AM
Superb portfolio of landscapes
phototwink 16 18 3 Scotland
18 Apr 2009 8:48PM
You have some amazing images here - only had time to scratch the surface, but will definitely be back for another look!
Paintman Plus
15 1.5k 180 United Kingdom
18 Mar 2009 10:14PM
Nice one STeague. High CarumbaSmile

Cheers Steve, Paul, Val, Rod Terry, Pete, Ade John and Dawn for your kind comments.

sjteague 14 147 1 Wales
18 Mar 2009 9:40PM
What I wanted to say was.

"you have a very good pf, cheers"...... d'oh
sjteague 14 147 1 Wales
18 Mar 2009 9:39PM
Have you have a very good pf, cheers
sppepper 13 2 United Kingdom
5 Mar 2009 7:44AM
Your portfolio is amazing. Consistently brilliant work. Plenty of variety. A pleasure to view.
21 Jan 2009 10:34PM
First class portfolio like your work

ValSaxby 16 146 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2008 6:54PM
A really stunning portfolio - a true master at work. I will be back again this is a the type of work I aspire to. Val
doryram 13 United Kingdom
25 Sep 2008 8:38PM
Made it to page 17 of your portfolio, you obviously get around a bit and nice to see my old neck of the woods represented i.e, Lynton & Lynmouth re N. Devon. Absoloutely stunning portfolio, can only hope to get close with time. Rod
18 Sep 2008 5:58PM
Excellent PF.
videotec 14 8 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2008 10:17AM
Thanks Alan for your comments about the (Who you lookin at)Pigeon on the Fence.,
I appreciate any comment being a Beginner.
I can now see what you mean.
Kestrel 14
11 Aug 2008 9:01PM
Ye Gods, Landscapes to die for. Absolutely speechless.

robway 17 318 Wales
17 Jul 2008 7:26PM
Have enjoyed having a look round your PF. I am highly impressed by your ability to produce such superb low light landscapes which are amazing. A very high quality PF.

dawnmichelle 15 12 United States
15 Jul 2008 4:16PM
your work is them all... so look forward to seeing more of your work
Paintman Plus
15 1.5k 180 United Kingdom
6 Jul 2008 6:52PM
Thanks for your kindly words Kev, Himanshu, Mike and Leon. Hopefully I can keep up and improve my standards.

Kind regards, Alan.
LeonSLR 14 1 Wales
3 Jul 2008 4:45PM
What a superb range of shot's well done allan!!!!!!
This is from a Valley's boy.

MikeRC 17 3.6k United Kingdom
1 Jul 2008 11:52PM
Hi have some terrific shots in your pf.
I am particularily impressed by the shot of the two bugs doin' it :

2himanshu 14 23 United Kingdom
16 Jun 2008 9:23AM
Thanx for ur comment cause I got to see such a nice pf.
Dinney 14 2 England
29 May 2008 6:35AM
Just looked at your PF, Cracking pictures. Love the skies and reflections. You have a good eye for composition.
Paintman Plus
15 1.5k 180 United Kingdom
23 Apr 2008 6:58PM
Martyn, Chris and Wil, thank you kindly for your encouraging comments. I hope I wasn't too brutal with my comments Wil.

Kind regards, Alan.
Stewy 15 103 2 England
21 Apr 2008 8:10PM
Only just discovered your work Alan. Some great stuff in your PF. Will add you to my favourites.

18 Apr 2008 12:12AM
Hi Alan,
Ist class portfolio with such a wide variety of subject matter. Another one to Aspire to.

Regards Chris
Beautiful portfolio from a talented photographer. Alan was also kind enough to give detailed comments to one of my not so good photos. It prompted me to withdraw my photo but certainly keep Alan's comment. This man shows what this is all about. I am grateful. Wil
Paintman Plus
15 1.5k 180 United Kingdom
13 Apr 2008 1:10PM
Thank you for your kind comments on my portfolio everyone, very much appreciated.

Rgds, Alan.
FredF 15 1 France
1 Feb 2008 10:51AM
Great portfolio, with some superb lanscape. Superb photos.

helenlinda Plus
15 374 22 United Kingdom
26 Dec 2007 7:52AM
I particularly like your lanndscapes, but your portfolio holds some varied and interesting close up shots too.
A pleasure to look through
_Helena_ 15 596 1 United States
4 Jul 2007 12:20AM
Hi there Alan,
Stopped by to thank you for the great mod you did on my abbey pic, love how you straightened it right up for me, nicely done! But I got lost in your portfolio and almost forgot why I came LOL. Love your insect and butterfly shots, the closeup work you do is really great imo. Keep up the good work!
NickParry 16 1.0k 79 Wales
13 May 2007 10:46PM
Some lovely close up work in the portfolio. Also like the landscapes. Nick
12 May 2007 11:37AM
Fantastic portfolio, results I can only dream of at the moment! Certainly makes me want to keep at it!
J J.
Gaz_H 15 150 1 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2007 9:00AM
A superb portfolio Alan, I love your early morning photos and your use of light.

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