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I wish you a very warm welcome to my bit of the web and hope you find something of interestSmile
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A quick view of Paintman's recent activity.

  • Mandarin Duck

    A big thank you to bobpaige 1, SpiritDarco, tedtoop and Pollyjc for your UA's, very much appreciatedSmile

    • 8 Feb 2016 5:48PM
  • Great Crested Grebe

    Thanks for your UA M_squared, gratefully receivedSmile

    • 24 Jan 2016 7:18PM
  • Emilia

    Excellent photography.

    • 23 Jan 2016 7:24PM
  • Lapwing

    Appreciate the UA Tony, thanksSmile

    • 23 Jan 2016 7:21PM
  • complex

    I'm assuming the meaning behind this image is to do with body dysmorphia, self identity, isolation and self worth. These are the meanings I'm reading from this and I think it is an excellent image in that respect.

    • 10 Jan 2016 2:27PM
  • sunset

    I can see why you wanted to photograph this lovely sunset.

    You are looking for a critique of your photography I see from the Forum and your portfolio, so here goesSmile

    You need to work on your composition. It looks as if you saw the sunset and shot it from that position without trying to find a better spot and height ( higher or lower ) to photograph from. This has resulted in the edge of a window or the building being included in the photo. This does not help the photo at all. You need to look around the edges of the view finder and remove distractions by re-positioning yourself or moving those distractions. Try to think about what will enhance the subject and the meaning of the photo and eliminate anything that distracts from this.

    For low light work use a tripod and a cable release ( or use the timer release on your camera ) so you can keep the photo sharp and reduce camera shake. This photo looks as if it was taken from a moving vehicle as nothing is sharp and shows some horizontal blurring.

    You will need to understand about dynamic range, how much DR your camera can photograph and how a cameras' exposure meter 'sees' to produce a meter reading.

    DR is the amount of stops from the darkest dark to the lightest light a scene has. This scene has a DR far greater than your camera can handle so the ground is blocked out to pure black with no shadow detail at all. The lightest areas of the sky has little or no detail and is 'blown out'. The exposure looks to be too dark overall. This has happened because your cameras' exposure meter has been 'fooled' by the very bright sky and reduced the exposure reading. A camera will expose a scene by seeing all the tones, colours, lights and darks as if it were 18% grey, so a predominantly light scene will be under exposed and a dark scene will be over exposed. Try photographing a white piece of paper and a black piece of paper and see what happens. Both will appear grey rather than white or black. To overcome this try using your cameras' exposure compensation feature.

    Using a tripod you could have taken two photos of this scene, one exposed correctly for the sky and one exposed for the ground and then blended them in a Photoshop type program. Another way would be to use Graduated Neutral Density filters in front of the lens to modify the amount of light entering the lens to balance the bright sky and the dark ground so detail can then be seen in both the sky and the ground.

    Look at these links for examples of very good landscape photography. They are very good at composition, exposure and are of a very high standard so you can learn a lot from them.

    Mark Broughton



    There are many more great landscape photographers on epz, these quickly came to mind.

    I hope some of this helps and is only an opinion and not meant to offend.

    • 2 Jan 2016 8:56PM
  • An excellent portfolio, very professional work.

    • Posted on revilo's profile
    • 1 Jan 2015 9:10AM
  • You have some great photos in an excellent portfolio of work. Very accomplished photography.

    • Posted on ChazB's profile
    • 14 May 2013 8:56PM
  • A superb portfolio of very well composed, observed moments and light. A pleasure to look atSmileSmile

    • Posted on ignasi's profile
    • 18 Mar 2013 6:54PM
  • A superb portfolio of quality work. It shows a great deal of commitment and skill on your part.

    Regards, Alan.
    • Posted on Steve_S's profile
    • 22 Jan 2012 7:42PM
  • Your photography is highly impressive and shows skill and passion for your subjects. An excellent portfolio and website.

  • A fantastic portfolio of quality photos and excellent compositions. Talented work.

  • A fantastic portfolio with so many stunning shots, a real pleasure to look through.

  • Fantastic aviation photography, particularly the Raptor. A gem of a portfolio and one that really should have received more attention.

  • I'm highly impressed by the quality, passion and vision of your photography. I've seen more of your work on another site and it's stunning. I think we're all in for a treat in the coming monthsSmile

    Regards, Alan.
  • A great portfolio and some outstanding mono work. The composition and selection of the elements in the final photos are first rate. A portfolio I shall gladly return to and learn from.