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Photo Albums - pamelajean


Hello! Welcome to my humble and eclectic portfolio.
I only upload a picture once a week, so do pop in for a look around now and again.
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PaulCox Avatar
16 Sep 2022 11:10AM
You have very good portfolio I like particularly those of geometric patterns, keep up the interesting variations. Paul.
Nigeltraveller Avatar
Thankyou for vote on failed dreams .As you say the marble won ,shipped to london I think it thawed and arrived as dust.
GwB Avatar
GwB Plus
3 119 United Kingdom
4 Jan 2021 1:27PM
Wonderful portfolio, you have an eye for framing and use of colours.
af1 Avatar
af1 Plus
10 1 United Kingdom
3 Dec 2019 10:00AM
You have a great portfolio of work..
af1 Avatar
af1 Plus
10 1 United Kingdom
3 Dec 2019 10:00AM
Thanks for the comment...
LNHS Avatar
LNHS 4 23 Ireland
14 Aug 2019 12:06PM
Beautiful Pamela! Will keep an eye on your butterflies! An other passion of mine!
mikecrowley Avatar
13 Aug 2019 11:07PM
A wonderful portfolio, Pamela. It is full of strikingly beautiful images. I look forward to more of the same in the future. Well done!
TonyBritton Avatar
24 Jun 2019 1:42AM
Lovey portfolio with thoughtful compositions. Extremely well done!
frogs123 Avatar
7 Mar 2019 5:42PM
Splendid Portfolio your floral captures are beautiful. You have a good eye for photography. Lovely to see your work. Debs
gpimages Avatar
gpimages Plus
13 83 4 England
29 Jan 2019 1:24AM
Pamela - thank you for your comments - much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed the image.
targetman Avatar
targetman 15 2 United Kingdom
7 Jan 2019 7:04PM
Brilliant work top portfolio.
gpimages Avatar
gpimages Plus
13 83 4 England
1 Jan 2019 5:57AM
Pamela - hi. Thanks for your comments - much appreciated.

Im new to using the site so hope this is the way to respond to you and say thanks!

ScottishHaggis Avatar
21 Aug 2018 6:04PM
You have a very wide and varied portfolio and as you predicted I really love the images of the old buses I may even steal sone of your ideas for my next visit to the SVBM.

J_Caswell Avatar
6 Nov 2017 1:04PM
A very nice and varied portfolio of images
sanroy99 Avatar
28 Jun 2017 4:47PM
A fantastic portfolio, thank you for your help and advice on one of my photos, of which I will be putting into practice soon.
richard44 Avatar
25 Mar 2017 10:27PM
A really good portfolio which has provided me with a lot pleasure looking at
thedon1941 Avatar
14 Mar 2017 10:10PM

Quote:What a wonderful pf. just how I like my image. straight forward, beautifully sharp, colourful and well composed. Stunning. Don.

When I first looked at your pf four and a half years ago. I thought it was stunning. Now I am absolutely entranced by it. It has grown in quality and imagination. What wonderful work. An inspiration. Don
Neopolis Avatar
7 Jan 2017 7:34PM
Hello Pamela

Do you mind to send me yours and Willie modifications tomy photo Winter flower, because I' can't be able to upload them to my portofolio, please?
Many thanks.
Jeremy_Smith Avatar
22 Jun 2016 3:55PM
Wonderful photographs Pamela. I have always admired your work and have appreciated your constructive critique as well. I must get back into photography and try and emulate some of the amazing examples you have created. Best wishes, Jeremy
EMJAYCEE 14 10 10 England
2 Nov 2015 10:50PM
A varied and extremely well taken set of images in this PF. Smile
PrunellaCara Avatar
17 May 2015 8:48AM
Beautiful and very interesting portfolio, Eileen
Alison_S Avatar
Alison_S 17 339 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2015 10:08PM
Beautiful portfolio......
Chinga Avatar
Chinga Plus
13 123 3 United Kingdom
5 Jan 2015 12:42AM
Hello Pamela,
You have a beautiful portfolio showing a great eye for an interesting subject, great aesthetic quality and variety of subjects and a good eye for colous... Well done and keep going! Grin
Best regards,
IshanPathak Avatar
IshanPathak 9 202 12 India
7 Jun 2014 11:13AM
A beautiful PF. Love the varieties and creativity Smile

prabhusinha Avatar
prabhusinha 15 5 5 India
25 Dec 2013 3:54AM
PF shows the beautiful mind behind those neat images
indututu Avatar
7 Dec 2013 4:04AM
edesigns15 Avatar
14 Nov 2013 7:40AM
I Like your photo stream very nice.
Brian65 Avatar
Brian65 14 2 United Kingdom
13 Nov 2013 8:07PM
What a wonderful portfolio Pamela, every one is superb, you are a gifted photographer. Brian
silverfoxey Avatar
silverfoxey 14 17 2 United Kingdom
3 Jul 2013 10:23AM
Lovely PF selection Pamela, will come back to take a further look from time to time. Well done. james Smile
jaspalsingh21 Avatar
What a wonderful click's.
stevesilver Avatar
23 Dec 2012 1:58PM
I love your portfolio pam. i've just had time to really sit and look, and I am inspired ! All the best and have a good Christmas. Steve.
thedon1941 Avatar
24 Oct 2012 11:12PM
What a wonderful pf. just how I like my image. straight forward, beautifully sharp, colourful and well composed. Stunning. Don.
Paree Avatar
Paree 18 616 3
6 Oct 2012 9:16PM
your portfolio is a delight of colour and beauty a joy to peruse

maureen Smile Smile Smile
fificat100 Avatar
fificat100 12 5 2 Scotland
7 Sep 2012 12:55PM
What a superb portfolio. Truly top-class. I especially love what you do with your flowers. SmileSmileSmile
Regards, Lavina
Franko59 Avatar
Franko59 12 3 2 England
5 Sep 2012 7:49PM
Superb PF with a great solid camera technique and processing!Smile,,,,regards Ian
LizMutimer Avatar
LizMutimer 13 1 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2012 9:32PM
I have only just discovered your portfolio. Wow! What a rainbow of colours, beautiful.

mashwood10 Avatar
mashwood10 11 6 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2012 12:47PM

Quote:Just checked out your portfolio, one word, superb.
well done.
Darryl. xSmileSmileSmileSmile

I love it and thankyou so much for all of your votes yesterday. I am really thrillled. Your flowers are outstanding. I could go on and on commenting but I will run out of steam !!!

carper123 Avatar
carper123 12 1.3k 8 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2012 5:25PM
Just checked out your portfolio, one word, superb.
well done.
Darryl. xSmileSmileSmileSmile
aniamoore Avatar
2 Aug 2012 12:13PM
Hi Pamela, thanx a bunch for all your tips and modifications you have done for me!!!!!!!! You're truly a 'STAR'SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile!!!!!!!! Once again, thankyou!!!!!! AniaWink P.S. Your Portfolio is just breathtaking!!!!!!!!! Really can't say more then that!!!!!!! AniaWink
DalesLass Avatar
DalesLass Plus
12 3.6k United Kingdom
30 Jul 2012 7:40PM
Such a beautiful portfolio. I love your work. Jude
MEM Avatar
MEM 16 8 England
28 Jul 2012 11:03PM
A very impressive portfolio, If only mine were half as good I'd be a happy man.
Tibetan Avatar
Tibetan 11 3 England
28 Jul 2012 5:26PM
It is nice to see you have so many awards all well deserved in my opinion, and thank you for your votes, you have a lovely port folio keep it going, regards Leon.GrinGrinGrinGrinGrin
mashwood10 Avatar
mashwood10 11 6 United Kingdom
27 Jul 2012 3:51PM
I feel I must have commented on your PF before now. If I haven't I am sorry because it is just wonderful. Thankyou for your recent votes too ! A lovely surprise !GrinGrin

Russell_Charles Avatar
27 Jul 2012 6:59AM
Just revisited your portfolio. Standard keeps getting better and better. brilliant. Regards Russell
canonfan Avatar
canonfan 13 7 United Kingdom
18 Jul 2012 8:55PM
A real stunning portfolio you have here Pamela
Arunpurushotham Avatar
pamela thanku for your coments and your suggestion. your portfolio is wonderful with wide range of subject and consistent quality
apierzchala Avatar
apierzchala 17 17
21 Jun 2012 9:49PM
Hello Pamelajean, thanks very much for taking the time to comment on my photos - much appreciated. I thought I should visit your portfolio in return and I can only the comments here - some very inspiring work and I am impressed at the consistent quality across a wide range of subject matter. Very nice indeed. Rgds., Adam
Russell_Charles Avatar
19 Jun 2012 6:26PM
Beautiful portfolio, contains everything I love in terms of subjects and processing. Stunning. Regards Russell
HELANA 13 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2012 6:05PM
Just have a look at your P,F. very good, well done.
lostnspace2011 Avatar
25 May 2012 12:04PM
Pamela, what a joy your portfolio is to look through, your flower photography is fantastic, Butterflies equally so, even the other work you do, so colourful.

Albright Avatar
Albright 11 1 United Kingdom
23 May 2012 1:38PM
Loved looking through your PF
Superb quality.
Thanks for sharing with us Smile

JohnChambersPhotography Avatar
Wow one of the best portfolio's if not the best I have seen, top class all the way through, stunning captures amazing detail, superb colour, need I say more, I think you know I liked it, I didn't I loved it,

Best Regards John
mashwood10 Avatar
mashwood10 11 6 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2012 3:42PM
A stunning PF. GrinGrin

Mike_Smith Avatar
Mike_Smith Plus
16 1.1k 2 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2012 9:20PM
Just been looking through your PF its brilliant well done
Philip_H Avatar
Philip_H 11 1.5k United Kingdom
27 Mar 2012 9:30PM
Wonderful high quality p/f Pamela.

netta1234 Avatar
netta1234 11 382 2 Wales
24 Mar 2012 10:33PM
I have been looking through your PF, It's FANTASTIC
williamsloan Avatar
14 Mar 2012 5:07PM
Your pf is most beautiful
bagman Avatar
bagman 12 65 United States
10 Feb 2012 10:02PM
There is a lot of beautiful pleasing exceptional images in your pf. An pleasure to view and enjoy.
Frankphoto Avatar
9 Nov 2011 1:21AM
Hello Pamelajean

Thank you for your words in your constructive criticism, help me to grow in photography.
Congratulations on your work, tastes great and gives me good references.
See you soon.
prabhusinha Avatar
prabhusinha 15 5 5 India
29 Aug 2011 5:04AM
Pics mostly complimentary to consecutive days upload. Looks interesting pattern when seen together.
nicktg Avatar
nicktg 15 24 1 United Kingdom
27 Aug 2011 6:54PM
Seeing as you are one of the first to comment on my offerings I thought I'd take a look to see if you know what you're on about ... do you or what !!!

Absolutely stunning makes me want to break the S9600 out again , Im sure it never took photo's this good for me! but I still keep it as a walkabout camera when I'm either out with the dog or in the garden (super macro on it)

You are more than qualified and I am humbled !

noniirene Avatar
14 Jul 2011 10:19AM
Hello again Pamela ... Nice of you to 'recognise' me and my 'return' to the site. Love your portfolio and it is, as other say, inspiring.
Love the way too you have framed your pictures ... e.g. The Clematis ... makes such a difference. I'm giving up all but one of the
committees I've been involved in and plan to give more time to creating better images .... still have heaps to learn about Photoshop e.g.
Hope to keep in touch and have your valuable comments. Thanks a million.

Michaela_Solway Avatar
really like your p.f of work Pamela- nice variations and all stunning - look forwadr to moer images
RonnieAG Avatar
RonnieAG 14 154 119 Scotland
11 Jul 2011 3:41PM
When you said you had not posted a flower recently I decided to have a look back through your p/f and I have to say I am mighty impressed with both the variety and the quality of the images here, Pamela: a most impressive set of images, and today's just outstanding.
HectorRivera Avatar
HectorRivera 16 17 1 United States
25 Jun 2011 8:34PM
Beautiful PF, great work
MarvKoon Avatar
11 Jun 2011 10:23PM
Hi Pamela- Thanks for taking time to comment on my buddhist flag photo. .Your portfolio is inspiring. . Please feel free to give me more feedback.
PradyothChakraborty Avatar
Pamela, I saw your images, I am overwhelmed. From now on I will follow you.
glendalough Avatar
20 May 2011 4:47PM
Hi Pamela , Very impressed with your portfolio.Thank you for you comment on my photo. glendalough - peter
e_villeda Avatar
13 May 2011 4:04AM
Hi Pam
Thanks for your comments , are very helpful

jeanettermasters Avatar
Hi Pamela,
Thank you very much for your comments on my photo 'Warrior Mast'. It's very encouraging.
Gypsyman Avatar
Gypsyman 13 690 England
3 May 2011 11:08PM
Pamela, Great Pf, thanks for your comment on my Photograph
'Apple Blossom' Eric.
Suehh Avatar
Suehh 16 39 6 England
3 Apr 2011 10:51PM
A very beautiful PF - full of inspiring images - how you deal with colour is stupendous. Just looking at your compositions is a well learned lesson.

foochai Avatar
foochai 12 Malaysia
29 Mar 2011 4:38AM
very nice color.....
graceland Avatar
graceland 19 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
4 Nov 2010 3:15PM
fab pictures Any more Betty sightings ?
poali Avatar
poali 13
2 Nov 2010 8:43PM
Thank you for the post of theoretical
ColouredImages Avatar
ColouredImages 19 47 35 United Kingdom
22 Oct 2010 9:27AM
Pamela, I have often admired your work and have recently had a good look through your portfolio. What is quite unique about your work is that each shot that I've looked at has a reportage or variation and each one is crisp sharp, full of colour and often tells a different story. Keep up the sterling work and welcome to my "favourites"
Lakeyw Avatar
Lakeyw 13 Bhutan
27 Sep 2010 5:24AM
Great images. Looking at amazing portfolios and galleries here gives me the creeps as to if I should ever upload mine! Smile
TONKSPHOTO 13 2 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2010 8:42PM
sunnilkalinndi Avatar
13 May 2010 11:44AM
thanks 4 ur comment.....u have a good & exellent photos...!!!
love sunnil
Ridefastcarveha Avatar
5 Dec 2009 11:47AM
your work has inspired me to look for more patterns in my photography, thank you.
alighalam Avatar
alighalam 14 1 Iran, Islamic Republic Of
15 Nov 2009 5:22PM
Dear PAMELA, you have many AMAZING photos in your portfolio.
allxdr Avatar
allxdr 14
13 Nov 2009 4:59PM
hi pamela , thanks for your input on my pics and loved the work on my chicken n bacon picSmile
had a look through your portfolio, nice!
very good work ,i'm going to come back and take a more leisurely look when i have a cup of tea, n a bit more time.......

Trout_Man Avatar
Trout_Man 15 1 30 Wales
12 Nov 2009 6:39PM
Hello Pamela, just had a trip through your portfolio, you have some stunning images here, love the flower close ups, very nice indeed, must pop back again and take more time Smile Geoff.
DOGSBODY 15 1.4k 30 England
16 Oct 2009 12:32PM
I have always enjoyed looking at your pictures. They are well composed and full of variety. You certainly don't get bogged down where subject matter is concerned. All the best. Andy
paulmeyer Avatar
paulmeyer 14 14 United Kingdom
25 Sep 2009 5:58PM
hi pamelajean, thanks for all your comments they have already helped me! I think your p/f is outstanding one day I hope to be as good as you.

Kind Regards
Paul Meyer
stoplooklisten Avatar
19 Aug 2009 10:24AM
Lovely portfolio Pamela, you have an excellent eye for composition. realy like the autumn colour shots and tree bark textures.
xwang Avatar
xwang 14 56 8
30 May 2009 5:24PM
Hello Pamela.Thank you for teaching me how to use the selection tool.There are so many "tools;"without your help I would never have known what they were for or how to use them.I've learned more from you during the past two weeks than in the past two years.Thank you for your inspirational ideas too.
Clayey Avatar
Clayey 15 1 United Kingdom
17 Apr 2009 6:47PM
I have spent quite a few hours looking at your portfolio........It is superb & I really love your flower shots, in fact most of them should be framed. I cannot comment on them all as I do not have enough time, but rest assured I will be back. Thanks for the comments & advice on my own & please keep watching to keep me on the straight & narrow. Just an an aside, I did mean to take the tree at f4, now you mention it I will try again at different f stops (maybe not with the same tree but I think the shape has to be interesting)& also try moving back a little as you suggest. I think I will wait until there are a few buds on the trees though. Regards Peter.
Rachel99 Avatar
Rachel99 14 1 2 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2009 12:03PM
WHat a wonderful, varied portfolio. I love your compositions.

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