GB Sports Photographer & The Panasonic LUMIX S1



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A quick view of Papa6's recent activity.

  • trees

    I like this shot alot. the way you did this is really inspiring(to me).

    thanks for sharing this shot, very artistic.

    • 29 Mar 2009 10:57PM
  • Fire and Water

    I like the colors.
    • 28 Mar 2009 7:38PM
  • Magadino dawn - 2

    joolsb, I really love this shot. hope you can make some money off that shot.

    • 27 Mar 2009 3:55AM
  • Tranquility of Dawn....

    Chris..I'm jealous... you should be VERY proud of this shot!
    • 27 Mar 2009 3:53AM
  • The Bride

    +1, simply magnificant!
    • 27 Mar 2009 3:51AM
  • Happy Day

    is it me, my eyes or what? is the subject out of focus? nice composition great smile and great capture of the moment!
    • 27 Mar 2009 3:49AM
  • carr ridge

    is this HDR? if so brilliant work! fantastic image
    • 25 Mar 2009 4:38PM
  • Thanks for responding to my work. I came here to see yours and my goodness, you are a VERY talented photographer
  • Wow, Awesome portfolio dear. I love your work. very inspiring!
    • Posted on sparklep's profile
    • 17 Apr 2008 12:39AM
  • Richard, don't be envious of me mate. I think your work is many times more wonderful than ANY of my work.
    • Posted on Skinz's profile
    • 11 Apr 2008 4:27AM