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welcome to a little piece of my world,
come inside, and take a look around,
it is a magic place, a place of fantasy,
come in
take you shoes off, and leave your worries at the door

I am a lady living on the edge.... (of the Fenland that is lol )
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  • Posted on: Digital Photography as an art form

    really interesting article from Pete here,
    its always good to realise that each person will have a different perspective of art,

    what is it the song says
    art for arts sake,
    money for Gods sake .. lol

    maybe the definition of art is if people enjoy looking at it ?,

    digital photography is relatively new and in its infancy, so i am sure in the future we will see amazing things.
    I am always interested in what will come next,

    after all a fabulous camera and a wonderful scene to go with it
    does not necessarily make a good photo,
    we must have a composition that is artistic,
    and pleasing to make it special,

    some of the wonderful photographers from the 60's black and white images were brilliant and full of atmosphere,
    atmosphere is hard to produce in a photo or image, but that is what makes it special,

    well that's my ramble for now,
    I used to be a window dresser, and now I teach art and craft to 4 to 11 year old children,
    so art is very close to my heart

    I have learned so much from being on this site ,
    its an experience to belong to photozene and a wonderful one at that
    • 10 Sep 2009 5:50PM
  • Posted on: Night photography

    Fairy lights
    Use slow shutter speeds to achieve a sense of movement and create colourful streams of light
    thanks I will try this
    • 5 Nov 2007 6:26PM

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  • Posted on pamelajean's profile

    your portfolio is a delight of colour and beauty a joy to peruse

    maureen Smile Smile Smile
    • 6 Oct 2012 9:16PM
  • Posted on bricurtis's profile

    your work is one i admire most on this site,

    truly a pleasure ever time i visit

    • 21 Sep 2011 4:58PM

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