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  • now have a music video up on the website done with the D800 Smile
  • just posted the video comparison on my website - side by side video with my 5D mk2 and the D800 both at 640 iso - they look about on a par to me, let me know what you guys think
  • agreed -
    yes this matters a little when trying to compare cameras, but when you're just using your camera to take photos (god forbid!) then you'll end up using whichever setting suits you best for whatever you're shooting - wether it's accurate to a figure or not, you'll find what works for you. Smile

    hopefully later tonight I'll put up a side by side video comparason with the D800 and my old 5D mk2 both at 640 iso - so far from what I've seen I'd say they are about on a par - the nikon bieng slightly lighter.

    Obviously the 5D mk3 will probably have better low light capabilities, but I don't have one to play with unfortunatly (or a C300, or a Red for that matter)
  • agreed - test results are very subjective and should only really be taken as a rough idea of what the camera is capable of.

    Also, I'm finding it hard to do direct comparasons because apart from being different pixel amounts, the two cameras seem to give totally different light exposures when set to the same apperture / shutter speed / iso etc - not sure why this is, but I found it last night too when trying to shoot a video with both cameras.

  • Quote:can downsize the D800 or upsize the 5D, it doesn't matter

    I think it does (arguably) matter, somewhat. Downsizing the D800 would be better, as upsizing the 5D2 would involve interpolation.

    You're probably right. They usually resample the bigger image down (using Photoshop's "bicubic smoother") to make the comparison.

    to be honest , I'm sure all this 'pixel peeping' doesn't really do anyone any good anyway ... If we all spent more time actually taking pictures rather than testing the cameras, we'd propably all be slightly better photographers! Wink

    I've got a music video shoot planned later today with it so that should be interesting!

  • Quote:The face tracking option only tracks the face, not the eyes, and you do know you can move the focus point in the camera dont you? if you are using SDOF then i am not sure i would trust it to focus on the eyes at f1.4 Wink Tongue

    thanks for the advice - coming from Canon, I'm not really sure how everything works yet (... and reading the manual is for pussies ... right ? !!) Wink

  • Quote:Glad you got your D800 - still waiting for mine. BTW where did you get it from?

    calumet - Birmingham and yes at the original price

    I'd ordered it on the day it was announced - paid a deposit, then paid in full before they shipped them. Smile
  • yes, funnily enough the canon does still look pretty good - smaller image, but still good - I'm sure the canon 24-70 seems sharper than the nikon 24-70 !!

    but my 5D mk2 is useless at focusing ( these tests were done focusing in liveview mode to make sure it was accurate), so I'm sure the nikon will thrash it in this respect on 'real shoots'
  • Hi everyone,
    well I got my D800 today, and so before the battery died on me, I shot a few test images off and a video clip.
    click on the link below if you're interested - enjoy! Smile

    link here
  • That's right, but the FP mode is much lower power than the full power - that mode is meant to be where you need alot of flashes in a short time - in tests I saw them do at focus it was up to 6 flashes a second !
  • Yes, so far. Obviously it's like anything ... If you drop it on concrete it's going to damage it, but I've been using it regularly for about 6 months now and it's never let me down so far.

    The 250w heads are battery use only, but I believe the 500w heads can run off both mains and battery power so they can be used indoors as well as for locations
  • I think a good photographer and good model can produce great shots together,
    However, with the addition of other talented team members your work can really be pushed to a new level!

    I just wish people were prepared to spend more on their shoots so that more photographers could hire a good team, but most models wanting shoots can barely afford the photographer let alone the rest of the creative team. Sadly, alot of 'lower end' clients just don't realise how beneficial a good team can be
  • I Dont know if this helps you, but I'm doing a seminar using them this Sunday in Birmingham, there will be opportunities to try them out yourselves too if you'd like to. The seminar is 20 and bookable through the strobeam website.

    I have been using the 250w light for location shots for a while now, and it seems to do the trick, but I have only briefly used the 500w ones and so I'm really looking forward to putting them to the test this Sunday Smile
  • Cheers everyone Smile
  • at the time when I saw it, they were happy for us to put cards in as long as we mentioned that it was a 'beta' model - maybe they had done a u-turn the next day or something
  • LOL - thats not good - they were probably pissed off after I started waving it around to see the 'jello' effect on video mode Wink
  • Thanks John , maybe watching it with the sound down is the way to go Smile
  • I got a few quick 5D mk3 images and video samples when I had a hands on session with the camera - I posted 100% crops onto my blog page (link below) Smile

    5D mk3 samples
  • Ours must have seemed like a 30 second advert then! Wink
  • Cheers Pete, I appreciate your comments. and thanks for sticking with it til the end Wink

    yes, most people will find that middle bit the most challenging to watch, especially if they have a short attention span !
    Regarding the blog, yes, thats what it's all about really, the shortcomings and problems of trying to do something on this scale, but in a limited time frame. Smile
  • Hi Kev,
    thanks for watching it and for the comments - don't worry, it's not just you - it's hard for us to follow it too (and we know the plot) - due to the fact that we wrote the script and shot it within about a week! and didn't have the luxury of going back and tweaking it etc, but I think it does get easier to understand on a second watch.

    good luck with your project - I hope it goes well Smile

  • Hi everyone,

    over the past 8 months me and a friend have been trying to shoot and edit a mini sci-fi movie on my Canon 5D mk2 and 7D cameras

    I'm happy to say that it's finally finished and now online - together with a blog site detailing some of the problems and soloutions we encountered whist shooting the film.

    please take a look if you have some time, and if you like it, feel free to spread the word - Thanks Smile

    the link to the site is below:
    film website
  • when the D800 was announced I decided to go to the 'dark side' - and I ordered my first ever Nikon!! .... now with rumors of the 5D mk3 bieng on the cards for an announcement next week I'm wondering if I moved to hastily?

    my biggest issue is going to be the cost of buying new lenses ... I'm not totally abandoning canon, so need to hold onto my exsisting lenses, but the question is ... is it going to be worth the exra expense or should I just hold on and wait for canon to pull their socks up and produce something to rival the D800?
  • If you're using a mac try converting the clip using QuickTime pro to an 'apple pro res' file, this may play easier, but most recent macs should play 5d footage perfectly - mines a 2 year old basic iMac and it plays the footage well
  • I have the bowens gemini 500w kit,
    it is pretty good, fairly well built etc, and the ability to use the battery pack can be useful for location shoots - although it's not a very fast recycle time when using a battery.

    the only real down side (for me) is the fairly slow flash duration time when compared to broncolors or something high end like that - but then you would be paying alot more for those

    hope this helps
  • the anwer is - it really depends how you want to shoot!

    I have a selection of about 14 different flashes / lights in my studio ... but 80% of the time I just shoot with 1 .... maybe I'm just lazy, but I seem to prefer the simplicity of the shots I get when using 1 light.
    So - I'd say that - to start with, 2 lights should be fine - experiment with things like using reflectors or bouncing the light off pale walls or ceilings too - sometimes you can get surprising results by having very little equipment and just exprerimenting a bit
  • already did!

    I have a canon eos 10 film camera - and a bronica SQAi med format camera - they never get used now I have the 5Dmk2
  • I always try and use them nowadays - I use the birmingham branch - the customer service you get far outweighs any slightly higher price that you may pay.
  • I will be travelling by car so we could get to places by road etc

    the other option was the yorkshire moors - any good spots there?
  • thanks everyone - it's actually stunning 'greenery' that I am really after - (although I'm sure I'll be getting lots of water shots too)
    any ideas for that?