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Activity : Photo Comments

park my ferret

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  • Dare To Break Free.

    nice shot! theres a long way to drop from that ollie!!
    • 15 Feb 2004 3:45AM
  • Paradise

    lovley shot
    • 10 Mar 2004 12:17PM
  • Found on a beach

    nice composition, but theres some woman blocking my view of the landscape, couldn't you have asked her to move while you took the pic? *wink*
    • 27 Jan 2004 1:34PM
  • Pelican Crossing

    OK ... Judging - Keith H is a close second with "Man: Just keep walking, Roger. It's that bird who fancies you."

    but the winner is Suzi Blue with two offerings - " With a stab of heartache Persephone saw the 'palm down' signal from Rodney. Too busy for lunch today, so no fishy frolics in the rhododendrons" and " Cedric watched his lawyers leave with their brief. No-one called HIM a scraggy old duck and got away with it, even Phil the Greek. "
    Congratulations, and well done everybody else!
    • 9 Apr 2004 8:14PM
  • Dijana 3

    interesting shot
    • 4 Apr 2004 12:11PM
  • untitled

    love the perspective here
    • 19 Aug 2005 1:20AM
  • Birth

    reminds me of Dali
    • 2 Apr 2004 9:54AM
  • Fog by the river

    like it alot
    • 19 Mar 2004 7:48PM
  • Shilshotte Children

    great image
    • 13 Oct 2004 10:08AM