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15/08/2015 - 4:24 PM


RoseanneWell staged to give a sense of absolute serenity. The background, the window, the veil all contribute by reinforcing each other. The subject's right arm bothers me a bit in view of its extension which sketches a movement (and seems to weigh the body to the right). Less extension might have cured this, as it would also change the hand position moving it above the frame avoiding the line that crosses it. I realize I'm nitpicking over a lovely image, so please forgive me. All the best,
12/08/2015 - 5:23 PM

Putting up with Mom!

Putting up with Mom!Aside from Willie's comments, I'd add the problem I have with the blurred back end and legs which create a distracting unnecessary secondary image. On the other hand, your shot of the subject's face is very appealing (to the visitor as well), but the strong contrast is distracting. I suppose such focussing problems can be fixed by replacing the unwanted scene with green grass without any loss. This is something for you to explore with PS. On the other hand, I suspect that if the background had not been as blurred, the shot would have been quite acceptable. Just opening a debate regrading this otherwise excellent shot. Regards,
Crane Court  Fleet Street LondonThis blend or encounter between past and present is essential to architectural shots. Furthermore, I do not see any problems in incorporating traces of daily life, it all makes for a very lively shot. Only one compositional aspect needs to be slightly modified: reduce some of the foreground, just before the archway, perhaps. otherwise I just love the tonal quality and geometric lines that grace your shot. Regards,
15/07/2014 - 11:05 AM


AliLovely subject, indeed! Part of the problem is that she is so lovely there is a tendency to lose sight of the photograph. Noting terribly wrong, but the 90 degree angle of her left arm and hand is slightly obtrusive Similarly, her hand, knuckles, fingernails require a bit of cleaning up, or at the very least a different positioning so the light does not strike as it does. Perhaps, if her hair were drawn back and did not cover as much hand! This said, I can only join the other viewers with my own pleasant satisfaction of a well-executed portrait. Regards,
12/07/2014 - 11:33 AM


PricklyThis is indeed excellent digital art because you absolutely transform your subject and thus obtain an intimate prolongation of the background statue. Skin colour and additional marks are nicely executed. For me, one question remains concerning your subject's right leg and foot. It very nearly vanishes because of the dark shadows at the bottom left-side of the image. Seeing a little more detail would have made your composition even more striking. Regards,
04/02/2014 - 3:45 PM

The Hotelle

The HotelleI'm not bothered by the lack of definition in the right upper corner, at all. Overall, I think this photo offers a number of possibilities, and I'd go along with Phil's view. As I see it, it the bottom of the staircase offers a dynamic first focal point that takes the eye right up to its point of arrival. Thus a crop, enough to show the bottom of the lift would make one interesting shot. The other one would work around the vertical parallel lines. But to give it life, it would be necessary to let the lift come down a bit more in order to see the standing figure. You do have a great eye for architectural shapes, working on focal points is always a challenge. All the best,
26/01/2014 - 3:44 PM

La dignidad.

La dignidad.Rather fine photograph, and aptly titled. I like your composition that leads the eye from right to left. You were right to include the door because it adds character to the shot. The very white parts of the wall we see on each side seem to intrude. I would suggest either toning them down or, perhaps simpler, cropping them out. Regardless, what a great shot. Regards,
24/01/2014 - 4:05 PM

Katie and Emma

Katie and EmmaYes indeed, what a joyful portrait of two freckle-faces. I do like the composition as you have it, though I wonder why you cropped just above the head of your main subject. I suppose the problem (if it is one) can be viewed in two ways. If you crop a bit lower, at the hair-line you shift the focus on the eyes. If you crop higher above, then you place the emphasis on depth. Since I can't see what happens, I cannot be certain, but maybe it is worth trying on this rather great portrait. Regards,
01/12/2013 - 10:43 AM


" The CHARMINAR "Impressive, I agree! On the other hand, what an opportunity to remove the unsightly wires that criss-cross it. The other thing, though it isn't required, might it be possible to straighten out the left and right towers that appear to lean in. Otherwise, thank you for the travel tip and description. Regards,
01/12/2013 - 10:32 AM

China girl

China girlOnce more, lovely work. If I may make the following observations. There is a band of undefined tones just below the model's chin and chest (just by her hand) that needs to be brought out. The other thing, minor perhaps, but her ankle bracelet is distracting, as is her wedding ring because it catches the light (This might be delicate, but from a professional model it can be asked.). I just love your composition's play on forms and colours. without forgetting the eye contact of your lovely model. Regards again,
07/11/2013 - 5:15 PM

Helen 1

Helen 1Colour, skin tones work well, but I am a bit disconcerted by the tear in the white cloth. There is such a contrast that I can't figure out what it is really supposed to be. Furthermore, the grass in the foreground adds a strange note. Easily corrected with PS or some other application. Yes, just one other thing, your model's lovely face is rather stern. Maybe he position wasn't comfortable, but did not stop me from admiring your shot. Regards,
31/10/2013 - 10:53 AM

Grand Hall

Grand HallStunning photograph of of the Grand Hall. In fact, it is somewhat vertiginous. In order to avoid distortion (particularly visible in your previous shot) provoked by a wide angle lens, may I suggest DxO Viewpoint (they are on-line and offer a free trial download). I found it to be a very efficient tool to correct such problems. Also, thank you so much for your comments. Next time I visit London, I'll certainly go there. Regards,
08/10/2013 - 5:11 PM

Autumn tones

Autumn tonesYes indeed, in future you will need to focus on the face, the eyes especially. You might also like to review your camera settings in view of the Focal length used. In terms of composition, notice how the white t shirt takes the eye away from the face. Thus a a small crop is needed. Finally, even though the specular highlights are a bit strong, you have achieved a much needed bokeh. Now, I agree with you, the shot is pleasing. You have a great eye for capturing the moment. Keep it up, your model shoots are promising. Regards,
26/09/2013 - 12:20 PM

Show Time 5 Saying Goodbye

Show Time 5  Saying GoodbyeLooking at the image beyond Moira's legend, I find this to be a rather complex composition framed by the person to the right and the trophy cup to the left. The eye is made to focus beyond this frame towards the three ladies, the vases and the other persons. Thus the dynamic background scene seems to animate the foreground, indeed to tell a story. Now, Even though Tony's portrait is absolutely well caught, I think the relationship between this subject and the trophy cup would have been more apparent if the angle of the shot had made us look more squarely at the subject. This is fine photography without a doubt, even though it raises this tiny question.
24/09/2013 - 10:24 AM

Thinking . . . My head hurts!

Thinking . . . My head hurts!An intriguing photograph! Just a tiny bit overexposed, thus the signs of burnt highlights on the window sill, I easily corrected in Lightroom (see my mod). Otherwise, I think this is a quality shot. Regards,
13/09/2013 - 2:26 PM


PathNicely done! You have managed to turn a rather banal scene into a spectacular shot full of suspense, largely due to the tree trunks, illuminated as they are. Colours are quite correct and adequately contribute to the effect produced. I do not know if you intended to include the motor vehicles and the bits an pieces that detract, for instance the spot of blue in the middle of the branches, or the piece of paper or plastic along the fence. I would personally prefer erasing those items because I think the forcefulness of your shot resides in nature itself, the way those trunks occupy space. Also, I do not quite understand the source of those horizontal black lines. Looks like shadows? Regardless, I do appreciate your capture
02/09/2013 - 10:42 AM


*****I'll second that, it is an attention-grabbing pose of a most beautiful model. For my part, I must say I'd prefer not seeing the very bright streak of light on top of the image because not only does it distract, but by going this high it seems to exaggerate the angle between model and wall. I tried cropping a little above her head and it seems to change the composition. Beautiful shot, regardless. Cheers,
28/08/2013 - 3:52 PM

spilling out

spilling outIn a way, the eye is drawn to the right side of the image, largely because of its contrasted tone in relation to the other side. Yet, it does not detract at all because the colouration of the steps is so powerful that it accomplishes exactly what you describe as literally spilling out (personally I did not find the blue image distracting as it provides an anchor point that accentuates the spiralling effect). Regards,
17/08/2013 - 12:18 PM

girl on a street

girl on a streetLovely candid shot, without a doubt. In my opinion, to improve it even more, I would suggest toning down the colour of the dress. The subject's bosom takes all the light in relation to her face. Would it be possible to place more of the focus on her lovely hair and engaging smile? There are some other details, for instance below the subject's tight ear where I cannot clearly discern the wisp of hair. This is less important than the other matters. You say digitally manipulated, but what for instance? Nice photography just the same. Paul SmileSmile
13/08/2013 - 4:44 PM

World Wide Window

World Wide WindowA rather nice idea. The colours are absolutely delightful, but I fear that from the point of view of composition there are several problems, the major one being that your model's left thigh seems to be detached from her body simply because the viewer cannot use his/her imagination, as it is possible on the right side. the we have the additional problem of her hips and legs appearing on a single plane and giving the illusion that she is standing behind a pair of legs. Thus, it seems to me these problems were introduced when you positionned your model. Or, it might also be the angle of this shoot. At any rate, I don't want to sound too negative because there are so many other enticing elements in this image (including your beautiful model). Regards, Paul