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  • Cheek Kiss

    Looks like a real 'smacker' to me.Those Spaniards do dribble a bit.
    BTW still looking for you lady friend in Frinton. Will keep you posted.
    • 12 Feb 2007 9:43PM
  • Deck Hand

    Beautifull image Mark just love the differential focus. Very intimate with a short tele... requires a lot of awareness to get it right.
    • 12 Feb 2007 9:30PM
  • A Pint's Eye View

    A pint or two of 'Old Speckled Hen ' would do very nicely. One of the best pictures I've seen on here for ages.
    • 12 Feb 2007 9:18PM
  • Moon Rays

    Yes Yes Yes we both like it very very much.
    Get it seen in the shops and send it to the local newspaper where you were previously published. Do it now ! And when I come down make a print for us.
    • 12 Feb 2007 6:56PM
  • Chattering

    Great use of tones and composition
    • 11 Feb 2007 5:07PM
  • Mosk Men

    Nice black and white shot. Reminds me a bit of that French bloke...whats is name..Henri something or other......
    • 11 Feb 2007 5:06PM
  • Muslim Prayer

    Nice composition and a real slice of life.
    • 1 Feb 2007 12:15AM
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