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3/4 of the photos in this pf are of square format.
Family album: always saw square snaps ; my first camera (Phokina 127c) produced a 4x4 format & took 127 films. Learnt the basics with it. Digital made square snaps possible again.
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  • Posted on: Portrait lengths - a practical guide

    thank you for this invaluable advice, without getting too technical, it underlines the various pitfalls in portrait photography.
    indispensable and concise. thanks again !
    • 24 Jul 2007 7:01AM

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  • Posted on Guillaume's profile

    hi Guillaume
    thank you very much for your kind comments : when you see the quality of your portfolio, your dropping by is an honor for me...
    • 4 Feb 2008 5:45PM
  • Posted on sandrish's profile

    hi, sandra,
    ty for dropping by ; nice & colourful portfolio here !

    • 11 Aug 2007 11:56AM

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