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PatriciaWilson's Blog


Thrilled to be on this site.
I've done quite well with my photography and learned most of it from ePz. Now I write novels. In 2017, Island of Secrets sold 125,000 copies in 12 weeks! Villa of Secrets is about to launch, and now I'm working on my next. But I still love my photography. Life through a lens. Happy days. Thanks for looking, Patricia XX www.pmwilson.net
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  • Rome!

    Any serious travel photographer has got to go to Rome. What a place. I was in Rome last year, November, first week. It was a busy and eventful year for me, 2011, and only now I'm going through the images saved as raw files on disk. I mus...

    27 Apr 2012 6:29PM | Read


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  • The Big British Belly

    I'm just back from the Greek island of Rhodes and once again witnessed the first flush of summer tourists. Funny when you live in a tourist location you soon get to recognize the nationality of holidaymakers before they open their mouths. Of cours...

    17 Apr 2012 4:31PM | Read


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  • conclusion

    Far more views on the blogs than on the image. Far, far more views on the blog that included the word sex in the title. I think it is time I explored other peoples blogs to see what I might learn. I'll start with the folk who have commented on my ...

    4 Apr 2012 4:53PM | Read


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  • Short listed

    As the 300 word flash fiction, below, Don't, has made it into the shortlist of Fish Publications annual comp, and the prize is a fantastic one or two grand, can't remember now, I am excited. However, I seem to fall at the end, usualy... Still,...

    4 Apr 2012 6:40AM | Read


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  • Writing v Photography

    This is interesting. More people have looked at my writing, in a shorter time, than my photography. What does this tell me? I should write more... I should improve my photography? Now I'm going to post a picture and a short story at the same tim...

    31 Mar 2012 2:56AM | Read


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  • Semanteme Sex

    Tumultuous Tide I want to scuba in the ocean of erotica, A tsunami of passion above; Not breaststroke languidly - gracefully, Nor float on a warm sea of love. Push me on a bed of sharp coral, Prize open my oysterish shell, Expose all my vu...

    29 Mar 2012 7:15PM | Read


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  • Greece, a petulant child.

    Although I'm English, I've lived in Greece for eighteen years, I love the country. I love it's imperfections and the honesty of its dishonisty... It doesn't eff about with sophistication. The people have a child-like openness and simplicity which ...

    29 Mar 2012 6:55PM | Read


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  • selling stuff

    Quite chuffed to have sold two images to Walt Disney... cool!

    11 Mar 2012 2:16PM | Read


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  • The inevitable

    How awful is it when your friend dies? True friends are such a rarity. My friend died today. Peter Allen, FIND YOUR BIT OF UNIVERSE and Other Poems. A very special man. I lift my glass of raki. Bless you.

    9 Mar 2012 5:01PM | Read


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  • Conned

    So what sort of a guy cons a 60 year old woman out of her life savings knowing she hasn't even got a pension to live off? And how stupid can a woman be? If this sorry tale makes anyone have second thoughts before being trusting it will have served ...

    26 Apr 2009 9:49AM | Read


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  • Blog apout passion.

    Does anyone actually read blogs? I've never written one before, seems quite like a waste of space... bit like talking in my sleep, really. So this is a test blog. Seem to remember reading it gets a person up in the Google ranking. Well how exciting...

    29 Jun 2008 9:05PM | Read


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