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Blog apout passion.


Thrilled to be on this site.
I've done quite well with my photography and learned most of it from ePz. Now I write novels, but still enjoy my photography
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Blog apout passion.

29 Jun 2008 9:05PM   Views : 582 Unique : 451

Does anyone actually read blogs? I've never written one before, seems quite like a waste of space... bit like talking in my sleep, really.
So this is a test blog. Seem to remember reading it gets a person up in the Google ranking. Well how exciting, LOL!
So what to 'blog' about?


Passionate= photography? Bollix!

What is it with photographers? I’ve just flicked through my aging collection of second hand photography mags and once again the word that stands out and is repeated over and over is…PASSIONATE.

Passionate professional photographer, right, this tells me: copy-cat with no imagination trying to impress, probably got a shop in the high street.

Passionate about photography? OK, I understand this guy. He means obsessed; yeh, same here. If he (she, it) isn’t going around like a cybernaught with a camera glued to the left eye, then this bod is squinting at the monitor and hammering PS-latest to the hilt wondering if Mr Famous knows of a blending/layers/HDI trick that has somehow bypassed him… how frustrating! Revelations come to him in the middle of the night. He sneaks down the stairs and opens the image that he knows has great potential. 7am is upon him far to quickly. He lies to his partner about what time he got up and drinks to much coffee. He WILL be a great photographer…one day.

Passionate about the light? Give me a break! I was recently on one of the Greek Islands with an eminent photographer and quite flattered to be invited along.
“My greatest passion is the light”, he said, repeatedly.
I though, fab, I’d learn some stuff here… wrong! In ten days he couldn’t get up once for the sunrise, and sunset was no contender to dinner and a few whiskeys.

Passionate about making money? This is a secretive affair with many failures, but the occasional triumph will make it all worth while. One big deal is worth a thousand lost ones because it is one to brag about. Oh please! If someone wants a picture of a cat and I have one I’ll take what they offer and give them what they want. So many times I’ve been told “I wish all photographers were as easy to deal with as you”.

So come on photographers, lets be dedicated, obsessed even, but passionate is over used, worn out and quite frankly boring.

OK, that's my first ever blog done.... probably get hate mail from a lot of very passionate people now. All very tongue in cheek and no offense intended at all.
Happy snapping,

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pepperst 15 2.3k 4 Wales
29 Jun 2008 11:07PM

Quote:Does anyone actually read blogs?


... oh bugger I just did Tongue

Like it though, some good points. Think I fall into the obsessed/driven part, its also escapism and a goal in life.
30 Jun 2008 3:25AM
hello... I'm one of them sheep you were counting and talking to in your sleep. Can I go back in the barn now ?

conrad 18 10.9k 116
30 Jun 2008 10:19AM
Well, so far I'm one of sixteen people who read this - and counting...
helenlinda Plus
15 374 22 United Kingdom
30 Jun 2008 8:45PM

Quote:Well, so far I'm one of sixteen people who read this - and counting...

So this makes 23.
The problem is fitting it in.
I enjoy the entries, somewhat less heated than forums so far and so slightly more friendly, but will there be time to look at photos, take photos, process photos and also do a job and Facebook!!! Plus of course the garden and the ironing......................................
Yes I read blogs!!
Don't get much time to sleep, but I fit in counting the sheep!
PatriciaWilson 19 617 58 Greece
1 Jul 2008 5:20PM
Is it like a forum then? Do I reply to the comments?
Will check out some other 'blogs' and decide how to proceedSmile
PatriciaWilson 19 617 58 Greece
25 Apr 2009 12:02AM
77 views, well that surprised me.

After looking at other blogs I see some folk use this space to air their frustrations or to keep a journal of the year. This seems like a good plan as we can all learn from other peoples experiences.

So far 2009 has been quite a disaster for me. Business. Broken promises, lies and loan defaulting has left me in a serious financial situation and I hope my experiences will perhaps stop someone else being over trusting and going down the same sort of road.

Also it will give me something to do when I cant sleep from the worry. So If you are thinking of investing your life savings in someone else's business, watch this space:-(

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