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Thrilled to be on this site.
I've done quite well with my photography and learned most of it from ePz. Now I write novels, but still enjoy my photography
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4 Apr 2012 4:53PM   Views : 9916 Unique : 500

Far more views on the blogs than on the image.
Far, far more views on the blog that included the word sex in the title.
I think it is time I explored other peoples blogs to see what I might learn.
I'll start with the folk who have commented on my blogs, and perhaps then expand to people who have commented on their blogs...
Although all this is perceived as super modern tec... it is exactly like the old chain-mails of the eighties... yes, nothing is new.
Thinking about it. I will wait a few days to see if anyone wants to comment on anything, knowing that I will, of course, comment on one of their blogs, in order to roll the chain-mailSmile
Will start viewing and commenting on Friday afternoon.


conrad 18 10.9k 116
4 Apr 2012 7:06PM
Gosh, from clicks on gallery images to views on blogs. I had no idea it would become that important!
PatriciaWilson 19 617 58 Greece
5 Apr 2012 10:48AM
I'm not sure that it is important at all, but if it's not, why are so many people doing it? And if it is, why don't more people do it?
conrad 18 10.9k 116
5 Apr 2012 10:52AM
Viewing blogs, you mean, or writing them?
PatriciaWilson 19 617 58 Greece
5 Apr 2012 11:27AM
Actually, I'm wondering about both. I guess the whole process of blogging is to manipulate others to your own ends, gain, in some way... because otherwise, if it's just for the diary aspect why do it publicly.
The whole point of a diary is to record your private thoughts and experiences.
So, the gain from blogging must be to draw others to your own stuff, eventually.
And then there is money, the root of all things on the web. Who, what, and were is the financial gain from blogging? You can bet someone out there does profit, and I'll bet it's connected with advertising.
Of course.
conrad 18 10.9k 116
5 Apr 2012 11:38AM
Well, well, we're taking the cynical view here, aren't we. And looking for motives that might not be there.

Of course you can use a blog to advertise yourself, your products and your services, but I don't see that happening (much) - not on ephotozine, anyway. Ephotozine itself, of course, benefits, as it benefits from everything that's posted on the site, since advertisers are fond of high page views. But I don't mind that at all, that's the way Magezine Publishing survives financially, and it's what keeps this site on the web, and enables Pete to keep offering us all these wonderful things that together make up this photo community.

As for benefits for the bloggers themselves, reading the blogs on EPZ, I don't see how the bloggers would benefit from their writings. They just seem to think it's fun to write.

And as for my own feelings and views on the subject, you may want to read my blog post " Blog Post Views ", which, by the way, was partially inspired by one of your own posts.

Leaving blogs on other sites than EPZ out of the discussion for the moment, because in quite a few cases your suspicions might be true there, I feel that your ideas of benefits, profits and gains generally don't apply to the blogs on EPZ, with the exception noted above of the company behind the site.
PatriciaWilson 19 617 58 Greece
5 Apr 2012 12:54PM
Sorry if I gave a negative feeling. Not at all cynical, in fact I am fascinated by every aspect of business and finance; and anyone who benefits financially from blogs gets a pat on the back for ingenuity from meSmile

So I'm just putting my rambling old views down, trying to understand how the blog thing works.

I'd be interested to know: what would you say was more worthwhile, viewing blogs (perhaps because you learn stuff, or make new friends/connections) or writing them?
And: is it like swimming, if you stop...
conrad 18 10.9k 116
5 Apr 2012 1:06PM
I'd say that depends on the person. Some like to write, others just like to read other people's views and experiences, and some bloggers do both. I do both. I like both. But it's not like swimming at all. Stopping is no problem whatsoever. I won't sink... Wink
PatriciaWilson 19 617 58 Greece
5 Apr 2012 1:26PM
Thanks Conrad,
It's been interesting talking to you.
The only negative thing about blogging seems to be that it sucks you in...
Catch you and your "Blog Post Views" tomorrow.
conrad 18 10.9k 116
5 Apr 2012 1:32PM
Good point, it does. See you around!
PatriciaWilson 19 617 58 Greece
17 Apr 2012 3:58PM
Sorry for the lack of attention, was dragged away to another island, Rhodes, and now feel I have to write a blog about that.
Not sure who I'm apologizing to, but there you go, it's the bloggers cyber world, LOL!

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