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Well, it's now November and I only have time for uploads and browsing on the weekends. I'll catch up then!
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A quick view of PatrickSmith's recent activity.

  • The Little House Under the Mountain

    Hi Angie, you are putting up some really great landscapes. This one feels extremely cold and this is a string image because of the way the mountain looms over the cottage, like it will engulf it. I could see you doing some artwork where the mountian comes alive to do just that!

    • 8 Dec 2008 4:20AM
  • Morning Light

    I really like the texture of that water. Very smooth and purple-y, amongst other things! I must admit that I've never been up this far before sunrise for a shot!

    • 8 Dec 2008 4:08AM
  • On the fence

    A difficult shot to get because of the dark head and bright background but the contrast looks fine to me. I hope you get better soon. I haven't been around EPZ much lately due to lots of extra work because I don't know how long my job may last. I work for the State of California and those big deficits may get me! So I'm saving my money.

    • 24 Nov 2008 7:05PM

    That does look cold! I guess I won't mention that we are relieved that our hot spell is over...lol!

    • 24 Nov 2008 7:01PM
  • End of the cycle

    Yes, either this way or with even more road would also be good. You live in a scenic area so I look forward to more. Try some with fog for extra depth and that spooky look too. Good to see you uploading!

    • 24 Nov 2008 6:59PM
  • AGDEN...

    I realy like the colours on the far shore and how the warm light filters through to the green trees behind. The still water doubles the effect too!

    • 18 Nov 2008 1:59AM
  • This is Scotland

    There is a lot of blue but I like the wide angle and the longish exposure shows off the structures of the rock and beach.

    • 17 Nov 2008 8:44PM
  • Angie, your creativity and photographic skill are quite inspiring. It is always enjoyable to see your latest work. I never know what to expect, but it is always dramatic and it really shows the beauty of your corner of the world!
  • Simon, from you I've learned that good photos often take a lot of effort to get, and that the results are often WELL worth it.
  • Debbie, from you I've learned that even if life is difficult at times, it is still possible to improve one's self, enjoy nature to it's fullest, and bring joy to others.
    • Posted on debster's profile
    • 2 Dec 2005 8:03AM
  • Greg, from you I've learned that it is possible to have fun with photography and still shoot excellent photos of a very high standard.
  • Susie, from you I've learned that is it okay to take shots in the bright daylight!
    • Posted on rosie42's profile
    • 2 Dec 2005 7:45AM
  • Keith, from you I have learned that taking a truly good photograph takes an incredible amount of experience, timing, thought, patience and heart. You give it your all and that inspires me.
    • Posted on keithh's profile
    • 2 Dec 2005 7:53AM
  • Ange, from you I have learned to spot details in the landscape that I might have passed by otherwise.
    • Posted on angej's profile
    • 2 Dec 2005 7:55AM
  • Liz, from you I've learned that there are an incredible number of ways to take a photo. Not just photos of Ger... um.. I mean flowers, but of anything. I experiment much more at a single location because of you.
    • Posted on lizziew's profile
    • 5 Dec 2005 8:22AM
  • Oh.. your niche is landscapes. Those latest ones are awesome.
    • Posted on colin's profile
    • 6 Dec 2005 7:05PM
  • Christine, I never know what you'll put up next, but I do know that it will be interesting whatever it is. Variety is the spice of life they say. 'They' are right!