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By PatrickSmith  
Rather than post a third one taken from exactly the same spot, I thought I'd show the scene from a different angle a few minutes earlier. This was taken to the right and below the frame of my last upload. Not as dramatic as the last two, but some people wanted to see less wave action and more details in the rock and water.

This is an experiment, so feel free to let me know what you don't like.

It was like being in a front loading washing machine here. The water would rush in, slosh around and exit, changing it's level about 10 feet on every wave. It was particularly nervewracking considering that my back was against a sharp rock wall and the waves were breaking possibly 20 feet over the top of the rocky peak in the center. I could feel the big ones hit before I saw them!

Since the sun set to the right of the frame, you may be wondering how there was so much light on this rock. So I've uploaded the rock arch that was to the left of this frame. It was a great reflector!

I'll be re-visiting this place for sure in a month or two. It is a 3 hour drive north of San Francisco, but the rock formations are incredible! I could spend an entire month photographing this one 5 mile stretch of coastline.

0.5 second exposure @F8 with ND grad 0.9

Tags: Landscape and travel

Voters: mandarinkay, Maddie, skydivemike and 98 more

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jaktis 18 84 Sweden
31 Oct 2005 5:37AM
Beautiful capture with the small stream running down the rocks

martin.w Plus
20 616 29 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 5:37AM
Fantastic detail viewed large, great light skimming across the top of the rocks too.
jonc 18 7
31 Oct 2005 5:40AM
Like this a lot. Has an "other world" feel to it.
hermin 18 2 Israel
31 Oct 2005 5:42AM
..So there IS water on Mars
helendixon 18 30 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 5:45AM
Prefer this one Patrick. I've modified your last post, if you would like to see it, I'll email it to you.

31 Oct 2005 5:50AM
Awesome shot! The scene looks rather magical rivalling scenes from "Lord of the ring"! Grin I like this composition as the background is quite prominent for a wide angle shot. Great work!
PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
31 Oct 2005 5:50AM
Thanks for your comments!

Yes, Hermin. it is a bit like Mars here. The arch could be from there for sure.

Thanks Helen. Yes, I'd like to see it! You could email it or upload it to the mods section.

31 Oct 2005 5:52AM
Absolutely gorgeous. Nice one!!

MikeH 17 218 4 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 5:55AM
Tremendous feeling of power in this shot Patrick,
LenLamb 19 105
31 Oct 2005 5:56AM
Oh yes! This is very definitely No 1 Patrick. Everything there combines to make this one magificent picture.

The 'washing machine' water leads the eye in beautifully and then one crosses to the rocks on the right and back down again.

You are going to have your work cut out to 'top' this one. (Unless you master the difficult art of s*p*a*r*k*l*e as well, or do a 3D version of course. LOL !!)

Had a thought you might muck about with your clocks also, but was too idle to check. So thanks for the info.

Well done.

IanFlindt 18 740 21 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 6:00AM
What a difference a wave (or the lack of it) can make to a scene, Patrick. This has a comparative stillness and tranquility about it, but it's good to see those lava flows are still there. I think I remembered someone wanting to see more in one of your earlier uploads of the soft rock foreground - I tend to've included a small portion of it in this scene, almost as a teaser!
helendixon 18 30 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 6:04AM
Ok Patrick I'll upload it here.

Mike Gray 18 382 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 6:05AM
Hi Patrick another out of this planet image mate.
Ref your last comment on keep coming back to my portfolio to see new pics,
1, i've just come back from holiday
2, im very selective on the images i post, i allways think they are never good enough, but if someone else had posted the image it would be lovely (just me i think).
3, having 7 kids is not easy to get out much.
Thanks for checking back, sure i'll post something soon

claret 18 49 England
31 Oct 2005 6:10AM
Stunning, Patrick. Hope you have decent life insurance!
TimJ 19 482 2 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 6:10AM
Very nice shot, the larger version looks even better. Well captured.
PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
31 Oct 2005 6:10AM
This is SO interesting. Thanks for looking, and I do mean looking! 80 views in 25 minutes, so more people don't like this one. The last one had 60 views in the same time period. But yet, some people like it better.

Thanks Helen! I'll check it out.

Mike? 7 kinds? Wow. Well if it makes you feel any different, I use the California state vital statistics tables containing over 500,000 births per year. One woman just had her 16th kid. She is in there every year!

Glad you like it Len. You don't follow the crowd, do you? You like the unusual shots for sure. Yes we turned back the clocks too.

Yes, Ian, this seems more tranquil but it was violent! And the black does look like lava but this is all sandstone. It is just oxydized in places. I guess there is iron in the rock. Yes, it is a teaser because I wanted to get up to the spot where I took the last two shots and the sun was setting fast.

But I'll be back for sure to get more of the rocks.

PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
31 Oct 2005 6:24AM
Thanks Helen, I just checked out your mod. It looks good with your tones. I wonder what others think. I did remove some of the blue in this one. Still a little in there though.
acbeat 17 14 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 6:32AM
excellent shot great detail and dof.

andy b
eos3 18 41 Wales
31 Oct 2005 6:35AM
Beautiful seascape. The images in your portfolio are stunning by the way.

taggart Plus
18 47 15 United States
31 Oct 2005 6:46AM
Pat---have been traveling and have just now had a lool at your new images---Absolutely spectacular---I love the risks you take.!!!. Maybe you could get a cabin and vacation nearby and shoot away! Conggratulations on these fine images! Jennnnnn
BarbaraB 17 53 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 6:47AM
The large version is stunning!! Wish I lived near the sea!!
31 Oct 2005 6:50AM
I'm just still in shock that I actually got in under #20...?
This is Awesome, Patty.....!
I'm surprised you don't live near this rushing crick....but maybe you do???
I missed so much on my trip last year...but definitely taking your advice on Hana in December, read your link, sounds fantastic!
OK...Have another wonderful couple of hours reading...Smile
Suzan Wink
dalischone 18 295 Scotland
31 Oct 2005 6:53AM
Beautiful, fantastic detail. Gorgeous light and colour.

arnieg 18 704 England
31 Oct 2005 7:06AM
fantastic shot great detail and water movement
firzhugh 17 13 New Zealand
31 Oct 2005 7:10AM
beautiful exposure and detail
AngelaR 18 155 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 7:19AM
Just amazing rocks and colours Patrick - will try and catch up with the rest when I've time.
Gavin 18 17
31 Oct 2005 7:24AM
Another superb capture. I Wish I had a coast line like this to shoot. Hope your 350D's insured for water damage!

PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
31 Oct 2005 7:28AM
Thanks for your comments. Let me know if you see any improvements that could be made.

LOL Suzan, you got in under 20 because you're early and I'm late! Plus, this doesn't have the punch that the other two had.

No Gavin, no insurance. I'll have to buy another one. But I keep a plastic bag over it at tll times until just before I shoot.

hayleyk 17 56 England
31 Oct 2005 7:28AM
Really like this one,Patrick.Its still a powerful image without the crashing wave.The rock arch is awesome too,reflecting the light.
angej 17 479 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 7:35AM
Lovely Patrick, hope you killed two birds with one stone and brought the weekly washing.....Smile)
Nice and sharp as usual
Lou41 17 139 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 7:37AM
An amazing shot Patrick, love the colours, LOU
chase Plus
17 2.5k 663 England
31 Oct 2005 7:40AM
Very happy to be 30 Patrick,your photography astonishes me !!
Beautiful,sorry,that's all I can think of to say.
StevenHanna 19 296 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 7:41AM
Love all the interesting rock formations Patrick.
Nice work.

C_Daniels 17 399 10 England
31 Oct 2005 7:48AM
Interesting textures and detail...
I like the exposure and light!

MarkyMarc 17 498 Canada
31 Oct 2005 7:49AM
Hey Patrick, those rock formations are great, I like streams of water trickling down the front of the rocks in the middle.

I think perhaps this one is getting clicked less because it has less impact than a lot of your other stuff. The light in this shot is quite subdued. Not sure if it's my monitor but it seems to have a bit of a green cast as well.

paulstefan 18 509 1 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 7:52AM
T'is a cracking location, Patrick, although I find the image a bit too blue though.
cheers, Paul
paulstefan 18 509 1 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 7:52AM
oops... click happy
Westers 18 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
31 Oct 2005 8:01AM
Agree that it's a bit too blue which makes it look cold and flat. However, the capture of the water is superb.
Bluke 17 303 1 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 8:10AM
another excellent shot..
Dinda 18 90 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 8:16AM
I like this a lot Patrick, the large version really shows the light and textures on those rocks on the RH side. Nice understated sky too.
Dinda 18 90 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 8:17AM
Oh and I actually like the blue too
PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
31 Oct 2005 8:19AM
Thanks for your comments.

Yes Hayley, that rock arch is incredible!

LOL - Ange, this advice comes a little too late, especially since I am behind in my washing right now!

Thanks Marc, Ian and Paul, you bring up the same point about light. This was a tough one because the sky was so blue and this scene was mostly in the shade. I actually took out some blue out of the water but maybe not enough!

I hope to return when there are clouds, so that the lighting is more even on these amazing rocks.

ChazB 17 64 3 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 8:27AM
Excellent light and detail in the rocks, great capture!
terry_cavner 17 332 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 8:35AM
OH YEAH.....Outstanding Patrick
JouŠo 18 56 Finland
31 Oct 2005 9:04AM
Pure quality, as always, Patrick...

Thank you for your positive energy, that you keep sending me and my wife every helps...

31 Oct 2005 9:07AM
l think its just beautiful..Smile..Smile) stunning

Nikki love the sky as well
GillyB 17 317 8 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 9:10AM
Well I go out for 3 hours to collect my new car and what do you know - no 45 already!
I think that sums it up - spectacular!
stevebutler 18 122 England
31 Oct 2005 9:21AM
I think all the shots from this series have something to offer Patrick. I liked the strong colours to the sky in the previous uploads but this shot draws your eyes to the shapes and the textures of the rocks. Either way, Another quality shot.

MikeA 17 1.3k England
31 Oct 2005 9:28AM
Beautiful textures and colours in the rock formations.

glazzaro 17 70 23 United States
31 Oct 2005 9:37AM
Wow, I really like the lighting on this shot, just enough to enhance the colors and give mood, your work is always impressive, Spot on! Click!!!

lizziew 17 5
31 Oct 2005 9:44AM
gorgeous as usual there are so many beautiful places where you are. and i will be sticking to my fuji much easier to handle, i like the feel of the cannon.......liz
keithh 18 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
31 Oct 2005 9:46AM
click for the composition, which is much better on's just a great shame that your Cali skys are so weak.
PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
31 Oct 2005 9:59AM
Thanks for your comments!

Yes Jouko, I'll keep thinking good thoughts for you and your wife.

Gill, a new car? Which one?

Thanks Steve, I tried to get more details in the rocks on this one.

Liz, definitely stick with what works, until you are ready for a new one.

True Keith. Basically, if I go out to the beach in mid afternoon, I spend the rest of the day hiking around looking for a place to shoot the last 10 minutes of light. But the rainy season, and it's dramatic skies are coming soon I hope. Funny, I never used to look forward to the rain.....

KBan 17 512 4 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 10:14AM
owp 18 168
31 Oct 2005 10:24AM
. . . you can do no wrong! . . I always enjoy your work. If not the compositions in your landscapes, then the technical ability, the energy you always seem to put into the coastal shots . . . I live and try to learn . . . but go carefull LOL Smile . . .

MoWiz 17 114 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 10:36AM
composition is outstanding Patrick, love the lighting and colours, the water looks superb. The sky is something we can't control, I'm looking forward to your rainy season too!
well done
31 Oct 2005 10:38AM
Wow magnificent shot, excellent lighting and detail.

GillyB 17 317 8 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 10:44AM
Patrick - a gorgeous silver and black mini cooper S! She has sat nav to get me to the best photo locations - although I think California may be a problem!
Pete_g 17 327 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 10:47AM
Always amazing shots are so lucky to have such a wild coastline Smile
ValSaxby 17 146 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 11:22AM
Another cracking shot Patrick. Love the flow of the water.
NorthernEdge 17 535 England
31 Oct 2005 11:24AM
Hi patrick. keith makes a good point ref the sky, but he also makes a good point about the composition. the exposure is excellent for me, and maybe a busy sky would clash too much with whats happening beneath. this has a nice balance in my opinion. good stuff, again!! chris
PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
31 Oct 2005 11:33AM
Thanks for looking!

MikeW, I don't know. LOL - This shot already has 300 views so I must be doing something wrong!!

Nice choice. Hope it is big enough for all of your gear! And yes, I hear they are not good at underwater traveling...

Yes Chris, the sky is rather flat and blue. I'll have to see whether a busier sky will help. Unfortunately, clear skies are forecast for the rest of the week.

Time to do some weeding in the garden. It is hot and dry today. But the trees have good shade.

bricurtis Plus
17 2.7k 53 England
31 Oct 2005 11:50AM
Large version shows off great colours and high detail in the rocks. I particularly like the very small rock surrounded by swirling water. As a preference though Patrick I like to see BIG waves.

jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
31 Oct 2005 12:03PM
Hello Patrick.
a score of over 60 already. It seems they all waiting for your new uploads, or did you gave them a call first?
Perfect picture again. A beauty to look at the large size.
Great job.!
31 Oct 2005 12:18PM
Can't stay, bloody AOL driving me mad!

31 Oct 2005 12:18PM
Can't stay, bloody AOL driving me mad!

Carol_f 17 3
31 Oct 2005 1:03PM
Amazing, and I prefer this to the previous two.
User_Removed 18 524 England
31 Oct 2005 1:07PM
This is the one. Great textures and light in the large version.

Of course now you'll be wanting a true wide angle view of this :o)

(well there's got to be something to comment on LOL)

Top notch, keep them coming - and look forward to some dramatic skies. Nik
deavilin 18 352 1 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 1:21PM
Had to be yours! I wish I lived near the sea again I could go out and learn how to do this I love the effect on the waterSmile

hebdens 17 5
31 Oct 2005 1:28PM
fantastic shot,beautiful.
REKLAW 17 3 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 1:34PM
Nice one Patrick,great composition,captured well.
yjjeep 18 13
31 Oct 2005 2:41PM
OK this looks like a beautiful painting.So yes you are a artist.Well done my friend.

PS.So grow the
banehawi Plus
18 2.8k 4331 Canada
31 Oct 2005 2:59PM
Love the sunlight brushing the top of the peaks.

thorn 18 124 2 Scotland
31 Oct 2005 3:11PM
Hi Patrick,Magical composition and capture!!!I like the movement,texture,shadows,the way the water sloshes and swirls around the rocks,lighting,exposure and presentation.Take care.AnnSmile
Happy Hallow'een.
Thankyou for your kind comments,much appreciated.
tonymarq 17 1 United States
31 Oct 2005 5:34PM
Pat you always seem to capture every possilbe detail of the area! it's amazing how much is going on! from rock, to water rolling back down, to the sky it all catches your attention!

great one, Stay well!

johnjrp 18 432 5 Australia
31 Oct 2005 7:43PM
Very nice Patrick. Like the water coming off the rocks. Well composed. click. John
highlander 18 32 Scotland
31 Oct 2005 10:34PM
Hello Patrick, an interesting series with a good variety of wave motion. Good exposure.
31 Oct 2005 10:42PM
another amazing shot,lovely colours and light,great detail
joko 18 1 Bulgaria
31 Oct 2005 11:07PM
Superb shot again!
Excellent composition and timeing. Like thge streams running down the rocks.

debster 18 693 3 England
1 Nov 2005 1:35AM
Ha - 78 clicks before I even get here Smile
It's taken me half the morning to read all the comments!

Patrick, this is lovely - composition is excellent and shows off the water to its best. Lovely work - continuing inspiration Smile

tmann 17 4 2 United States
1 Nov 2005 6:39AM
Fantastic shot....again!!!
Superb comp and detail!
What the heck do you want autumn colors for, when you bring great shots like this to the table?? LOL!!
I have really enjoyed these shots!!!
PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
1 Nov 2005 6:53AM
Thanks for looking!

Brian, your preference is noted and WILL be remembered because it is my preference too!

Jan, it might be a conspiracy to keep me from working!

Simon, your two messages say it all. Sorry about the problems. I dumped AOL because I had a dial-up connection and I was constantly bounced off. They were probably trying to get me to to buy DSL but I gave up on them all together.

Thanks Nik (chuff) I thought you'd like this one better!

Well Charlotte (deavilin), you'll just have to move by the sea then!

John (yjjeep), an artist? LOL - I can't even draw a stick figure! Thanks goodness for cameras!

LOL - Debbie, what are you doing on EPZ while at work? Oh... so am I ... never mind!

Thomas, it is because we always want what we can't have!

deegee 17 181 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2005 7:04AM
Cracker Patrick, you get a real sense of the inward rushing sea and with it the power Smile
mikears 18 89 Canada
1 Nov 2005 7:31AM
Sorry, I looked at this a number of times yesterday, but always got pulled away on something work-related before I could leave a comment - LOL. My door is shut now - no more distraction - Smile

This is a nice shot - I really like the trickle of water on the right side, which is what I liked on the previous two uploads as well.

suleesia 18 176 Malaysia
1 Nov 2005 8:21AM
the colour balance 'mod' by Helen is perfect. This one still a bit blue, Patrick. I am struggling with white balance myself! Composition and technique is excellent. Beautiful work.
PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
1 Nov 2005 8:26AM
Thanks for looking.

Mike? Are you letting work get in the way of EPZ? Well, we'll let it go... this time!

Yes Su, The blue sky and low light makes the ocean look really blue. Even bluer than what I saw with my eyes. Especially the white foam. I'm trying to figure out what to do about it. Helen does have a good idea, so I'll have to play with it. I want it to look like it did to my eyes if I can.

1 Nov 2005 10:30AM
Great detail and lighting . A very powerful shot Patrick.

A_Harrison 18 261 Canada
1 Nov 2005 12:53PM
Like it.Almost looks alien to me.

Pegon 17 78 1 England
1 Nov 2005 1:12PM
Superb shot,lovely light,detail and capture of the water.
TonyA 17 11 Spain
1 Nov 2005 1:17PM
Very powerful image with that water gushing into that strait. Your description of the washing machine is very fitting. Love the water and rock tonalities.

Billies 17 7 Ireland
1 Nov 2005 2:07PM
Another great one. Your description brings it to life.
Ceciliat 17 6 Philippines
1 Nov 2005 3:08PM
#88 - Well done Patrick,lovely image...
I am running out on what to say...
StrayCat 18 19.1k 3 Canada
1 Nov 2005 5:45PM
Beautiful work Patrick. Your photography is improving with leaps and bounds. Cheers.
PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
1 Nov 2005 5:46PM
Thanks for your comments!

Allan, it is a bit alien in nature. I hope to show more of it the next time I'm there.

Cesie, that works for me! But don't hesitate if you see something that doesn't sit well with you.

sandyb 18 34 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2005 9:58PM
stunning love the effect sandyb
skydivemike 17 47 Northern Ireland
3 Nov 2005 9:46AM
It's all been said.

A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ image.

PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
3 Nov 2005 10:32AM
Thanks Sandy and Mike... and the silent ones in back!
4 Nov 2005 5:06PM
Hi Patrick ... this is just amazing ... love the way the rivulets of water down the rock have been caught .... the water movement altogether has been captured well. I just LOVE that sky too .... and the picture of the arch rock in the mods ... just fantastic! Such amazing rocks there,they're such lovely colours! Brilliant shot! Click*
MarkT 17 119 2 England
6 Nov 2005 1:25AM
Great shot.

jules41 18 197 United Kingdom
10 Nov 2005 2:59AM
Stunning shot Patrick,the colours and mood to this really make for one excellent shot.Superbly captured.
himel 18 61
16 Jan 2006 8:06AM
nice exposure... nice sky.... nice rocks... everything is nice.

Nath_R 16
2 Feb 2006 10:10AM
Brilliant and lets hope it gets one more to add to your 100 voting spree


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